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Acrylic Skylight Panels

In these contemporary times, acrylic skylight panels serve as a luxury complement to a home or office. The various acrylic skylight panels offer multiple advantages to homeowners and professionals. They do not have much weight and need very little maintenance. These skylight panels are usually introduced into the design and architecture of the house, bringing in lots of light. 

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The acrylic skylight panels feature perfect glazing for commercial and industrial applications. These panels are suitable for skylight roofing as they have a long lifespan and durability. They block harmful ultraviolet rays. Utilizing acrylic panels for skylight saves energy and provides a more relaxed environment. They are more affordable than polycarbonate and glass. WeProFab also allows sizes, colors, and style customization that suit your skylight applications.

Translucent Acrylic Skylight Panels

The translucent acrylic panels for skylights are smooth, embossed, mirrored, frosted, or customized finishing. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Corrugated Acrylic Skylight Panels

Corrugated acrylic skylight panels feature strong toughness, thermal insulation, and extreme impact resistance. They are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Thermoformable Acrylic Skylight Panels

Thermoformable acrylic skylight panels have UV-coated surfaces. They are available in various thicknesses and colors that suit your skylight applications.

Light Diffusion Acrylic Skylight Panels

The light diffusion acrylic skylight panels are accessible in various colors. These sheets feature high-impact resistance and shatterproof capacity. They have customizable length and thickness.

Multiwall Acrylic Skylight Panels

Multiwall acrylic skylight panels are flexible, lightweight, virtually, and unbreakable. These panels help save energy. They are available in multiple color options. 

Cell Casting Acrylic Skylight Panels

The cell casting acrylic panels for a skylight are customizable with polished edges. They are easy to clean and fabricate. These acrylic panels feature high-impact and weather resistance.

Frosted Cast Acrylic Skylight Panels

Frosted cast acrylic skylight panels are high-quality yet affordable. They are made from eco-friendly materials. These panels have customizable colors and sizes.

Acrylic Solid Skylight Panels

The solid acrylic panels for skylights are processed by laser cutting, thermoforming, and bending. They will not be easy to fade under sunlight exposure. 

Decorative Acrylic Skylight Panels

Decorative acrylic skylight panels are available in silver and white frame colors. They are suitable for homes, hotels, commercial lighting, and more.

WeProFab: Your Trusted Acrylic Skylight Panels Manufacturer in China

As your trusted manufacturer, WeProFab produces acrylic skylight panels by adding raw materials, extrusion forming, membrane tectoria, electroplating, and quality inspecting. We also customize using manual cutting, printing, polishing, grinding, laser marking, or roller coating painting processes. 

The acrylic-made skylight panels are environmentally friendly. WeProFab professionally produces your required measurements for skylight applications. You can check out some types on the below selections!

Custom Acrylic Skylight Panels to Skyrocket Your Brand

Engraved Acrylic Skylight Panels

The engraved acrylic skylight panels provide suitable natural light on applicable buildings. They are available in various styles and patterns. Their sizes and thickness are customizable.

Flexible Acrylic Skylight Panels

Flexible acrylic panels feature excellent light transmittance, flame retardant, and skylights impact resistance. They withstand even harsh weather conditions.

LED Acrylic Skylight Panel

The LED acrylic skylight panels have laser dotting styles. They are easy to install. Their transparency provides mild, soft, and high light transmittance in a room.

Colored Acrylic Skylight Panels

Colored acrylic skylight panels are available in opal, yellow, blue, white, and more colors. They are designed with a variable thickness that suits your skylight applications.

Luxury Acrylic Skylight Panels

The luxury acrylic skylight panels have eco-friendly and lightweight features. These skylight panels are also applicable for doors, windows, walls, etc. 

Acrylic Skylight Panels Outdoor Roofing

Acrylic skylight panels for outdoors are waterproof. They are installed in high-strength aluminum frames. These panels have UV-resistant features.

Patterned Acrylic Skylight Panels

The pattered acrylic skylight panels are available in snow, super matte, and water patterns. They are fireproof and have excellent toughness. These panels are easy to cut with 40 times harder than glass.

Transparent Acrylic Skylight Panels

Transparent acrylic skylight panels are perfect skylight roofing. Their provided light transmittance saves energy. They block harmful UV rays.

Anti-Static Acrylic Skylight Panels

The anti-static acrylic skylight panels have abrasion-resistant, affordable, and chemical resistant features. They are more substantial than traditional plexiglass.

Acrylic Matte Skylight Panels

The acrylic skylight panels can be designed with a matte appearance. Easier to fabricate into ideal shapes such as round, rectangular, and more based on your demands. Offers great resistance to any weather conditions.

Black Mirror Acrylic Skylight Panels

The acrylic skylight panels are designed in black mirrors suitable for vehicle applications, commercial, residential, and industrial. Designed with different function options.

Black Tinted Acrylic Skylight Panels

Black tinted is a common selection when looking for an acrylic skylight panel. There is a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and more with perfect characteristics.

Clear Acrylic Skylight Panels

You can select different functions for your acrylic skylight panel orders. It has motorized acrylic skylight panels, manual, battery-operated, and more.

Custom Color Acrylic Skylight Panels

You can send your ideal color so we can help you meet your application needs. There are many colors to select and styles such as clear glitter panels, frosted, and more.

Custom Shape Acrylic Skylight Panels

We can customize your ideal acrylic skylight panel styles and shapes based on your applications and business needs. You can choose corrugated, flat panels, double-layer panels, and more.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Skylight Panels

The acrylic skylight panels are impact resistant that offer great security, especially for roofing applications. Prevent breaks from impacts, block heat, and provide enough air.

Scratch Resistant Acrylic Skylight Panels

The acrylic skylight panel are scratch resistant that remain a good appearance featuring anti-color aging. It has a long life span ability that can last up to over 10 years.

Solid Glossy Acrylic Skylight Panels

Solid glossy acrylic skylight panel is available in numerous transparent colors. It features scratch resistance and heat proof perfect for commercials. industrial, and residential use.

Standard Acrylic Skylight Panels

Standards acrylic skylight panels are much more durable than other materials such as glass, wood, and more. Suitable for any applications that protect from impacts, breaks, and scratches.

Tinted Translucent Acrylic Skylight Panels

translucent acrylic skylight panels are tinted in various colors. Highly blocked heat and provides perfect airways. and blocked the water in the rainy season. Easier to fabricate and laser cut into the ideal cut.

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Acrylic Skylight Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are Acrylic Panels Suitable For A Skylight?

Acrylic Skylight Panels

Acrylic skylight panels are a more economical and functional alternative for skylight glazing material. 

It is lighter than traditional glass and appropriate for roof installation- such as low slopes or flat roofs. 

Due to its natural and superb strength, acrylic skylight panels are the favored material for skylight domes. 

Acrylic Panels are also naturally Ultraviolet stable and can withstand years of abuse from the sun. 

Acrylic Skylight Panels allow more design options. More convenient to install and are available in bigger sizes.

How Long Do Acrylic Skylight Panels Last?

Generally, an acrylic skylight panel can last between 8-15 years, solely depending on how well the installment is and the quality of the skylight panels’ manufacturing. 

Further, faulty or improper installation can lead to an unwanted leak from the skylight edges (not through the skylight panel) where the skylight attaches the building frame.

What Are The Added Benefits Of Acrylic Skylight Panels?

Installing acrylic skylight panels into your house, building or offices provides various advantages. 

Installed Acrylic Skylight Panels

Acrylic skylight panels;

Minimizes electricity consumption

Using acrylic panels for skylights provides natural sunlight into the room. You don’t need to use artificial lighting.

Reduces Molding Development

Installing suitable acrylic skylight panels for damp areas, like bathrooms or basements, lessens molding development and organism growth.

Gives Excellent Building Appearance

Acrylic panels for skylight in different suitable colors improve aesthetic appearance in a room.

Last for a Long Time

Acrylic skylight panels lasting quality saves money and maintenance. 

Other benefits are:



More potent than wood and polycarbonate


What are the Differences Between Glass and Acrylic Skylight Panels?

There are considerable differences between acrylic skylight panels and glass ones, which includes:

  • Cost

The glass skylight panels’ costs and installations are more expensive than the acrylic-made. 

  • Sustainability

The installed acrylic skylight panels slightly cannot hold a similar weight, like snow loads as glass can. But it depends on the quality of the glass and acrylic panels.

  • Durability

The high-quality acrylic panel used for skylights lasts longer than glass. The acrylic one will not easily break compared to glass.

What Are The Best Uses Of Acrylic Skylight Panels?

The following are excellent acrylic panels applications but are not limited to:

Roof Skylight Replacements – match the old skylight dimensions exactly.

Renovation Projects – acrylic skylight panels designs are customizable to improve the area and satisfy architectural and lighting needs.

Architectural Acrylic Skylight Panels

Uniquely Shaped Spaces – acrylic skylight panels are beneficial for unusual skylight shapes like rounded entryways and porticoes, triangular-shaped ceilings, long narrow halls, interior bathrooms, and galley kitchens. 

Are Acrylic Skylight Panels Customizable?

The acrylic skylight panels offer a unique alternative to traditional lighting and windows. 

The frames and acrylic panels are the two parts that make up a skylight and can be customizable. 

There are a variety of frames and acrylic panels options – sizes, thickness, color, and structure. Custom acrylic skylight panels take extra time, so planning ahead of time is essential.

What Are The Different Acrylic Skylights Panels Finished?

Acrylic skylights panel can come in either transparent or translucent sheets.

The transparent acrylic skylight panels have a bronze or gray tint. On the other hand, sheer acrylic skylight panels add the option of the color white. 

Acrylic panel materials are innately transparent, transmitting nearly as much light as traditional glass.

Are Acrylic Skylight Panels A Great Product For Business?

To answer this question, we must first consider fundamental human necessities. Having a generous supply of sunlight improves productivity and lifts the mood. One way to make it possible is by installing more acrylic skylight panels- both in the workplace and at home. 

Additionally, acrylic skylight panels are energy efficient and fulfill the basic need to see and connect people with the outside world. 

Acrylic Skylight Panels not only allow more sunlight than a traditional window, but it is both aesthetically pleasing and add importance to the building.

These remarkable features make the said product high in demand and a  great product to sell.

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