• Forehead Thermometer Manufacturer

Forehead Thermometer Manufacturer

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At Weprofab, you can choose our best Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer, guaranteed 100% high-class quality.

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Forehead Thermometer manufacturing process

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1-Forehead Thermometer Manufacturing Workshop

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2-Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

2-Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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Ultimate FAQ Guide ToForehead Thermometer Manufacturer

Forehead thermometers are a useful innovation in the medical industry.

These thermometers come in handy where there is a risk of spread of infection from one person to another.

Choosing a good forehead thermometer manufacturer is essential to receive a quality product.

This guide will provide you with detailed information regarding the forehead thermometer and its manufacturers.

If you have any questions about forehead thermometer manufacturers, read on.

What Is A Forehead Thermometer?

A forehead thermometer is a no-touch equipment that helps in measuring body temperature without coming in contact with the person.

3-Forehead Thermometer

3-Forehead Thermometer

When you use the thermometer it provides a quick and accurate reading of body temperature.

You press the thermometer to the forehead of a person and the reading will show on a digital screen.

These are also popular as a temporal artery thermometer or an infrared thermometer.

Who Can Manufacture A Forehead Thermometer?

Any medical device manufacturer can produce a forehead thermometer.

The company must follow global standards of manufacturing medical equipment, including the ISO 9000 series of standards and IEC keep in check.

The company should also follow the national standards applicable to the manufacturing unit.

What Are The Attributes Of The Thermometer That The Manufacturer Is Responsible For?

The manufacturer is responsible for the following attributes in a forehead thermometer:

  • Safety and performance of the thermometer
  • Quality systems of the thermometer
  • Accurate description
  • Instructions of use

What Technology Does A Manufacturer Use In A Forehead Thermometer?

Manufacturers use infrared technology for forehead thermometer.

For a forehead thermometer, you use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature in the temporal artery present in the center of the forehead.

Infrared is used to detect heat patterns in the body using focused light.

The heat patterns that are detected are called a thermogram.

Forehead thermometer technology

 Infrared technology

What Are The Main Components To Manufacture A Forehead Thermometer?

Each forehead thermometer comes with a specific set of features.

Here are the main components of a forehead thermometer:

  • Sensor

You use an infrared sensor for temperature measurement.

These sensors are the most expensive part of the forehead thermometer.

  • Display

A backlit LED/LCD display screen is used to give a symbolic representation of the temperature.

You will find that the display is equipped with light-changing features to alert people when higher temperatures are detected.

The LCD typically works on 3V or 5V.

The screen is covered with a transparent layer for protection from dust or liquid substances.

Forehead thermometer display

 Forehead thermometer display

  • Body

The body of the thermometer is usually made from polypropylene (PP).

A polypropylene body is long-lasting, easy to clean and store.

  • Power Source

You will find that a forehead thermometer uses two AA batteries for power.

These batteries are easily available and quickly replaceable.

Batteries are the best source for such devices due to their compact nature.

  • Beeper

You will notice that an audio beeper speaker is present in the forehead thermometer to notify the user of a higher temperature reading.

  • Buttons

The outer body has several buttons based on the features of the forehead thermometer.

These may be on/off buttons, memory data button, and beeper on/off buttons.

  • Storage space(optional)

You will find that some forehead thermometers come with memory space to keep track of multiple temperature measurements.

What Are The Standards Followed By Manufacturers To Make Forehead Thermometers?

There are international standards that deal with medical and electric equipment to ensure safety and quality.

However, you will find there are country-specific standards too.

Each country has a set of standards applicable to manufactured products.

Some of the widely known standards are mentioned below:


ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) is a worldwide federation that is responsible for setting international standards.

It works with nations and committees to set the standards. (ISO 80601-2-56:2017) deals with the standards for thermometers.


An international standard known as International Electronic Commission (IEC) Standards defines regulations regarding testing medical equipment.

IEC works closely with ISO to set electrotechnical standardization.

Many countries abide by it.

You will find that other countries may also have national deviations to this standard to include country policy requirements.


One such standard is by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) in the USA.

ASTM E1965 – 98 specifically deals with “Standard Specification for Infrared Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature.”

· EN

In the European Union, EN (European Nations) Standards govern the medical devices.


In Canada, CSA (Canadian Standard Association) is the national version of IEC standards.

What Are The Standard Specifications That A Manufacturer Should Follow?

The specifications in international or national standards that need to be followed by the manufacturer of a forehead thermometer are as follows:

  • To abide by the product characteristics, like dimensions, test procedure, and biomaterials being used in the thermometer.
  • Performance specifications, which deal with temperature measurement accuracy.
  • Management specifications, which deal with quality systems for manufacturing and environmental management systems.

What Is The Purpose Of Manufacturing The Forehead Thermometer?

Forehead thermometers have a design that is suitable for minimal invasiveness to the person for whom you are measuring the temperature.

Hence, it is of great use in a lot of situations.

The most common usages of the forehead thermometer are in:

· For babies

To cause minimal discomfort to infants and toddlers, you can use a forehead thermometer to measure their body temperature.

4- Forehead thermometer for babies

 4-Forehead thermometer for babies

· In a medical facility

A forehead thermometer is useful in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics, due to the non-invasive feature.

You do not need to sanitize or decontaminate the thermometer each time a patient is measured.

· During a mass medical emergency

Forehead thermometers are important to detect fever symptoms during an outbreak of a disease in a widespread area.

Previously, they were in high demand while treating epidemics such as Ebola virus.

You will find them commonly used during the coronavirus as well.

It is preferable due to quick results and non-invasive features.

The thermometer also minimizes the risk of cross-infection between people.

· For equipment measurement

Forehead thermometers, also popular as infrared thermometers, are put to use to measure the temperature and hotspots of mechanical and electrical equipment.

However, you will find the result might not be accurate if you use forehead thermometers to measure the temperature of equipment.

What Are The Features Of A Forehead Thermometer?

Forehead thermometers provide results within a second so they are very fast to use.

This makes it convenient for measuring the temperature of large numbers of people very quickly.

You will find it digitally displays results on an LCD/LED screen.

You can see the temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Forehead thermometers have a backlight display for notifications when the temperature goes above or below an expected range.

They also have audio alarms to alert when high temperature readings are recorded.

You will find that the optimum distance for measuring temperature is up to 5 cm.

They also shut off automatically after a long period without use.

What Are The Quality Marks That Manufacturers Must FulfilFor A Forehead Thermometer?

A forehead thermometer is a medical device.

Hence, it is essential to abide by the quality instructions.

Each country has a quality assurance mark.

For instance, CE and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)are a European Union quality mark that upholds quality standards for the product.

Another quality mark is FDA(Food and Drug Administration) by the USA, which approves products after ensuring quality.

You can also check for this mark to ensure product safety.

Other compliance marks are PSE for Japan that is given by the DENAN law of Japan.

Australia has RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) for its products.

What Is the Difference Between Forehead Thermometers And Other Thermometers By A Manufacturer?

Along with forehead thermometers, there are various other options available for a user.

However, a forehead thermometer is usually preferred over others due to accuracy, speed, and hygiene properties.

The comparison of forehead thermometers and other types of thermometers are below.

· Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to measure body temperature, while forehead thermometers use infrared sensors.

You will find these thermometers require a minute for temperature measurement compared to a few seconds for forehead thermometers.

The measurement is done through mouth, armpits, or rectum.

  • Ear Thermometers

These are digital thermometers, also known as tympanic thermometers.

You use ear thermometers to measure temperature via the ear canal, while forehead thermometers measure temperature using the forehead.

5-Ear Thermometers

5-Ear Thermometers

Such thermometers are mostly used to measure temperatures for babies.

However, the ear wax or curves in the ear can interfere in providing accurate measurements.

  • Mercury Thermometer

These thermometers are older versions and you will require more than a minute to measure the temperature.

On the other hand, forehead thermometers only need a few seconds.

You carry out the measurement via mouth, armpits, or rectum while forehead thermometers measure forehead temperature.

Mercury is used to check the body temperature.

Such thermometers are more likely to break and are thus not as safe as forehead thermometers.

Exposure to mercury is also potentially harmful as mercury is a poisonous material.

This is the reason these thermometers have not been in use for a decade in areas like the European Union.

How Is A Forehead Thermometer Better Than Other Thermometers?

A forehead thermometer is better than other thermometers in a lot of aspects.

Some of them are:

  • No contact

When you use the forehead thermometer, it does not come into contact with the skin surface so it is considered the most comfortable and non-infectious device for measuring temperature.


No contact forehead thermometer

Other thermometers like mercury or digital ones need to be decontaminated regularly.

  • Ease of storage

A forehead thermometer has a steady body made out of polypropylene material.

This enables you to easily store the device.

Other thermometers have a higher probability of breaking and require a safe storage facility where they will not drop or fall.

  • Ease of use

A forehead thermometer is one of the quickest temperature measuring devices, as it provides results within a second.

You will find that mercury and digital thermometers take at least one minute to measure accurate temperatures.

You might find it uncomfortable to stay in place for one minute.

  • Advanced features

Along with using advanced technology like infrared sensors, the forehead thermometer provides backlight and beeper features to its customers.

The convenience is higher as compared to other thermometers.

  • Durability

You will find these thermometers are tough enough to withstand on-site medical pressure.

They are more durable in nature.

Are Forehead Thermometers Safe For Usage?

Forehead thermometers use infrared sensors.

These sensors are useful in other medical procedures such as clinical diagnosis and therapeutic assessment.

Some of these include the diagnosis of breast cancer, vascular disorders, diabetes neuropathy, brain imaging, and dermatology.

Hence, you can consider the infrared technology is use to be a safe one foe the thermometer.

However, it needs to be ensured that the manufacturer is complying with the provided standards for the device to be marked safe.

How Can You Select A Good Forehead Thermometer Manufacturer?

Forehead thermometers are important and highly useful for multiple medical purposes.

As you can use it as medical equipment, the quality of the thermometer is of utmost importance.

Hence, it is essential to choose a good manufacturer.

You should choose a well-known manufacturer with a reputation for quality.

They should have prior experience in manufacturing infrared thermometers, infrared devices, or other medical devices like blood pressure monitors or glucometers.

Make sure that the manufacturer follows guidelines provided by the ISO (International Standards Association).

Weprofab Forehead Thermometer Certificates
Weprofab Forehead Thermometer Certificates

They should also follow standards by IEC (International Electronic Commission) or EN(European Nations Standards) for producing forehead thermometers.

The thermometers should be accurate and safe for use.

If the manufacturer provides exemplary service in terms of payment options and delivery terms, you can certainly choose that manufacturer over others.

How Can You Order The Forehead Thermometer From Its Manufacturer Directly?

You can order from manufacturers on the web after researching the product and finding the contact details.

You can send in a business inquiry to know more about the price, quality, and delivery conditions of the thermometer.

The manufacturer usually also provides an email address to address further queries.   `

What Prices Do A Forehead Thermometer Manufacturer Charge?

A forehead thermometer uses advanced technology and is thus costlier than regular digital or mercury thermometer.

You will find the price can range anywhere between $5 and $250 depending on the quality and accuracy of the forehead thermometer.

You can find out more about the pricing by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Can You Use The Forehead Thermometer To Measure Any Other Temperature?

Yes, you can use the forehead thermometer to measure the room temperature or an object’s temperature.

For instance, it can measure the indoor temperature or milk temperature for the baby.

Some thermometers specifically provide a different mode to measure object temperature.

The forehead thermometer, however, might be inaccurate when measuring the body’s temperature via a different body surface.

The design of a forehead thermometer is such that it tracks the heat patterns in the temporal artery present in the forehead.

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