• Acrylic Food Display

Acrylic Food Display

In China, we are the leading acrylic food display producer. We develop a great variety of every manufactured product such as acrylic food display so we can surely fulfill your demands. Send your design so we can make it perfect for your application.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Food Display to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab will guide the whole of your operation when purchasing an acrylic food display. We are responsible for supplying quality acrylic food displays and providing a one-stop solution.

Commercial Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab created commercial acrylic food displays in so many uses. It can be placed commercially. Your desired commercial acrylic food displays are offered at a very effective rate.

Dust-Proof Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab dust-proof acrylic food display can help foods keep away from dirt. It can keep food clean and fresh until the next day. It is accessible in many designs and shapes.

Heat Resistant Acrylic Food Display

We have many features of acrylic food display to offer. For displaying foods, heat resistant acrylic food display is the best to select. It is perfect for freshly baked or newly cooked food.

Modern Acrylic Food Display

If you urgently looking for a modern acrylic food display, consider WeProFab as your first choice. We can custom, make plenty of moldings, and we are capable to finish your desired designs.

Stackable Acrylic Food Display

Do you require a stackable acrylic food display for your business? WeProFab has many options to offer for your requirements. Different customization, sizes, and even color for our satisfaction.

Transparent Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab has plenty of transparent acrylic food display stocks to offer. We can help you manage your business successfully through the help of our skilled staff.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Food Display Manufacturer

As we are the premier acrylic food display supplier and manufacturer in China, WeProFab fully manages all the plastic fabrication effective for all types of applications. We help customers find solutions for what their business needs and demands.

In over 20 years of fabricating acrylic food displays, WeProFab is known as the best and outstanding partner, especially for long term relationships. We are popular worldwide as the leading acrylic fabricator.

In many years of service in this industry of manufacturing, you can fully trust our service. WeProFab internationally certificated because of our top graded and low-cost acrylic food display and many more.

Custom Acrylic Food Display to Expand Your Brand

3-Tier Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab is an expert fabricator of acrylic food display. We created 3 and more tier of acrylic food displays for many choices of display you may choose from.

Acrylic Catering Display Stand

Acrylic food display commonly used for caterings, serving food from hotels and food courts. It is very negotiable and profitable for the business that helps you gain the best profits.

Cupcake Acrylic Display Holder

WeProFab acrylic cupcake holder also perfect for caterings, and other different occasions. A very elegant and unique type of cupcake holder that makes every occasion special.

Lockable Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab lockable acrylic food display keeps every food safe.  It is commonly used in every bakeshop and many food courts.

Partition Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab has a wide option for your partition acrylic food display orders. We have many shapes from the round, square, double layer, to rotating acrylic food display for your option.

Acrylic Bread Display Cabinet

Acrylic bread display cabinets have multiple layers that accommodate more bread displays. They are waterproof and non-toxic materials for storage and displays. You can request customization of your approved logos. These acrylic display cabinets protect food from dust and dirt.

Acrylic Food Counter Display

The acrylic food counter displays have fully assembled structures. You can display candies, bread, or cookies on your bakery counter. Their clear transparency allows customers to see what’s inside the box. They are also available with internal layers.

Acrylic Buffet Food Display Riser

Acrylic food risers for buffet displays are available in various heights and shapes. They have polished and smooth edges. These acrylic food display risers can be solid, U-shaped, or multi-layer. They are perfect for showcasing and eye-catching food displays.

Removable Trays Acrylic Food Display

The acrylic food displays with removable trays have a unique style. Staff can easily access and clean their internal areas. These display materials have extra door lips to secure the front displays. You can indeed achieve professional arrangements of shows food using them.

Acrylic Fruit Skewer Stand Display

Acrylic fruit skewer stand displays are perfect for parties, food exhibition displays, and arrangements. Whether fruits or desserts, the acrylic skewer stand can beautifully accommodate them. They are also available in numerous designs and heights that suit your food display areas.

Acrylic Candy Tube Display

 The acrylic candy tube displays have modern and fashionable designs. They come with a spoon to quickly get candies from the tube. Customizable sizes and layer numbers are available as customers’ requests. Your preferred logos can be printed or engraved.

Acrylic Food Display Storage Box

Acrylic food display storage boxes are suitable for retail stores and supermarkets. These display materials are easy to install and clean. They have outstanding seals to protect foods and keep them fresh. You can purchase them at the lowest cost with high qualities.

Acrylic Bulk Food Display Dispenser

The acrylic food display dispensers are creative materials and organized for coffee or good displays. They are available in various sizes with different volume capacities. These dispenser-styled food displays are eco-friendly and safe to be stocked with food products.

Dome Flat Acrylic Cake Display

Dome flat acrylic display for cakes gives better food display presentation. Their clear transparency enables you to see the cake inside. They protect the cake from unwanted elements, dust, and insects. They are more durable and unbreakable than glass.

Acrylic Food Display with Frames

The acrylic food displays with frames have quick-grip handles and rear-loading covers for easy access to staff. They are designed with black metal frames and curved convex shapes. Their trays are adjustable in height and removable. 

Acrylic Single Cone Display

Acrylic single cone displays are for ice cream displays. They are affordable material, perfect for organizing and food presentations. These food displays are modern designs with durable features. They are also available in various shapes and sizes, as customers request.

Acrylic Desert Buffet Display Stand

The acrylic display stands beautifully display your buffet desserts. They are eco-friendly materials used for retail stores or bakeries. Using these food display stands showcases your promoting desserts or foods. Their sizes, heights, and colors are customizable.

Multifunctional Acrylic Food Display Riser

A multifunctional acrylic food display riser can also display jewelry, glasses, and cosmetics. They are accessible in multiple sizes options. You can put them on the counters where customers quickly see your said foods or other products.

Curved Acrylic Food Display

 The curved acrylic food displays have swing doors and curve-shaped fronts. They are designed with two trays with adjustable heights. Using these modern acrylic food displays gives eye-catching displays to your store. They are not easy to break and dust-proof.

High-Quality Acrylic Food Display

High-quality acrylic food displays have an inclined layer inside. They are more attractive, high-fashioned, eco-friendly, and durable. You can have organized display cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and other pastries. They are safe to use and secure foods from strange elements and dirt.

Acrylic Food Snack Display

The acrylic food snack displays are suitable for displaying goods and cakes at parties or events. They are in three layers of different sizes. They are also available in white and transparent colors. You can also have them with longer lengths that fit your applications.

Acrylic Packaging Box Display

Acrylic packaging box displays have elegant, smooth, and modern surfaces. Their colors and sizes are customizable. These acrylic packaging box displays have high hardness, lighter weight, and flat characteristics.

Acrylic Food Display with Sliding

The acrylic food displays with sliding are perfect for supermarkets and store applications. You can easily open and access goods with their easy-open top covers. They have more depth capacity compared to usual display materials – perfect for storing bulky and more oversized foods.

Acrylic Cold Dining Food Display

Acrylic cold dining food displays are perfect for dessert decorations and presentations. They are suitable for birthday parties, weddings, and other events. You can have them in black, white, transparent, or customized colors. They beautifully display or showcase foods on occasion.

Acrylic Bulk Food Display Box

The acrylic display boxes for bulk foods are made with high-quality and durable materials, including acrylic. They are sustainable enough for resisting rugged utilization and other foreign impacts. These acrylic display boxes are eco-friendly and cost-effective products for business.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Food Display

WeProFab acrylic food displays are durable and effective for any application. Acrylic food displays can able to protect food from insects and keep away from dirt. Foods will be well organized and neat if everyone chooses this type of food display.

WeProFab designed this type of food display to supply unique designs for bakeries, hotels, food courts, and shopping malls that need to support a business.

Acrylic Food Display

Whether you are a distributor, producer, wholesaler, supplier, or even a factory, WeProFab can surely meet what you need. If you are running a growing business, we assure to guide and lead you into a successful business.

If you need an acrylic food display for your business or for your personal needs such for example handling an event or handling catering, we can fully provide the best for it.

There are many advantages if you are choosing acrylic for food display. First and for all, acrylics are lightweight materials. It can be easy for everyone to move from one direction to another.

Acrylic Food Display

It is versatile for any application and gives you a chance to save your budget. It is an inexpensive acrylic food display that also offers a non-breakability factor.

About searching for a reliable supplier and manufacturer, it is always important to consider the capabilities of manufacturing, packing, and most especially provides safety and delivery.

WeProFab is a qualified supplier and manufacturer in this industry. We are reliable in supplying customer’s desires in more than 20 years.

For your acrylic food display orders, WeProFab has many features available. They are heat resistant, dust-proof, scratch-resistant, etc.

Acrylic Food Display

You can always choose what your ideal acrylic food display fixtures for business. We have created this type of acrylic food display with a long term usage capability.

From WeProFab, you can always find the best solution when purchasing an acrylic food display. We are capable of handling the whole of the process for OEM/ODM customers.

If you are now planning to order an acrylic food display at WeProFab, you have done a great choice. We have plenty and friendly staff to make it easy. Do a step in dealing with us. Do not hesitate to send your inquiries and get complete information. Get in touch!

What is an Acrylic Food Display?

Acrylic Food Display

The acrylic food display is a material used to display foods in the store or bakeries. 

Its clear acrylic design allows the customers to view the contents easily. 

The acrylic food display makes your selling food look more attractive to the customers.


What can we Display on an Acrylic Food Display?

Many foods you can safely display on an acrylic food display, including cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and many more.

Acrylic Food Display

What are the Advantages of an Acrylic Food Display?

There are multiple advantages of acrylic food displays, which includes:

  • Protects foods from outside factors
  • The catering staff can easily access the food displays
  • An excellent way to display different foods you are selling
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and long-lasting
In What Dimension Does the Acrylic Food Display Available?

The acrylic food display usually measures 928mm (w) x 345mm (d) x 400mm (h) total dimension. 

But you can request your desired acrylic food display measurements that suit your area.

What are the Different Types of Acrylic Food Display?

The following are different types of acrylic food displays.

Acrylic Food Display for Bakery

This type of acrylic food display is used to display cakes and pastries in bakeries.

Bulk Food Acrylic Display

It is ideal for displaying bulk foods, such as packaged foods, peanuts, toppings, candies, and more. 

Acrylic Ice Cream Display

This acrylic ice cream display, as its name describes, is used for displaying ice cream and cones. They are available in different sizes.

Acrylic Food Display Box

This type of acrylic display is designed to cover foods. 

They are available in different classifications that suit your applications.

What are the Standard Features of an Acrylic Food Display?

The features of acrylic food display sometimes depend on the types and sizes.

Below are the standard features of an acrylic food display.

  • It is made up of sturdy acrylic
  • Usually has three levels inside
  • Endure abrasion and customers misdeed
  • Acrylic-made food displays will not get yellow over time
  • Commonly have two adjustable shelves
  • It has a simple style that catches customers eyes
What are the Available Styles of Acrylic Food Display?

You can choose different styles of acrylic food display for your business.

There are:

-Curved acrylic food display

-Straight acrylic food display

-Framed acrylic food display

-Unframed acrylic food display

-Colored base acrylic food display

-Transparent base acrylic food display

Acrylic Food Display

How to Clean an Acrylic Food Display?

Below are the acrylic food display proper cleaning procedure.

Step1: Blow off or remove the dirt using a soft cloth and water. 

Step2: Thoroughly wash the acrylic food display with a mild detergent solution, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Step3: Immediate dry with a lint-free, soft cloth.

Where can we Use the Acrylic Food Display?

-The acrylic food displays are used for restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, catering events, and many others.

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