• Acrylic Bar Table

Acrylic Bar Table

Weprofab is a certified acrylic manufacturer for more than 2 decades in China. We have classic yet modern look acrylic bar table that perfectly blend for your tastes. You can ensure that our products has a world class quality. Order us now to get your acrylic bar table now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Bar Table Delight Your Customers

We have quirky entity in the manufacturing industry that involved in producing high end acrylic bar table. For no hassle, you can check our top rated acrylic bar table in the list for your business needs.

Acrylic LED Bar Table

Weprofab has a lot of acrylic bar table that you choose. If want to have an acrylic bar table with LED, we have plenty of unique designs and different colors for the LED.

White Acrylic Solid Bar Table

Here in Weprofab, white acrylic solid bar table has a dazzling look perfect for your business.

Illuminated Modern Acrylic Bar Table

Weprofab illuminated modern acrylic bar table is popular because of its colorful effect. It easily catches attention to every customers.

Carnival Acrylic Bar Table

Weprofab carnival acrylic bar table gives a luxurious and comfy effect to every customers. If you need acrylic bar table particularly a carnival one, Weprofab has it all.

Black Acrylic Bar Table

Whether you are in need of an acrylic bar table, Weprofab has a lot of choices that you can choose from.

Acrylic Round Bar Table

Plenty of acrylic bar table can be found in Weprofab. We manufacture all shapes of acrylic bar table. We can cater client’s requests in modifying their acrylic bar table.

WeProFab: Your Acrylic Bar Table Blade Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

As the leading manufacturer of acrylic bar table in China, we tend to provide one of a kind acrylic products for our customers. If you looking for an acrylic bar table to supply your business demands, Weprofab is your great solution. We have many choices of acrylic bar table such as Adjustable Acrylic Bar Table, Acrylic Nightclub Bar Table, Clear Acrylic Bar Table, and many more.

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Custom Acrylic Bar Table to Skyrocket Your Brand

Customized Acrylic Bar Table with Bubbles

At Weprofab, we are skilled and expert in customizing your acrylic bar table to a particular designs that you want it to be.

Adjustable Acrylic Bar Table

If you are meticulous with looks of an acrylic bar table, Weprofab proud to offer our brilliant acrylic products that you definitely love.

Acrylic Nightclub Bar Table

Weprofab has a largest range when it comes to acrylic bar table, you don’t have to worry since it has a lot of choices that you can pick.

Clear Acrylic Bar Table

In Weprofab we have simple yet elegant acrylic bar table. If you prefer this kind of acrylic bar table, choose Weprofab.

Half Round Acrylic Bar Table

If you are in need of a half round acrylic bar table, Weprofab is a great choice.

Luxury Adjustable Acrylic Bar Table

The versatility of these contemporary acrylic bar tables makes them an ideal piece of furniture in any desired application (dining area, home office, guest chamber, lounge, and hotels). They feature advanced configuration and adjustable specifications for added convenience.

Acrylic Coffee Bar Console Table

The acrylic coffee bar console tables are ISO9001, SGS, CE, REACH certified. They are ideal for various applications, particularly at home or office areas. The table set comes in different specifications to satisfy users’ needs.

Acrylic Top Folding Bar Serving Table

The acrylic top folding bars serving tables are advantageous for users who prefer dining anywhere they want. The advanced specifications of these products render a time-efficient installation. The serving table frame is composed of powder-coated steel. Thus, it is resistant to stain.

Acrylic Party Cocktail Bar Table

The acrylic cocktail bar table showcases a modern aesthetic design that adds elegance to any space. The contemporary design is ideal for different personal and commercial utilization. They are composed of stainless steel along with competitive prices.

Acrylic Top Banquet Buffet Bar Table

The acrylic banquet buffet tables are portable and foldable pieces of acrylic furniture. They are ideal for personal space beautification, dining area, garden, restaurants, and even hotel accommodations. The color and frame materials are customizable according to your desired configurations.

Acrylic Commercial Bar Counter Table

The acrylic commercial bar counter table gained popularity for its contemporary layout and versatility. The tabletop dimensions are customizable to satisfy the user’s needs. Another renowned piece of furniture that is better for the environment.

Acrylic Side End Bar Table

The acrylic side end bar tables possess 93% transparency. They are perfect if you need more space because these end bar table configuration allows more space utilization. The raw materials undergo inspection, ensuring a piece of quality furniture.

Acrylic Printed Top Bar Table

The printability properties of these acrylic top bar tables allow 100% customization for users. Thus, your company or business logo prints on top. The printing and production process utilized advanced machinery, guaranteeing a durable bar table.

Acrylic Round LED Light Bar Table

The unique design of an acrylic round bar table and an additional LED light satisfies your creative and contemporary visions. The specifications are customizable, and the LED lights. This bar table suits any hotel banquet hall and party events.

Acrylic Rechargeable Bar Table

The acrylic rechargeable bar table is suited for minimum space utilization with a light, vibrant, bright design. The configuration is safe for minors and adults. Moreover, it is a durable material that fits various indoor and outdoor applications.

Acrylic Top Rotational Bar Table

The acrylic top rotational bar tables have a modern design and appearance. They are designed with a rotational top for easy accessing drinks of foods. These acrylic bar tables are available in various heights, sizes, and colors. They have polished surfaces, making them safe to use.

Acrylic Oval Bar Table with Wheels

Acrylic oval bar tables with wheels are ideal for displaying bottles and glasswares. These acrylic bar tables with wheels are perfect for easy serving customers. They have customizable sizes, heights, and table depths. This bar table made from acrylic is more durable than glass.

Acrylic Portable LED Bar Table

The acrylic top portable LED bar table has a rechargeable battery for LED lighting effects. About 16 colors are changing with a switch or remote controls. They effectively function at least eight to ten hours of working time. Their sizes and designs are customizable. 

Lift Mechanism Acrylic Top Bar Table

The acrylic top bar tables with a lift mechanism have an adjustable height feature with black round acrylic tops. They are supported with stainless material at the bottom to maintain standing stability. These acrylic bar tables are also applicable at home and any events receptions.

Multifunction Acrylic Home Bar Table

Multifunctional acrylic home bar tables are available in various colors and dimensions. This furniture will indeed add a luxurious and professional look at home. They have multiple design spaces, perfect for wine bottles, glassware, and other bar supplies displays.

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Why WeProfab Acrylic Bar Table

Weprofab acrylic bar table gives stunning look to a certain place or establishments. Weprofab provides magnificent acrylic bar table for our customers for many years now. We are one of the famous fabricators of acrylic bar table located in China. As an acrylic provider, we create acrylic bar table that has a multiple specification to obtain the full satisfaction of our clients.

Acrylic Bar Table

Weprofab acrylic bar table are suitable for restaurant, hotel, in home and many more. Our acrylic bar table are accessible in many sizes, proportion, and specifications to meet the exact requirements of our clients. We designed and expand our products so many people can be able to have it and afford with it.

Furthermore, acrylic bar table has a perfect finishes and different colors are also obtainable. Also, we modify your acrylic bar table based on customers requests. We are expert in customizing your acrylic bar table to achieve your desired outcome.

Acrylic Bar Table

As the leading manufacturer of acrylic bar table, we focus in innovating and continue in improving the quality of our acrylic products in order to meet and achieve our main goal that is to give satisfaction to our dearest customers.

You dont have to worry about our acrylic bar table because it is more safer compared to other types of bar table. It cannot easily broke down even if you put heavy things above on it. We always ensure not just the performance but also the quality of acrylic bar table. Many tests were done before it was release on the market.

Acrylic Bar Table

At Weprofab, we manufactures a lot of acrylic products like acrylic dining table, acrylic desk, acrylic furniture, acrylic coffee table, and many more.

If you are interested with our acrylic bar table and other related acrylic products, feel free to contact us!

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