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Acrylic Gift Boxes

Weprofab is a well-known company in producing acrylic gift boxes. We supply a lot of acrylic gift boxes such as printed, wedding, ribbon acrylic gift box and we even customized acrylic gift boxes. Weprofab can provide all your acrylic gift boxes needs. Send us your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Gift Boxes Delight Your Customers

Weprofab offers exclusive designer in all your acrylic gift boxes. As a leading manufacturer, we are glad to help you provide a high quality of acrylic gift boxes suitable for your business.

Clear Scrap Acrylic Gift Box

Clear scrap acrylic gift boxes in Weprofab are adorable perfect for special occasions. Weprofab offers an acrylic gift box for your special someone or loved ones. We supply all types of acrylic gift boxes especially clear scrap intended for your acrylic business.

Printed Acrylic Gift Box

If you want to print your own desired design on the acrylic box, a printed acrylic box is the right choice for you. We used our advance technology in printing your acrylic gift box.

Wedding Acrylic Gift Box

In Weprofab, we custom made our acrylic gift box best for all occasions, especially for weddings. If you want to customize your acrylic gift box, Weprofab can offer you the best solution to achieve your desired gift box for your customers.

Ribbon Acrylic Gift Box

If you are in need of acrylic gift box, you can visit on Weprofab. We are one of the professional manufacturers of all kinds of acrylic gift box with a wide variety of gift box options available.

Rectangular Acrylic Gift Box

Weprofab has a comprehensive selection of acrylic gift boxes available. If your business is in need of a supplier of rectangular acrylic gift box, you can count on Weprofab. We manufacture different acrylic gift box that exactly suits your requirements.

Acrylic Candy Gift Box

If you are looking for an acrylic gift box with a wide variety of shapes and colors for your candy and other related business, you can check on Weprofab. We produce acrylic gift box intended for candies and many more.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Gift Boxes Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and metal fabrication.

Being the most trusted acrylic manufacturer we are engrossed in contributing huge range of acrylic gift boxes. In Weprofab provide an outstanding acrylic gift boxes like customize an acrylic gift box and many more. And for exclusive gifts as per occasion demands.

Weprofab offers a different kind of acrylic gift boxes according to your business demand.

Send us now an inquiry, we will answer you promptly!


Custom Acrylic Gift Boxes to Skyrocket Your Brand

Customize Acrylic Mircoblading Gift Box

Weprofab can provide your ideal customize acrylic gift boxes. We only manufacture high-quality acrylic gift box.

Heart Shape Acrylic Gift Box

Weprofab offers heart shape acrylic gift box. FDA approved and food are all safe far from any poison and contamination.

Acrylic Chocolate Gift Box

Weprofab provides a classic and elegant acrylic gift box. All of our acrylic products are attractive and can gain attention to any customers.

Wholesale Acrylic Gift Box

If you`re a wholesaler of acrylic gift boxes, Weprofab allows you to order through wholesale or bulk ways. We are manufacturing experts you can truly rely on.

Multi-Functional Acrylic Gift Box

Weprofab is also an executive manufacturer of multi-functional acrylic gift boxes. They are boxes suitable for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

Mini Acrylic Gift Box

You can avail acrylic gift box in custom sizes, like a mini acrylic gift box only at Weprofab. We can provide any volume of your orders within the scheduled time.

Medium Acrylic Gift Box

You can also avail of our unique acrylic gift box in medium sizes. Weprofab has 20 years of experience in producing your ideal acrylic gift boxes.

Handmade Acrylic Gift Box

If you appreciate a handmade acrylic gift box more than any designs, you are awesome! Weprofab can offer some of our handmade options for cheaper prices.

Clear Acrylic Gift Box

Weprofab has the best skills in creating awesome quality of clear acrylic gift box. In our factory, you can avail customized designs for cheaper rates.

Acrylic Ring Gift Box

The acrylic ring gift box must be catchy to attract the eyes of the target customer. That’s why Weprofab create acrylic ring gift boxes with attractive and catchy designs.

Acrylic Flower Gift Box

Are you looking for an acrylic flower gift box in a popular and reliable factory? Well, you come to the right place. Weprofab is the leading factory that operates in China.

Acrylic Bridesmaid Gift Box

Did you come all over here to find an acrylic bridesmaid gift box? Weprofab can provide you ultimately. We only offer satisfying products for your business.

Acrylic Baby Christening Box

Acrylic baby christening box is made from high-quality acrylics for long-term usage. There are wide options you`ll find only here at Weprofab.

Acrylic Romantic Gift Boxes

Acrylic romantic gift boxes feature a compartment and a reliable lid. They can be also custom-made in specific measurements, designs, and prints.

Octagon Acrylic Gift Boxes

Octagon acrylic gift boxes offer outstanding finish and sophisticated designs. Their design is popular and complies with the current market trends.

Acrylic Gift Boxes for Graduation Party

Acrylic gift boxes for a graduation party are made durable. They are made of first-class materials, making them ten times stronger than glass.

Multicolor Acrylic Gift Boxes

Multicolor acrylic gift boxes have an outstanding design and rigid construction. Plus, they are rust-resistant and have unique designs.

Acrylic Gold Mirror Gift Boxes

Acrylic gold mirror gift boxes are perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more occasions. They also provide a glossy appearance.

Personalized Acrylic Gift Boxes

Personalized acrylic gift boxes are available in personalized sizes, designs, and colors. They also provide simple maintenance, making them suitable for all occasions.

Acrylic Christmas Gift Boxes

Acrylic Christmas gift boxes feature eco-friendly designs, premium quality, and high durability. They are convenient to use for storing your favorite items.

LED Lighting Acrylic Gift Boxes

LED lighting acrylic gift boxes are durable and provide a glossy appearance. Also feature a water-resistant battery case, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

55mm Acrylic Gift Boxes

55mm Acrylic gift boxes are naturally durable and impact-resistant. Plus, they provide visual transparency, higher transmittance, and softer light.


8 Acrylic Gift Boxes

8″ acrylic gift boxes are UV resistant, shaking-proof, and breakproof. Also, they provide great processability. They can be mechanically processed and thermally molded.

Acrylic Birthday Surprise Gift Boxes

Acrylic birthday surprise gift boxes provide good UV resistance and weathering resistance. They also perform good chemical corrosion resistance.

Acrylic Flower Gift Boxes for Valentines

Acrylic flower gift boxes for Valentine offers lightweight and high rigidity feature. They also provide excellent dielectric and electrical properties.

Acrylic Gift Boxes with Drawer

Acrylic gift boxes with drawers are eco-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, recyclable, and have high durability. They are more durable than ordinary glass.

Acrylic Gift Boxes with White Bases

Acrylic gift boxes with white bases are great for storing gifts. They are the best option for keeping your gifts secured and dust-free.

Acrylic Gift Boxes for Wine

Acrylic gift boxes for wine are great for any gift and event. They come in various colors and designs to suit your preferences. Made from finest quality acrylics.

Cylinder Clear Acrylic Gift Boxes

Cylinder clear acrylic gift boxes come with elegant bows, wrapping paper, and ribbons. This type of box keeps your gift concealed and secured.

Cube Shape Acrylic Gift Boxes

Cube shape acrylic gift boxes can carry any present’s weight. Their ribbons are removable and available in custom elegant designs.

Acrylic Food Packaging Gift Boxes

Acrylic food packaging gift boxes can be filled with candies, ribbons, and more presents. They are food-grade packaging, ideal for your intended use.

Acrylic Cupcake Gift Boxes

Acrylic cupcake gift boxes are adorable packaging for souvenirs, gifts, cakes, cupcakes, and more. They are food-safe with easy open lid features.

Acrylic Gift Boxes with Hinged Cover Lid

Acrylic gift boxes with hinged cover lids offer sophisticated modern designs. There are various dimensions and designs available at low prices.

Square Acrylic Gift Boxes

Square acrylic gift boxes provide high chemical protection and excellent weatherproofing. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Acrylic Party Treat Gift Boxes

Acrylic party treats gift boxes are a great way to package your macaroons, wedding sweets, cupcakes, candies, and more foods. They can be custom labeled of your choice.

Acrylic Decorative Gift Boxes

Acrylic decorative gift boxes are most preferred for weddings celebration. They come in modern and classic designs. Also, they are made of pure acrylics.

Premium Clear Acrylic Gift Boxes

Premium clear acrylic gift boxes are great for any occasion, like for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, etc. They are also durable and attractive.

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acrylic gift boxes manufacturing process

Why Weprofab Acrylic Gift Boxes

Weprofab acrylic gift boxes are designed in giving protection to the valued things that you want to give.

Most of the manufacturing industry uses acrylic since it gives an outstanding clarity and weather-ability.

Weprofab specializes in producing world-class acrylic gift boxes.

1-acrylic gift boxes

1-Acrylic Gift Boxes

Acrylic gift boxes are more popular in the global market because of its elegant features and magnificent finish.

Weprofab acrylic gift boxes are made from durable and flexible materials.

It’s not easy to break or damage even if you punch it, stamp, paint and so much more, you cannot see any marks on the display.

All of our acrylic gift boxes have a great adhesion rate that incorporated with glues and also inks.

Weprofab is one of the prominent manufacturers of acrylic gift boxes in China.

We manufacture our acrylic gift boxes product with 100% clear acrylic and sturdy materials.

We create different types of acrylic gift boxes product fit for all types of occasion and celebration with excellent decorative appeal.

What’s best in our acrylic gift boxes product?

Our product is offering incomparable quality and has a trendy and elegant design that catches attention in the market.

We always doing our best to give you an affordable yet good quality of products to meet your specific requirements.

At Weprofab, we work hard to attain customers satisfaction.

We continue to innovative and improve our product quality standards to gain the customers trust.

If you are interested in our products, don’t forget to contact us, we will glad to help you.

Acrylic Gift Boxes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find answers to all questions you may be having about acrylic gift boxes.

Whether you want to know the manufacturing process, specifications, designs, material, quality or benefits; this is a perfect guide for you.

2-acrylic gift boxes manufacturing process

2-Acrylic gift boxes manufacturing process

Let’s get started:

What is Acrylic Gift Box?

It refers to a type of frameless container made from acrylic material that is designed uniquely for holding different kinds of gifts.

It comes in different designs, shapes as well as sizes, depending on varying factors.

In most instances, this type of gift box is always transparent.

It is exclusively used for carrying gifts.

Primarily, this type of box is used for holding the gifts and, at the same time, making it look more upscale.

How much does Acrylic Gift Box Cost?

The price of acrylic gift box ranges depending on a wide variety of elements.

Some of the factors that determine the cost of this item include size, shape, design, and the specific acrylic grade used in engineering the box.

Also, the value is determined by the extent of customization that you need as a customer.

Moreover, the type of finishing also determines the amount one would pay to acquire a particular acrylic box.

What’s more – the shipping cost and duty also determine the price of acrylic gift boxes.

Clearly, there is no fixed cost of acrylic gift boxes.

How does Clear Acrylic Gift Box compare to Colored Acrylic Gift Box?

 Colored acrylic box

 Colored acrylic box

Whether you are looking for tinted or clear gift boxes, they are all made from acrylic material.

But, it is also important to note that there are some variations:

To start with, a clear acrylic gift box is seemingly, a high optical product that displays exceptional strength and durability.

In that sense, it helps in delivering extraordinary savings on your cost.

Additionally, it does not compromise the structural integrity of the gift box.

The other exemplary feature of clear acrylic gift is that it offers immense clarity, which allows the users to view the content of the box.

Moreover, this type of acrylic gift box does not yellow even when exposed to direct sunlight for long.

Colored acrylic gift box, on the other hand, comes in a variety of shades.

It is ideal for users that will appreciate rainbow options.

And just like clear acrylic gift box, this one also provides exceptional durability and strength.

It hardly fades given that it is covered a film coating of tint.

The tint is chemically treated.

This enables it to offer immense protection, particularly for valuable objects.

Besides, it maintains ideal shape even after giving the gifts to recipients.

Most importantly, a colored gift box has excellent resistance to UV rays.

This is essential as far as protecting the gift is concerned.

What Types of Acrylic Gift Boxes are there?

There are quite a number of acrylic boxes for gifts.

Some of the most common options include:

  • Clear scrap acrylic gift box –This is a type that is suitable for special occasions. They are unique hence creating a positive impact, especially to the recipient. They are also hardy and thus can last for ages.
  • Acrylic candy gift box – It is a type of gift box that is used specifically for gifting candies. It is available in many shapes and sizes. They can as well be used for many other more gifting intentions.

3-Acrylic candy gift box

3-Acrylic candy gift box

  • Printed acrylic gift box – As the name suggests, this type is somewhat personalized using specific prints on its surface. It could be the name, image, or specific message, which makes it stand out and come out as unique.
  • Ribbon acrylic gift box – It is a type designed with ribbons. It is unique and suitable for special gifting occasions. Besides, you can use it for general gifting purposes.
  • Wedding acrylic gift box – As the name suggests, it is designed for presenting gifts during weddings. . The size of this box is dependent on the number and type of items that you’d wish to place in it.
  • Rectangular gift box – It is also a general type of acrylic box that is used for a wide range of gifting needs. It is available in different sizes hence offering ideal gifting solutions.

Do Acrylic Gift Boxes Yellow on Sun?

Acrylic gift boxes are designed from different grades of sheets.

Depending on the grade of the acrylic sheet, ultraviolet radiation can cause significant or virtually no damage.

Of course, the yellowing is an indication of acrylic sheet degradation.

The truth is, the high-quality acrylic gift box will not yellow in the sun.

Are Acrylic Gift Boxes Impact Resistant?


One thing with acrylic gift boxes is that they are naturally sturdy hence can withstand any form of physical impact.

Therefore, in case you subject it to impact, all gifts will remain safe.

In fact, the acrylic boxes will never break easily.

How do you choose Acrylic Gift Box with Lid?

In most instances, you’ll find that many acrylic gift box come with lids.

Of course, the essence is to enclose the gift and to prevent it from many factors such as falling or interference.

Figure 3 Transparent acrylic gift box Are Acrylic Gift Boxes Impact Resistant? Absolutely! One thing with acrylic gift boxes is that they are naturally sturdy hence can withstand any form of physical impact. Therefore, in case you subject it to impact, all gifts will remain safe. In fact, the acrylic boxes will never break easily. How do you choose Acrylic Gift Box with Lid? In most instances, you’ll find that many acrylic gift box come with lids. Of course, the essence is to enclose the gift and to prevent it from many factors such as falling or interference.

Acrylic gift box with lid

However, you also need to understand that several factors also determine the choice of the acrylic box with lid.

One tip is determining the type of gift or gifts that you will place inside the box.

This way, you can be able to know the ideal type of box with a lid that you can choose to suit your needs.

The other aspect is determining the purpose of the gift.

In some instances, it would only be ideal to ensure that your gifts are enclosed in a gift box with lid.

On the other hand, it would not be indispensable for the same.

Another element that determines the aspect of choosing an acrylic box with lid is needed for customization.

Some people would desire to personalize their gifts and boxes to the extent of making sure that the lid also matches or compliments the other parts of the gift box.

The cost of purchasing an acrylic gift box with lid is also another essential factor when it comes to making this choice.

Ideally, some would be relatively costly, whereas others would be affordable.

It all depends on different factors.

Is there a difference between Acrylic Display Box and Acrylic Gift Box?

Most definitely.

Typically, acrylic display box is a type of container or enclosure that consists of one or more surfaces made of plexiglass or Lucite.

Its main purpose is to display a wide range of items for easy, convenient, and clear visibility merely as the name suggests.

And in many instances, the acrylic display box is common in exhibition centers, offices, museums, residential homes as well as offices.

4-Acrylic display box

4-Acrylic display box

Acrylic gift box, on the other hand refers to the type of an enclosure that is specifically designed for storing and enclosing gifts only.

Of course, the types of gifts might vary.

This makes acrylic gift boxes to vary in sizes.

Ideally, the acrylic display box often comes out as relatively large as far as size is concerned compared to acrylic gift box.

And for that reason, it implies that you can use it to store quite a number of similar or different items simultaneously.

Acrylic gift box, on the other hand, can only handle one or a few different items.

Another noteworthy difference between these two boxes is that you can easily use acrylic display cases in marketing and promotional events.

In other words, they are suitable for numerous indoor and outdoor commercial applications.

The acrylic gift box, on the other hand, is only suitable or designed for indoor personal use.

How do you make Acrylic Gift Box?

Since machining and fabricating acrylic sheet is simple, the process of making these gift boxes is also straightforward:

· Cut the Acrylic Sheet into Required Pieces

You ought to know the actual size of the acrylic gift box that you want to design.

Therefore, you’ll need to cut the acrylic sheet depending on the measurement of the required gift box.

5-Cut the Acrylic Sheet

5-Cut the Acrylic Sheet

An ideal tool here to use would be metal cutting saw to cut all sides of the box.

You can do this depending on your preferred shape.

But once you cut the pieces according to the measurements, you’ll then need to sand the edges using sandpaper.

· Join the Cut Pieces

When joining the cut pieces, ensure that you place one of the side pieces perpendicularly.

Of course, it will depend on the design or shape of the gift box.

While at it, also make sure that you are doing this on the flat worktop to prevent inconveniences during the process.

And at this point, you’ll use acrylic adhesive to join the cut pieces.

Now take strips of tape that span the pieces to hold them while the adhesive dries.

Join all the pieces together then use the same acrylic adhesive and the tape to ensure that it is correctly secured until the adhesive dries.

· Attach the Lid

Once all the other surfaces are tightly secured, you then choose to fix the cover, if you find it necessary.

Most acrylic gift boxes tend to have a lid since it helps in enclosing the gift.

At this point, you also need to find out whether you’ll need to redesign the lid perhaps by printing an image or message on it etc.

But the essential aspect nonetheless is ensuring that lid and any other side pieces do not overlap.

Therefore, you have to align them accordingly.


Now you can position the acrylic gift box, and it is also at this stage that you might consider incorporating other features on the box.

Once you are done, you’ll have your neatly designed acrylic gift box.

 Are there Disadvantages of Acrylic Gift Boxes?

Absolutely albeit a few!

The main shortcoming of acrylic gift boxes is that they tend to be so sensitive to scratches or light abrasions.

In fact, this material tends to scratch quite easily, even more than glass material.

And this is of course disadvantageous since it compromises the quality of the gift box.

The scratches tend to deteriorate its appearance.

For that reason, it loses its visual appeal mainly, if the scratch marks are more on the surface.

The other disadvantage of acrylic gift boxes is that they tend to have reasonable dissolvable obstruction.

Additionally, its adaptable evaluations also tend to be somewhat inaccessible.

That is, in some cases these gift boxes tend to be vulnerable to pressure and also display low interminable administration temperature.

Some acrylic material grades tend to yellow in the sun as they age.

And this might be common, primarily when used in areas with high UV exposure or surroundings under full-spectrum lights.

Eventually, this affects the quality of clarity of the box, especially if using a clear acrylic gift box.

Where can you use Acrylic Gift Boxes?

There are many applications of acrylic gift boxes.

They include:

Birthday celebrations – It is the most common area where the use of acrylic gift boxes tend to dominate worldwide.

Many people, especially friends and family members, often treasure such special days.

6-acrylic gift box for birthday celebrations

6-acrylic gift box for birthday celebrations

And one of the ways of demonstrating that they value you is by gifting you several birthday gifts often enclosed in this kind of a box.

Wedding occasions – It is also another life-accomplishment event that many people treasure. For that reason, the guests and other attendees always find it easy to contain valuable presents in this type of gift box.

Staff end year parties – In the corporate world, acrylic gift boxes are used to contain cherished gifts to different personnel who’ve stood out in various categories within the company.

In most instances, the ribbon acrylic gift box is often preferred, mainly due to uniformity.

Holiday celebrations – The most decorated holiday celebration where exchange of gifts seems to be a common phenomenon among many people.

Storage – Typically, you can convert this item and use it for storing your precious jewelry pieces and other fashion accessories.

All you can probably do is make a divider for the box so that it makes it easy for you to arrange the accessories.

Home décor – You can as well use this type of box for decorating your household once you have received the gift rather than disposing it off.

Artistically, such boxes make create some of the amazing home adorations.

Organizer – This is also another typical area of using acrylic gift box. You can turn it into an organizer for arranging different items in the house or even at your workplace.

Is there Plastic Material that can make better Gift Boxes other than Acrylic?


Polycarbonate seems to offer a better alternative when it comes to making gift boxes.

Polycarbonate has relatively similar features as acrylic.

However, polycarbonate comes out as a better alternative, given that most of its features are slightly superior to acrylic.

For instance, polycarbonate makes a more impact resistant, temperature resistant, and better weatherability gift box than acrylic.

Additionally, it also makes a more lightweight gift box, which is a vital factor in designing such items.

However, you should note that acrylic gift boxes are more affordable that polycarbonate gift boxes.

That is why they are popular.

Are Acrylic Gift Boxes made from Virgin or Recycled Material?

Not necessarily.

What happens is that acrylic as the primary material for making this type of gift boxes is not easily recyclable.

So this makes it relatively difficult to create new gift boxes from recycled materials.

What Shape options are there for Acrylic Gift Boxes?

The shape options for acrylic gift boxes designs are quite several.

Some of the common ones include the following;

  • Heart shape acrylic gift box
  • Rectangular acrylic gift box
  • Micro-blading acrylic gift box
  • Cube shape acrylic gift box
  • Square acrylic gift box
  • Pyramid shape acrylic gift box
  • Egg shape acrylic gift box
  • Hexagon shape acrylic gift box

7-Heart shape acrylic gift box

7-Heart shape acrylic gift box

As you can see, these gift boxes come in virtually all types of shapes.

All you need to do is find a reliable supplier such as WeProFab for customized acrylic gift shapes that meet your requirements.

Are Acrylic Gift Boxes Eco-friendly?

Yes, acrylic gift boxes are ecofriendly.

In fact, where possible, you can always recycle the acrylic.

Can you Print on Acrylic Gift Boxes?

Figure 9 Printed acrylic gift box

Most definitely. And it is evidently one of the ideal ways of adding visual interests to your acrylic gift box.

You can even print photographic imagery in this box.

The most important thing is ensuring that you are using the right tools, and you also have expertise in printing on acrylic gift box to avert destroying it.

How do you Customize Acrylic Gift Boxes?

You can use several techniques to customize acrylic gift boxes. Some of the ways include the following;

Shaping – It necessarily implies modeling the gift box to a particular preferable shape.

Given that you can opt for different configurations, this allows you to customize specific one that suits the required needs.

Printing – You can as well decide to print an image or message relevant to the gift on the surface of this box.

8-acrylic printing gift box

 8-acrylic printing gift box

Partitioning – Depending on the size of the acrylic gift box, and the number of items, you can as well choose to divide it into different partitions. This is also known as organizer.

Tinting – It is also possible to use a colored acrylic material that provides a shade complementing the theme of the celebration.

Which Add-on Features do Acrylic Gift Boxes come with?

Lockable lids; which help in enhancing the safety of the items inside the box from falling or access, especially by intruders.

Organizer; it enables the user to arrange the gifts in order in these different partitions of the acrylic gift box.

Ribbons; they enhance the overall appearance of the box and the gifts. Also, in some instances, they help in improving or complementing the theme of the occasion.

Hinges; these are mostly common with acrylic gift boxes that have lids that are somewhat permanently fixed on them.

Prints; are used as a way of conveying the level of personalization of the gift, which the recipient can fully relate with. They can be in form of images or wordings, among others.

Can you Clear Marks and Scratches on Acrylic Gift Boxes?

Most definitely!

You can use several approaches to remove marks and scratches on the surface of this gift box. However, this is largely dependent on the extent of the marks and abrasion.

One way of doing this is by using recommended acrylic scratch removers for polishing and buffing this item.

However, this essential for light scratches.

For relatively deep scratches, you can choose to use sandpapers of different grits sequentially. All you’ll need to do is rub with both dry and wet sandpaper interchangeably for three minutes.

How do you Check Quality of Acrylic Gift Boxes?

Several specific tests are often used to determine the quality level of acrylic gift boxes.

Most of these tests are based on the property of gift boxes when subjected to different conditions.

Some of these tests include; temperature tolerance, Freon compatibility, wet and dry acrylic gift box behavior, and stress tolerance, among others.

Does WeProFab offer Wholesale Acrylic Gift Boxes?


And it is one of the advantageous reasons why you should always opt for WeProFab for a wide range of your preferable acrylic gift boxes.

How does WeProFab support Acrylic Gift Boxes OEM Business?

WeProFab ensures that it procures original tools and equipment, which is essential in enhancing the production of high-quality acrylic gift boxes.

WeProFab furthermore supports OEM by purchasing machines from OEM, which guarantees like to like replacement.

It is an indication of enhanced performance with little or no dereliction.

Moreover, this business also ensures that its acrylic gift boxes and related products have binding warranties.

What are the Benefits of Using Acrylic Gift Boxes?

  • They make the gift look more upscale, which is essential since it enhances the value of the product.
  • They secure the gifts by preventing them from squeezing, shaking, UV radiations, water as well as other related elements.
  • They enhance marketing and promotion of your products, especially in the corporate sector.
  • Customized acrylic gift boxes also demonstrate sincerity and, at the same time, enhances creativity.

Are there Limitations on Acrylic Gift Boxes Sizes?

Not certainly.

Given that it is easy to fabricate acrylic material, it thus makes it possible to form acrylic gift box of any type.

And that is the reason you can find a wide range of these boxes when it comes to size.

With this information, you should be able to choose a suitable acrylic gift box for your business.

Still, if there are areas you need clarifications, WeProFab team is here to help you get the best acrylic gift box.

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