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Acrylic Hooks

Weprofab is committed in providing the highest quality of acrylic hooks. Our team will work closely with you in order to make sure that our customers will receive the best kind of acrylic hooks. Get in touch with our customer service department today to learn more!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Hooks Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is not only acrylic hooks manufacturer, but we also can be your best partner with regards to your business that will help you to sell with extraordinary kinds of products.

Clear Acrylic Hook

If you are looking for a perfect clear acrylic hook, Weprofab is your ultimate solution. We own a wide selection of sturdy and durable clear acrylic hook.

Slat Wall Acrylic Hook

Weprofab slat wall acrylic hook serves as in many ways to your clothes when  cannot bear any effort of putting them away.

Acrylic Hanging Hook

If you want to avoid cluttering the floor with clothing, Weprofab could offer high quality of acrylic hanging hook.

Grid Acrylic Hook

As a professional manufacturer, Weprofab ensures to provide the required functionality and durability level of any grid acrylic hook.

Coat Acrylic Hook

Weprofab coat acrylic hooks are very useful at the home. If you are looking for the best kind of coat acrylic, count on Weprofab.

Wall-mounted Acrylic Hook

Wall-mounted is perfect to put clothing. Weprofab is able to fabricate wall-mounted acrylic hook and it can be offered at competitive rates.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Hooks Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

We are the kind of manufacturer with  ISO certification. We give true attention to the quality of our acrylic hooks and other acrylic products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our executive designers and engineers are glad to work and to design great and excellent acrylic hooks that relly suit to your needs.

If you want your business to shine, get acrylic hooks at Weprofab, send us your inquiry!


Custom Acrylic Hooks to Skyrocket Your Brand

Jewelry Acrylic Hook

Using jewelry acrylic hook is another way to store or to put your jewelry. At Weprofab, there is much stock of jewelry acrylic hook available.

Acrylic Hook for Keys

Weprofab acrylic hook for keys can help you to easy to find your acrylics and to avoid it missing place. Get your desire acrylic hook for keys at Weprofab.

Decorative Acrylic Hook

Aside to hang clothes, this decorative acrylic hook can add to the beautiful scenery in your home. Avail our best decorative acrylic hook.

Acrylic Multi-hook

Weprofab is very familiar in the manufacturing process for the finest acrylic multi-hook. We offer the latest designs to our valuable customers.

Acrylic Pegboard Hook

If you are planning to add an acrylic pegboard hook for your business, you can get the best one here in Weprofab.

Acrylic Wall Hooks

Acrylic wall hooks blend in with the wall while yet providing a secure place to hang towels, coats, and leashes. Can be installed in restrooms, hallways, and children’s rooms.

Acrylic Crochet Hooks

This acrylic crochet hook has a warm smooth finish and beautiful translucent colors. Made of translucent plastic and come in a variety of colors. Each exciting hue corresponds to size, allowing you to quickly identify the size you require.

Acrylic Display Hooks

Acrylic display hooks are made to the highest quality standards. It provides a long-lasting merchandising solution for any pegged or hanging object. It can hook to organize aisles within each section.

Acrylic Hooks for Towel

Weprofab acrylic hooks for towel comes in single and double hook versions with polished bevel edges. For a sleek, clean look, the mounting hardware is hidden.

Clear Acrylic J-Hook for Hanging Card Display

Clear acrylic J-hook for hanging card display is specially engineered with “J” connections. Can be attached to the bar. Each hook can hold several jewelry cards but depending on the thickness of the jewelry items.

Cube Mount Acrylic Hanging Hook

The cube mount acrylic hanging hook has sturdy acrylic construction that holds the scarf, jacket, or bag securely in place. This is a simple and easy way to improve functionality.

1/8” Acrylic Display Hook

Our 1/8” acrylic display hook comes with a hanger and can be used to display a variety of items. It can be used in acrylic fabrication projects or displayed and decorated as is.

70MM Clear Acrylic Hooks

These 70mm clear acrylic hooks are ideal for displaying a variety of lightweight retail items. The contemporary finish brings out the best in your products and displays.

Acrylic Door Hook

Wepro acrylic door hook can fit over any interior door. Made of heavy-duty acrylic material. Hooks are light pink diamond shape acrylic or can be customized.

L-Shape Acrylic Hook

The L-shape acrylic hook is 100% high-quality, made of quality acrylic, which is durable and firm. It is eco-friendly, recyclable. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. not easy to damage the wall, more convenient installation. not easy to damage the wall, more convenient installation.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Hooks

Acrylic Hook

Weprofab is outstanding acrylic hooks manufacture in China.

Acrylic hooks are designed for different and various applications.

It can serve as clothes hooks, towel hooks, coat hooks, and other things that able to put theirs.

One of the best purposes of the acrylic hook is to avoid disarrange any clothes on the floor.

This product really adds that other characters in your home as well as in your business.

Acrylic hooks are also really convenient when you have visitors.

With an acrylic hook, it will be useful for you if you don’t have enough space for your things.

Acrylic Hook

Your guest can help themselves to hang their coats.

As of that no need to put effort to take their coats and putting it in a closet.

Weprofab has a wide selection of acrylic hooks to choose from.

We can able to manufacture acrylic hooks with your own designs.

These acrylic hooks are not only good in personal use, but these are also one of the ideal products to add if you have a business.

Since acrylic hooks are one of the popular products, this will add to the attractiveness of your business.

Acrylic Hook

Weprofab is your number one source of all high-quality acrylic hooks.

We have been many designs to offer with integrated features and benefits to give on your business future.

As an ISO 9001 certified acrylic hooks manufacturer, we make sure that our customers will receive the best acrylic hooks.

We fabricated our products with the latest machinery tools to gain customer satisfaction and meet their requirements.

Not just acrylic hooks, but we also supplies acrylic hooks for displays, lucite hooks, cb2 acrylic wall hook, and many more.

Do you have any questions about our acrylic hooks and other acrylic products?

You can contact us directly and together with our sales representative we will happy to give you assistance.

We love to help you to find the best kind of product to make an improvement for your businesses.

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