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Fire Blanket

The widest selection of fire blankets is found in Weprofab. Weprofab is one of the professional fire blanket providers in China. Our expert team carefully chooses quality and reliable materials to improve the reliability and enhance the quality of our fire blanket. We also offer custom fire blankets according to your special request. Send us your requirements now!

Get WeProFab Fire Blanket to Delight Your Customers

If you want reliable fire blanket for your business, Weprofab has a lot to offer. Weprofab fire blanket is certified and approved by EN standards. We strive to meet your fire blanket demands to excel your business. Choose Weprofab now!

Fiberglass Fire Blanket

Weprofab fiberglass fire blanket is applicable for hotels, kitchen, gas station, garages, barbecue, laboratories, and other occasions. We have a wide range of fiberglass fire blanket available at a very competitive rate.

Emergency Protect Welding Fire Blanket

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of emergency protection welding fire blankets for over 15 years. For any special request regarding emergency protection welding fire blanket, you can send us your specifications now!

EN Standard Fire Blanket

Our EN standard fire blanket is treated glass fiber fabric. Thus, it guarantees very smooth, soft, and does not irritate the skin. This fire blanket is a type of very soft fire distinguishing device. We are capable of manufacturing 0.43mm fire blanket.

1m x 1m Fire Blanket for Home

Weprofab 1m x 1m fire blanket for home is portable and light. It is manufactured to extinguish the initial fire. The material we use for this type is the water-proof plastic shell. All of our fire blankets are manufactured with international environmental protection standards.

Fiberglass Fire Blanket for Kitchen

Weprofab is expert in manufacturing a wide range of fire blanket to support your business. We carefully choose qualified materials to manufacture fire blankets for kitchen. We conducted 100% qulity inspection before we deliver your order.

Fire Resistant Fire Blanket

We have a wide range of fire-resistant fire blanket to complete your needs. Our fire-resistant fire blanket is accessible in many sizes. And also, we do offer custom fire blanket according to your special request.

WeProFab: Your Leading Fire Blanket Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication. Weprofab can be your perfect solution when you’re looking for an excellent fire blanket.

We are providing different types of fire blankets with outstanding performance to meet your demands. With advanced manufacturing tools, we manufacture stable fire blankets.
You can avail yourself of our fire blanket at an economical price. Choose Weprofab!

Custom Fire Blanket to Boost Your Brand

Emergency Survival Fire Blanket

Weprofab Emergency Survival Fire Blanket is guaranteed smooth, soft, and does not irritate the skin. It is easy to carry & store, and easy to use. This could be suitable for fire protection, emergency, and firefighting.

M0 Certificated Safe Fire Blanket

Our MO certificated safe fire blanket is guaranteed smooth, which does not irritate your skin. It can be widely applied to welding protection, fire curtain, smoke curtain, thermal insulation, and so on.

OEM Fire Blanket

We have a professional R&D team to custom your fire blanket to excel your brand in the market. Weprofab fire blanket is manufactured from high-quality fiberglass and is offered in many sizes.

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Weprofab Fire Blanket

Weprofab is committed to supplying and manufacturing fire blankets with superior quality. As a leading fire blanket manufacturer, we provide quality products as well as excellent services to our customers worldwide.

Weprofab fire blanket is a safety device manufactured to extinguish incipient fires. They are cost-effective and small fire extinguishing devices that are made from cloth materials.

Our expert engineers choose high-quality fiberglass materials for fire blanket manufacturing. Nowadays, the most important thing in safety and health regulations is fire safety.

That’s why all of our fire blankets are properly tested and maintained. This Weprofab fire blanket we offered is manufactured to prevent the growth and spread of the flame.

Being one of the trusted fire blanket manufacturers in China, our expert designer makes sure that the fire blankets are of good quality. It can be easily used and accessed.

Due to its easy use features, the Weprofab fire blanket is perfectly ideal for those inexperienced or unfamiliar with fire extinguishers.

Weprofab fire blankets have a great role in both domestic environments such as the kitchen or workplace. Our fire blankets are popular for their easy store because it has compact sizes.

Depending on the environment, a Weprofab fire blanket is available in soft cases or rigid cases. It is made from the inner layer or 2 layers of woven glass fiber fabric of the fire-retardant film.

Weprofab supplies limitless fire blankets. We also capable of customizing your ideal fire blanket with different sizes according to your preferred needs to make it suitable and fit for your applications and purposes.

If you’re seeking a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fire blankets, Weprofab can always meet your requirements to complete your project.

And we are proud ourselves to supply Weprofab fire blanket to different markets considering that our products are offered with high-quality and durability.

We are expert enough to handle fire blanket manufacturing. If you bear with us, you can guarantee reliable services and trustworthy products.

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