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Custom Plastic Molding

Weprofab is an expert custom plastic molding manufacturer in China. We have been providing custom plastic molding solutions for over 20 years. Our company is dedicated to supplying customers with cost-effective solutions and excellent services. The most advanced custom plastic molding techniques and processes are what you encounter in Weprofab. We make sure you got an excellent custom plastic molding solution that exceeds your expectations.

Get WeProFab Custom Plastic Molding to Delight Your Customers

For over 20 years of providing the best custom plastic molding solution, Weprofab built an excellent partnerships with international markets. At Weprofab, you are guaranteed an excellent solution and a wide range of custom plastic molding you need.

Custom Plastic Part Molding

Weprofab provides good quality, competitive price, and stylish design of custom plastic molding. We utilized our advanced manufacturing equipment to produce custom plastic molding.

Custom Rapid Prototype Mold

Our company is certified by ISO9001 certificates. We assure you that all of our plastic moldings is certified to SGS, RoHS, medical grade, food grade, UL, UV, and many more.

Custom PP Plastic Molding

Our company is equipped with professional equipment, advanced technology, experienced technicians, and unmatched skills to fit your requirements regarding custom plastic molding need.

High-Quality Custom Plastic Molding

This custom plastic molding is suitable for metal parts stamping. It can be available in painting finish with full certifications. We offer low MOQ start from 1 set.

Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Medical plastic injection molding is available in many different surface treatments such as powder-coated, anodized, laser engraving, bead blasted, plating, electropolished, black oxidate, and many more.

Custom Rotational Plastic Mold

We manufacture custom rotational plastic mold according to our customer’s requirements. Let us know your details. We can precisely produce your custom rotational plastic mold that will meet your expectation.

WeProFab: Your Leading Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Weprofab is the best custom plastic molding manufacturer and supplier in China. We are known to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of custom plastic molding services around the world. Along with our advanced manufacturing techniques and tools, Weprofab is capable to handle the manufacturing process precisely.

In China, Weprofab is a rich-experience manufacturer and provider of custom plastic molding. We offer premium quality custom plastic molding services to meet your project requirements. With custom plastic molding production, we have the complete capacity in developing thousands of plastic molding components and parts that are widely used in different sectors.

Custom Plastic Molding to Skyrocket Your Brand

Custom Compression Plastic Mold

Available surface treatment: painting, polishing, anodizing, silk screening, sandblasting, UV painting, gilding, water transferring, etc.

Professional Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Weprofab is an expert custom plastic injection molding producer with promising high quality. At Weprofab, we can repair if you produce a product from us.

Competitive Price Custom Plastic Molding

Our expert team chooses high-quality plastic materials such as PVC, pe, pp, and pom. We can custom the size of your ideal plastic molding with custom any color. Weprofab has the cheapest custom plastic molding without compromising the quality.

High-Precision Custom Plastic Molding

We can custom the feature of your custom plastic molding according to your 3D/2D drawing or sample provided. The unit price, quantity, color, tooling cost, and tooling size are to be discussed.

Custom PVC Plastic Molding

Weprofab has 20 years of experience in custom PVC plastic molding. We offer free design and one-stop service for you. Our custom PVC plastic molding is offered for a competitive price.

Non-Standard Custom Injection Molding

For the non-standard custom injection molding production, we utilized our high-tech molding equipment such as drill machine, EDM, CNC, wire-cut machine, and many more.

Plastic Case Injection Molding

Weprofab has a professional engineers design team to create plastic case injection molding. We can use Pro-E, CAD, SolidWorks, UG, etc.

Custom ABS Plastic Part Molding

We can manufacture different ABS plastic parts molding you want for your business. We have a professional engineering design team to handle the manufacturing process.

Ready-made Plastic Mold

Available colors: RAL/PANTONE. We can create custom plastic molding in different sizes according to your drawing. Fast delivery, competitive price, and good quality are our advantage.

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Why Weprofab Custom Plastic Molding

Finding the right custom plastic molding for your project? Consider Weprofab custom plastic molding services. Weprofab is always the best choice when it comes to custom plastic molding needs. We are committed to supplying premium quality custom plastic molding worldwide.

Custom Plastic Molding Slider

With years of experience, Weprofab earned an excellent reputation for being the best in the industry, offering low-cost, high-quality solutions. With our expertise and vast knowledge in custom plastic molding, backed by our professional engineers, we assure you that your projects are in good hands.

With the help of our high-tech machines, Weprofab can custom plastic molding that will consistently and cost-effectively output quality custom plastic products. In production, plastic material is the most important decision.

Since we’ve got more than 20 years of experience, Weprofab can help you to choose the right material that needs to your project. If you want a unique shape for your custom plastic molding, no problem.

Our company helped many customers worldwide with their custom plastic molding project. As a leading manufacturer in China, we’ve supplying finished products, which delighted and amazed customers.

Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer

We offer different types of custom plastic molding to support your business. One of the most well-known techniques of custom plastic molding is injection molding, rotational molding, compression molding, blow molding, thermoforming, and extrusion molding.

Each and every technique has its own capabilities to use in the industry. Weprofab custom plastic molding can be widely used for making large hollow plastic products, surgical applications, the automotive industry, and so on.

Weprofab custom plastic molding develops end-use production and prototype parts in 20 days or less. In custom plastic molding production, our team chooses an aluminum mold that offers accelerated manufacturing cycles and cost-efficient tooling.

Custom Plastic Molding Supplier

For 20+ years, Weprofab has been a leading custom plastic parts provider and manufacturer, offering the most comprehensive solutions in custom plastic molding. Our range of custom plastic molding offers a great solution to a wide range of product applications and industries.

Whether you need reliable quality custom plastic molding for your project or business, Weprofab is always the best choice. With our plastic molding capabilities and tonnage range of 1000 tons, Weprofab has invested in supplying our customers with custom plastic molding parts and solutions, especially to their supply chain concerns.

If you have further questions about custom plastic molding, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our representative sales.

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