• Polycarbonate Sign Panels

Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are attainable at many types and customizations. We have twin-wall, corrugated, different sizes, waterproof, and a lot of resistance you could choose. You can demand your ideal fixtures. Send us your drawing!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Sign Panels to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a professional polycarbonate sign panels distributor worldwide. We are giving an amazing offer to help everyone save their budget. Our polycarbonate sign panels can help you delight your customers.

Clear Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are accessible in many colors. Clear polycarbonate sign panels are more advantageous to choose from since you can design a lot of them.

Cut-to-size Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab is a talented fabricator since we are more than 20 years in the industry of service. We are experienced in cutting into size polycarbonates sign panels.

Embossed Polycarbonate Sign Panels

We, WeProFab is also experts in embossing polycarbonate sign panels. WeProFab is capable of making great polycarbonate sign panel qualities since WeProFab is a certified one.

Exterior Polycarbonate Sign Panels

Our polycarbonate sign panels are great for exterior installment. It is a resistance polycarbonate sign panels that strongly fight any level of temperature.

Polycarbonate Sign Panels Manufacturer

We fabricated polycarbonate sign panels suitable for signage. We designed many selections for your plenty of options in choosing a suitable one for project or business.

Resistance Polycarbonate Sign Panels

We have many polycarbonate sign panels with different resistance to offer. It is always affordable to purchase perfect when you are saving cash.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Sign Panels Manufacturer

WeProFab is a trusted supplier in many years in this industry. WeProFab is a joint-venture Company of WeeTect Materials Limited in many years and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer.

WeProFab is a professional one-stop solution provider of customer’s needs like polycarbonate sign panels. Whatever your purpose on polycarbonate panels, WeProFab is responsible to support you.

We, WeProFab support any business through the following standards. We are certified through our quality services and also by supplying a great polycarbonate sign panel’s quality. Send an instant quote!

Custom Polycarbonate Sign Panels to Boost Your Business

10mm Polycarbonate Sign Panels

Get an ideal 10mm polycarbonate sign panels at WeProFab. We have many sizes stocks that are ready to ship based on the time you request for. We are handling smooth sailing production.

Colored Polycarbonate Sign Panels

There are plenty of polycarbonate sign panel colors. WeProFab created and design many colors for customers to attract them. It is affordable to much other materials.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab corrugated polycarbonate sign panels are affordable and matched on your project requirements. Quality sign panels that help save an effort.

Twin-wall Polycarbonate Sign Panels

This is the best polycarbonate sign panels. lightweight and unbreakable sign panels which can save a budget and money as well.

Waterproof Polycarbonate Sign Panels

We have waterproof polyarbonate sign panels that are perfect for outdoor or exterior applications. It is still durable even on rainy days.

2mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sign Panels

2mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sign Panels produce a sheet that is substantially lighter in weight than solid polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass sheets and is robust, impact-resistant, and energy efficient. In comparison to single-layer sheets, it delivers significantly improved energy efficiency.

Black Glossy Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Black Glossy Polycarbonate Sign Panels are a UV-stabilized substance used in industrial and glazing applications. In a variety of industrial, glazing, design, and structural applications, as well as thermoformed and fabricated components, it provides a practically indestructible cost-effective option.

Decorative Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Decorative Polycarbonate Sign Panels Decorative Polycarbonate Sign Panelscommon uses for  Exterior roofing, glazing, wall or building cladding, interior partitions, and displays. Even in the coldest temperatures, its tenacity enables it to keep its longevity.

Flexible Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Flexible Polycarbonate Sign Panels is durable and flexible solution especially created to fill that gap is perfect for use in educational institutions, medical facilities, jails, and other places where accumulating abrasions are a worry.

High Gloss Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab High Gloss White Polycarbonate Sign Panels are highly scratch resistant and have excellent optical quality. There have never been more environmentally responsible solutions for screen printing, vinyl application, cutting, routing, engraving, forming, bending, shaping, and bonding.

High Gloss White Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Red Polycarbonate Sign Panels are resistant to impact, bendable, high transmittance, difficult to burn, light in weight, good sound insulators, anti-drip, anti-ultraviolet light, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Sign Panels

 This type of sign panel is designed with high tolerance and does not easily break. It can be used for any type of sign panel because of its strength.

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sign Panels

Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sign Panels offer higher impact resistance, better flame retardance, and dimensional stability in large temperatures from -40 °C to 120 °C. Therefore, It is the right material for the LED lamp, LED signs, architectural lighting systems, elevator lighting systems, railcar lighting systems, etc.

Patterned Polycarbonate Sign Panels

This kind of sign panel comes with an interesting appearance because of its pattern. It has a high standard of quality as well. You can request your desired pattern.

Polycarbonate Matte Sign Panels

WeProFab Polycarbonate Matte Sign Panels offers outstanding weatherability and better impact strength, and is many times stronger than acrylic. It can be quickly constructed, thermoformed, and painted.

Red Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Red Polycarbonate Sign Panels are resistant to impact, bendable, high transmittance, difficult to burn, light in weight, good sound insulators, anti-drip, anti-ultraviolet light, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sign Panels is a more impact-resistant sheet of polycarbonate with improved UV resistance that gives glass-like toughness. Compared to conventional glazing materials like glass or acrylic sheet, it results in much cheaper maintenance expenses.

Solid Glitters Polycarbonate Sign Panels

 the solid glitter polycarbonate sign panels provide impressive advantages for durability, excellent temperature tolerance, and good thermal, and optimum clarity characteristics. 

Solid Polycarbonate Sign Panels

 the solid polycarbonate sign panel is produced in the largest range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and colors. It is known for multiple projects and industries due to its high-impact strength, light transmission, and extraordinary sturdiness. 

Translucent Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab Translucent Polycarbonate Sign Panels are strong, enabling them to resist damage from hail and other unfavorable conditions. The panels are very flexible and unlikely to crack or shatter since they are made to stretch and shrink when temperatures rise and fall.

Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sign Panels

 the surface of these triple-wall polycarbonate sign panels contains UV- and weathering resistance. It has also good toughness and impact strength, making it not easy to be damaged during transportation and installation use. 

Ultra Clear Polycarbonate Sign Panels

The ultra-clear polycarbonate sign panel is designed for longer-term use. It is dominant for having consistent mechanical and optical properties. 

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Sign Panels

Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are designed to support signage installations. It is a durable sign panel that prevents any possible incidents because of its lightweight and versatile capabilities.

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are attainable at any size you need which is all available. It is perfect for sign panel applications since it is offered five to ten years of durability.

WeProFab manufactures polycarbonate sign panels with high-end raw materials to make it more durable and effective. We always make sure to support and sustain your needs especially for business. We have many customers been successful in our many years of service in the manufacturing industry.

Polycarbonate Sign Panels

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are more durable than wood since it can fight in any weather condition. Wood signage can’t stay longer in outdoor applications. Polycarbonate sign panels are strong even in any heat temperature even on rainy days.

Our polycarbonate sign panels are applicable in any applications like outdoor and indoor applications.

Our polycarbonate sign panels are more advantageous than metal or aluminum since it never rusts. This is more durable since polycarbonate is unbreakable that can keep every time safe.

WeProFab polycarbonate sign panels are available in different resistant that you could choose for. Polycarbonate sign panels are impact resistant which is protected from scratches.

Polycarbonate Sign Panels

If you are planning to purchase polycarbonate sign panels, we can be your professional partner. We are responsible to build a great relationship with our customers like you. Through this, it will be easier for you to find your desired polycarbonate sign panels.

Choose your desired sizes, customizations, and features to suit your applications. We have many stocks available to supply.

You don’t have to worry about everything. WeProFab will handle all the process and any operations for your polycarbonate sign panels.

Send your message at WeProFab now to get complete information!

Polycarbonate Sign Panels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Polycarbonate sign panels refer to solid thermoplastic sheets designed for signage or symbols to communicate a message.

They are designed to imprint, engrave or attach different signage or symbols on the surface material.

You can find these components in various designs depending on your taste and preference.

How Many Types Of Polycarbonate Sign Panels Can You Find In The Market?

Polycarbonate sign panel

Polycarbonate sign panel

Mostly, these sign panels are available in either standard or custom designs.

Standard designs are relatively simple and rarely contain additional details.

On the other hand, custom polycarbonate sign panels often include a wide range of details based on your requirements.

Thus, you need to provide such information to the manufacturer to incorporate in the designing process.

Nevertheless, the exact type of custom polycarbonate sign panels availability depends on the specific manufacturer.

For instance, at WeProFab, here are some of the common designs of this component you can find;

  • Clear polycarbonate sign panels
  • Embossed polycarbonate sign panels
  • Cut-to-size polycarbonate sign panels
  • 10mm polycarbonate sign panels
  • Corrugated polycarbonate sign panels
  • Colored polycarbonate sign panels
  • Waterproof polycarbonate sign panels
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate sign panels
  • Exterior polycarbonate sign panels

How Does Polycarbonate Sign Panel And Glass Sign Panel Compare?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate and glass are the common materials used for making sign panels.

However, these materials tend to vary significantly based on various elements, and here is how they compare;


Polycarbonate sign panels are incredibly stronger than glass sign panels.

Essentially, the former is about 300 times stronger than the latter making polycarbonate sign panel an excellent impact–resistant component.


Notably, polycarbonate material is relatively lightweight than glass, and this element reflects directly on the respective sign panels.

Polycarbonate sign panel is about half the weight of a glass sign panel of similar dimensions.

Optical Clarity

Naturally, polycarbonate sign panels have better light transmittance abilities, thus optically clearer than glass sign panels.

Polycarbonate sign panels allow up to about 95% of light to pass through its surface compared to about 85% in glass sign panels.

Weather Resistance

Polycarbonate base material exhibits superior resistance to various weather elements such as fog, temperature, corrosion, etc.

On the other hand, glass has relatively poor resistance to such harsh environmental conditions.


You can easily fabricate polycarbonate sign panels using various techniques without breaking or cracking and attain desirable results.

However, glass sign panels have a certain limit to which you can fabricate them before they crack, break, or shutter.

In essence, polycarbonate sign panels are seemingly more superior to glass sign panels in numerous aspects.

Are Polycarbonate Sign Panels UV Resistant?


The polycarbonate base material used for making these sign panels has a natural resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Ordinarily, the material consists of strong bonds that are difficult to break down under normal conditions.

 UV resistant polycarbonate panel

Uv resistant polycarbonate panel

Thus, the strong bonds provide a natural coating, preventing UV radiation from attacking the surface material of this component.

Besides, during manufacturing process of these sign panels, UV stabilizers are usually integrated to reinforce the natural UV resistance.

In essence, the integrated UV stabilizers further prevent these rays and ultimately make the sign panels more UV resistant.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid exposing these sign panels to direct sunlight for an extended period.

What Is The Suitable Wall Thickness Of Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

There is no limit to a specific wall thickness of polycarbonate sign panel.

It means you can find these components in varying wall thicknesses.

Mostly, the ideal thickness is often dependent on the exact type of signage you are creating on this component.

Relatively large signage such as those used in billboards would require polycarbonate sign panels with relatively big wall thickness.

On the other hand, small signage would be ideal with polycarbonate sign panels with relatively thin wall thickness.

Nonetheless, the least wall thickness for a small polycarbonate sign panel should be about 5mm.

For larger units, you can go for up to 100mm or more, depending on the actual size of the sign panel.

Besides, you can get polycarbonate sign panel with customized wall thickness to suit demands of your applications.

What Are The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Polycarbonate sign panels are nowadays increasingly becoming more popular in the signage industry.

Of course, the popularity is tagged to several benefits this particular component brings to the investor.

Some of these benefits include the following;

Aesthetics And Class

Polycarbonate sign panels exhibit high levels of aesthetics since they are designed to add great beauty to the signage industry.

The aesthetics come with class and sophistication, making the entire signage and its surrounding appear more upscale.


These sign panels are easy to customize, which is essential in ensuring you attain the exact design that meets your demands.

Ordinarily, this is beneficial since customization makes them versatile, making them a viable option for business.

Enhanced Visibility At All Times

Most polycarbonate sign panels are bright and, in many instances, well-lit.

Thus, it increases visibility of the business even when you are closed, and this attracts new customers easily.

Incredibly Durable

The base material used for making this component is naturally strong and resistant to many mechanical and environmental elements.

Therefore, it can last for several years without showing any signs of wearing out or deteriorating the quality.


Polycarbonate sign panels are generally lightweight, and this is imperative because you can easily fix them even on raised surfaces.

Low Maintenance

These sign panels are designed using highly durable materials, which can endure various unfavorable environmental conditions.

Therefore, they do not require intense maintenance to stay in ideal shape.


In the long run, installing and using polycarbonate sign panels becomes relatively affordable.

Technically, they are durable and require low maintenance, eliminating unnecessary repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Are Polycarbonate Sign Panels Recyclable?


Polycarbonate, which is the base material for making these sign panels, is fully recyclable.

It is derived from a combination of natural components, including petroleum products.

Thus, it becomes easy to recycle the component fully and reuse the recycled material to make other products.

Besides, recycled polycarbonate sign panel still retains all the quality features of a virgin one.

Simply put, recycled polycarbonate material hardly loses any quality features such as impact resistance, lightweight, optical clarity, weatherability, etc.

How Do You Determine The Cost Of Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Several factors revolve around determining the actual cost of typical polycarbonate sign panels.

Mostly, the manufacturers consider the following elements to establish the unit and purchasing cost of these components;

Material Quality Used In Making The Sign Panels

Often, polycarbonate material is available in different quality grades ranging from highly superior to inferior.

Thus, the higher the material quality, the costlier the sign panels and vice versa.

Quantity Of The Order

Manufacturers usually price the polycarbonate sign panels depending on the actual quantity you are buying.

For instance, purchasing higher quantities will likely attract better discounts, thus more cost-effective than buying a few pieces.

Actual Design

Polycarbonate sign panels are available in standard and custom designs.

Ordinarily, standard designs are often cheaper than custom units.

The latter requires more resources, details, time, and workmanship to accomplish, thus more expensive than the former.


Bigger polycarbonate sign panels are more expensive than smaller ones.

Of course, the former tend to utilize more materials and details, making it more expensive than the latter.

Workmanship Quality

Polycarbonate sign panels crafted keenly with all details considered and incorporated appropriately are usually more expensive.

Simply put, the few mentioned factors are among the many elements used in determining the actual cost of polycarbonate sign panels.

Are Polycarbonate Sign Panels Safe?

Polycarbonate sign panel

Polycarbonate sign panel


These sign panels are safe in several ways as follows;

Recyclability – The primary material for making these sign panels is 100% recyclable.

Thus, it prevents environmental degradation since you’ll rarely find it in landfills.

Moreover, recycling and reusing prevent depletion of natural resources, given the recycled materials retain all the features of the virgin material.

Lightweight – Ideally, this feature makes it safe since it implies it can hardly harm you or anyone around if it falls down.

Shatterproof – Polycarbonate sign panel can hardly break under normal circumstances.

This makes it a safety component since you are certain it can never cause harm in case of an impact.

Non-reactive – This signage component has immense resistance to chemical compounds thus cannot emit any toxic fumes or substances.

What Determines The Longevity Of Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Quite several elements, but the main ones include the following;

  • General quality of base material – Polycarbonate sign panel made using high quality will outlast one designed from relatively inferior quality.

The former contains strong molecules, which are difficult to break down hence last longer.

  • Overall workmanship – A professionally and well-crafted polycarbonate sign panel always lasts longer than a substandard unit.

Of course, the former is designed with details to ensure it can resist various components it is likely to be exposed to, unlike the former.

  • Environmental elements it is exposed to – Typically, polycarbonate sign panels can be used in various applications exposed to different environmental conditions.

Often, indoor sign panels exhibit better longevity since they are exposed to mild conditions than those fixed in outdoor spaces.

  • Material thickness – Mostly, polycarbonate sign panels with comparatively thick surface materials last longer than ones with thin surfaces.

Technically, the overall durability of these components is influenced by various factors, including the few ones mentioned above.

Nevertheless, if all factors remain constant under normal circumstances, these sign panels can last for at least 15 years.

What Makes Acrylic An Ideal Material To Use In Place Of Polycarbonate For Sign Panels?

Acrylic tends to share a lot of technical and functional features with polycarbonate material.

In simple words, the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate materials used for making sign panels is negligible.

For instance, both materials are lightweight, exhibit excellent optical clarity, flexibility, and tensile strength.

Besides, acrylic and polycarbonate materials have incredible weatherability features thus can withstand different harsh climatic conditions.

As such, acrylic comes out as the best material for making sign panels in place of polycarbonate.

In essence, you get more or less the same sign panels in almost all aspects when you use acrylic material in place of polycarbonate.

Are Polycarbonate Sign Panels Scratch-Resistant?

It depends on different elements surrounding the specific polycarbonate material used for making the sign panel.

Ordinarily, when you use a superior quality grade polycarbonate material to make this component, it will rarely scratch.

Higher quality grade has better resistance to scratches since the material has a natural coating preventing such marks.

Another element is whether the polycarbonate material for making the specific sign panels was coated with anti-scratch coating.

Often, anti-scratch coating is usually integrated into this material during manufacturing process.

The essence is to reinforce the surface material to prevent the abrasive materials from causing scratch marks on the component.

Naturally, polycarbonate material has a soft surface, but the above-mentioned factors determine whether it will scratch easily.

What Are The Best Polishing Techniques For Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Technically, it depends on the specific surface finishing of the polycarbonate sign panel.

The main methods you can use to polish these panels include buffing, flame, and vapor polishing.

Thus, you need to establish the exact surface finish of this signage component to figure out the ideal polishing method.

For instance, buffing would be ideal for polishing a clear polycarbonate sign panel.

On the other hand, vapor polishing would be a suitable technique for polishing embossed polycarbonate sign panels.

Are There Color Limitations For Polycarbonate Sign Panels?


Polycarbonate material is transparent in natural form.

However, you can induce different colors on the surface material to give it a suitable hue that meets your demands.

Moreover, you can apply a tinted material on the surface to attain some level of translucency if need be.

Simply put, you can find polycarbonate sign panels in a wide range of color hues depending on what meets your requirements.

How Can You Customize Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Since the surface material of polycarbonate sign panels is soft and flexible, it means you can use several techniques to customize it.

Besides, the essence of these sign panels is to create attention and give relevant information.

Thus, the ideal way to customize these components is by ensuring you incorporate details that would enhance visibility and aesthetics.

The common customization idea for these compounds is by fixing LED lights.

 Polycarbonate panels

customized polycarbonate sign panels

These lights enhance visibility of the signage even at night or when the business is closed.

Another customization idea you may embrace is integrating digital displays into these sign panels.

Digital displays are quite attractive and easily grab attention of potential customers to the business.

Moreover, they make the business appear classy and relatively upscale.

What Are The Ideal Surface Performance Features To Incorporate In Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Ordinarily, polycarbonate sign panels are used in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Such spaces are exposed to various environmental and mechanical conditions, thus the need for incorporating different surface coating on these panels.

For instance, sign panels used in outdoor spaces are exposed to rainfall, sunshine, storm, loose flying debris, and chemical substances among others.

On the other hand, those used indoors are often subjected to abrasive materials depending on their exact locations.

Nevertheless, depending on where the signage component is used, some of the best surface enhancement features to incorporate include the following;

  • Anti-scratch coating – Prevents abrasive objects and aggressive handling of the component from forming scratch marks on surface material.
  • Anti-reflective coating – Reduces or eliminates excess light from reflecting on the surface material of this component.
  • Anti-fog coating – Prevents water or moisture from forming or sticking on the surface material of polycarbonate sign panels.
  • UV Stabilizer- Reinforces the natural UV coating on surface of polycarbonate sign panels protecting it from ultraviolet radiation attack.
  • Anti-corrosion coating – Prevents the surface material of polycarbonate sign panels from corrosive substances such as chemical spillage.

Can Exposure To Sunlight Yellow Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

It depends on different factors surrounding the polycarbonate material used for making the sing panels.

Essentially, a sign panel made from high-quality polycarbonate material can endure intense sunlight without yellowing.

In such instances, the material has great resistance to ultraviolet rays, which are synonymous with weakening the material’s molecular structure.

Another determinant element is the quality of construction integrated during manufacturing of the polycarbonate sign panels.

Well-constructed sign panels will hardly be yellow since all such elements were factored in during manufacturing process.

Therefore, exposure of these sign panels to direct sunlight may lead to yellowing, but only if inferior material quality is used and workmanship is substandard.

Are Polycarbonate Sign Panels Breakable?

Not at all!

The base material used for making these sign panels has incredible strength.

Ideally, it is about 300 times stronger than an ordinary glass material of similar dimensions.

And this indicates how strong the components are, making them difficult to break or shatter.

Technically, polycarbonate sign panels have excellent impact resistance thus can hardly break.

Can You Integrate Multiple Signs On One Polycarbonate Sign Panel?


You can get innovative and integrate several signs on a single polycarbonate sign panel.

However, it is imperative to know that you’ll need a relatively large sign panel adequate to accommodate the different signs you are integrating.

Digital displays are an ideal technique you can use to integrate multiple signs on one polycarbonate sign panel.

Polycarbonate Sign Panels Are Available In What Sizes?

There is no limitation to polycarbonate sign panels as far as sizes are concerned.

Essentially, you can get these components in almost all sizes depending on your application demands.

The most important thing is to establish the accurate dimensions of where you want to place the panels.

Also, it would be ideal to consider the space available for installing this sign panel, especially in indoor spaces.

How Do You Clean Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Cleaning polycarbonate sign panels is a relatively straightforward process.

You need to use clean water and a piece of soft cotton cloth with a mild detergent.

Primarily, wipe the surface material of the component gently to remove the dirt or any stuck debris.

For outdoor polycarbonate sign panels in open places, you do not necessarily need to clean them since they usually self-clean when it rains.

How Does The Manufacturer Determine MOQ For Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

Often, most manufacturers base the ideal MOQ on different factors such as the following;

  • Customization needs – Ordinarily, custom polycarbonate sign panels have higher MOQs since they are quite involving as far as manufacturing is concerned.

Therefore, manufacturers often place a reasonable MOQ on such designs to cut on cost of production and other related elements.

  • Unit price – Most manufacturers look into the unit price of polycarbonate sign panels to determine the ideal MOQ.
  • Company policy – Some companies have stringent policies as far as MOQ is concerned.

Therefore, irrespective of the existing circumstances, they’ll always adhere to such guidelines to the latter.

You can primarily negotiate and agree with the manufacturer to determine the ideal MOQ that’s beneficial to both parties.

What Are The Quality Standard Certifications That Polycarbonate Sign Panels Comply With?

They are quite several, and in most instances, it depends on the specific country or region where the panels are manufactured or destined to.

However, there are specific quality standard certifications accepted worldwide or in most parts of the world.

Some of these certifications include the following;

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
  • Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)
  • SGS Certification

How Long Does It Take To Manufacture Polycarbonate Sign Panels?

There is no standard manufacturing lead time for polycarbonate sign panels.

Ordinarily, different manufacturers determine the turnaround based on several factors such as the following;

  • Order volume – Often, the higher the order quantity, the longer it is likely to take to produce these sign panels.
  • Design – Customized polycarbonate sign panels are likely to take longer depending on the level of customization than standard designs.
  • Company policy – The production turnaround is also dependent on the specific manufacturer’s policy.

In essence, it is imperative to inquire from the manufacturer to determine the exact duration it is likely to take to produce these sign panels.

For all your polycarbonate sign panels, contact WeProFab now.

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