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  • Frosted Protective Film

Frosted Protective Film

Weporfab is a trusted frosted protective film manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a one-stop solution to your frosted protective film needs. All your needs for frosted protective films are found only in Weprofab. Make Weprofab your best business partner now! Together, we can build an established business.


Get WeProFab Frosted Protective Film to Delight Your Customers

We can manufacture different frosted protective films with the help of our modern manufacturing techniques and top-engineers. Below are some of the best-selling frosted protective films of Weprofab.

Blue Frosted Protective Film

Weprofab id over 12 years of producing a high-quality frosted protective film to be delivered all over the world. Actually, we can provide different colors for frosted protective film.

PE Frosted Protective Film

PE frosted protective film is designed to prevent damage to surfaces, unnecessary production losses, and saving expensive reworking. You can count on Weprofab for this type of film.

Glass Frosted Protective Film

The product is suitable for offices, bathrooms, etc. It can protect privacy, featuring strong adhesive, high clear glue, and comes with a frosted surface. We can offer you different colors for this film.

Waterproof Frosted Glass Film

We have thousands of designs of waterproof frosted glass film. We can provide waterproof frosted glass film all over the world at a competitive rate. Choose Weprofab now!

Frosted Lamp Protective Film

Weprofab specialized in manufacturing and marketing frosted lamp protective film throughout the world. We can offer you different colors of frosted lamp protective film for your selection.

Frosted Soft Film Anti-skid

Our company is over 12 years in specializing frosted soft film in China. We manufacture frosted soft film made from plastic materials with many colors, sizes, and designs.


WeProFab: Your Leading Frosted Protective Film Manufacturer

Weporfab is a leading Chinese manufacturer of frosted protective films, offering high-standard products. No matter what you want for your ideal frosted protective films, Weprofab can cater to your different needs.

Weprofab has been a leading frosted protective film manufacturer for over 20 years. With our rich experience, we assure you of exceptional quality and functional frosted protective films. Weprofab frosted protective film can be supplied worldwide. We welcome old and new clients here!

Custom Frosted Protective Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

White Frosted Protective Film

Featuring anti-glare, high-clear vision, high-UV rejection, and is easy to shrink. The white frosted protective film has a color-stable carbon film.

Frosted Protective Film for Car

We manufacture a wide range of frosted protective films for your reference. You can get frosted protective film for cars in many different sizes, colors, and designs. Avail now!

Glitter Frosted Protective Film

Our glitter frosted protective film is great as adhesive decoration film. You can get this type of film in many different colors, designs, and sizes.

Mirror Effect Glass Protective Film

Mirror effect glass protective film is manufactured with mirror reflective looking. It is designed to protect privacy inside the building. It features high reflective, serves to prevent glass screen scratches, and life-saving.

TV Monitor Screen Protector Anti-Glare Protective Film

This type of protective film is transparent, designed as a packaging application. Actually, we can produce a TV monitor screen protector anti-glare protective film that is accessible in many different colors.

PVC Frosted Mist Protective Film

Weprofab PVC frosted mist protective film is applicable for offset printing, stationery fabric, accessor toys, packaging, bags, gifts, and many more.

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Why Weprofab Frosted Protective Film

Weporfab has rich experience in frosted protective film production. If you need high-quality and reliable frosted protective film, you can count on our team. We can offer the frosted protective film at competitive prices.

Frosted Protective Film China

If you’re finding facts about the frosted protective film, you’re in the right place. Weprofab carefully chooses qualified materials for a frosted protective film, and the common materials are PE. Actually, we can produce different plastic materials for frosted protective films.

Weprofab frosted protective film comes with different functions, designs, styles, colors, and sizes. Weprofab frosted protective film can also be customized. If you want unique designs, you can submit your detailed ideas. Weprofab can make it happen.

As a leading frosted protective film manufacturer in China, our team designed frosted protective film with important features. It features high reflective, serves to prevent glass screen scratches, and life-saving.

Frosted Protective Film Slider

Get a great deal of frosted protective film only in Weprofab, a high-quality frosted protective film manufacturer in China.

Whether you need frosted protective film for home use or commercial use. Weprofab frosted protective film is a great choice. It guarantees elegant contrast, durable, and very lightweight.

Weprofab has rich experience in the manufacturing industry. We have expertise in fast manufacturing frosted protective film. We also have advance production lines, which is a high potential to boom your own business.

Frosted Protective Film Manufacturer

Whether you are a newbie or experienced in handling a business, our frosted protective films are the best way to make a reputable brand in the industry.

Here in Weprofab, we always do our best to exceed and meet your demands. As a leading frosted protective film manufacturer and supplier in China, we continue to innovate and manufacture frosted protective film according to your given requirements.

If you’re interested in Weprofab frosted protective film and other products we offer, please get in touch with our team today!

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