• Acrylic Canopy Bed

Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab is a popular company for giving uncommon quality of acrylic canopy beds for any business. We supply and produce high-graded acrylic canopy beds not only in China but all over the world. Discover the most unique acrylic canopy bed in China. Email or call us now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Canopy Bed to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab can be your ultimate provider of acrylic canopy bed in China. Please allow us to serve all the acrylic canopy bed you desire.

Wholesale Acrylic Canopy Bed

If you`re a wholesaler of an acrylic canopy bed, Weprofab is your right supplier. We have the rare abilities and unique quality of acrylic canopy beds.

Transparent Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab transparent acrylic canopy bed is very easy to assemble. It has the ideal clarity and transparency you desired for a product. Check on Weprofab for further designs.

Modern Design Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab is your ultimate choice of any modern design acrylic canopy bed. It is obtainable in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Custom Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab has the ability to custom your desired acrylic canopy bed constructions. It is versatile for variety of applications.

Acrylic Canopy Toddler Bed

Weprofab offers a one-stop solution of acrylic canopy toddler bed in China. Whatever the design, sizes, and styles you want, we can provide through using our expertise and advanced machines.

Acrylic Canopy Bed Manufacturer

Weprofab is your perfect acrylic canopy bed supplier in China. We highly presents wide range selections of acrylic caopy bed for affordable rates.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Canopy Bed Manufacturer

Weprofab passed to CE, ISO 9001, and SGS international standards, you can certify our acrylic canopy bed`s quality. As most expert fabricators of acrylic canopy beds in China, our team, Weprofab offers a complete package of services.

Whatever the types and designs you like in our lists are surely be given to you. And because it comes from 100% acrylic materials, you can assume that these can last longer. From Weprofab, you can guarantee reliable finish items for competitive rates.

Contact us for current acrylic canopy beds` availability.

Custom Acrylic Canopy Bed to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Canopy Single Bed

Weprofab is glad to create an acrylic canopy for single bed applications. Weprofab has all the products and reliable services you deserve.

Acrylic Canopy Queen Bed

Weprofab makes the best finish of acrylic canopy for a queen-size bed. We greatly manufacture according to your styles and specifications.

Acrylic Canopy Poster Bed

Weprofab, as one of the largest manufacturers in China, offers a lot of acrylic canopy poster beds stocks for your various intentions.

Acrylic Canopy King Bed

Our acrylic canopy king bed has the best capacities to offer. Grab your ideal acrylic canopy beds in any sizes, whether king or queen bed sizes only at Weprofab.

Acrylic Canopy Bed Frame

Weprofab really assures to give the real promising quality of acrylic canopy bed frame. Our acrylic canopy bed frames are the best solution.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Canopy Bed

Impact-resistant acrylic canopy bed is undeniably soft and durable. Features a contemporary design with full slats. Different ranges of dimensions, styles, and thicknesses are available to choose from.

Customized Acrylic Canopy Bed

A customized acrylic canopy bed offers tensile strength, durability, glamour, and sophistication. Highly customized with a thick and clear structure. Widely used as a modern master bedroom with various styles.

Clear Acrylic Canopy Bed

A clear acrylic canopy bed comes with a chrome finish which creates a glam, luxe, and modern feeling. Easily complement any color scheme and any interior decoration. Available in queen and king sizes.

Colored Acrylic Canopy Bed

The colored acrylic canopy bed is made with a polished acrylic with a furnished headboard and footboard panel. Guarantees unmatched support system with adjustable mechanisms. Available in various colors.

High Gloss Acrylic Canopy Bed

A high gloss acrylic canopy bed offers both glamourous and contemporary design. Incorporates a chromed acrylic frame with polished edges and a high gloss surface. Instantly brighten any standard and luxurious space.

Silver Acrylic Canopy Bed

The silver acrylic canopy bed arrives with adjustable center supports. Glazed with a silver finish with different patterns and styles. Arrives fully assembled that surely lasts a long time. Provides excellent sturdiness.

Solid Color Acrylic Canopy Bed

Solid color acrylic canopy bed encompasses an oversized headboard with clean lines from every angle. Available in a solid color with distinct heights, styles, and patterns. It Includes chrome finish connectors.

Queen Acrylic Canopy Bed

The Queen acrylic canopy bed has varying lengths and widths. Sized for a standard queen mattress making it a modern icon. Applicable in both modern and transitional interior design styles. Includes a daring hue.

King Acrylic Canopy Bed

King acrylic canopy bed is both indulgent and luxurious. Available in king sizes with a glamourous velvet headboard. Guarantees a smooth texture and excellent comfort. Perfect choice for overly large rooms.

Single Acrylic Canopy Bed

A single acrylic canopy bed offers a clear and invisible footprint. Built with a sleek acrylic for a more dramatic appearance. Available in various colors that are sure to fit into any decor. Provides unmatched finishing touch.

Double Acrylic Canopy Bed

A double acrylic canopy bed provides a royal presence with a fashionable edge. Furnished in a stunning fabric finish with different kinds of tones. Can accommodate two persons and makes a seamless fit with any bedroom space.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab is a very supportive manufacturer in terms of acrylic canopy bed. Our kind of acrylic canopy bed is essential for any bedroom projects. With this acrylic canopy, makes high profile statements in bedrooms will be possible.  These are elegant and super chick in looks.

Acrylic Canopy Bed

Weprofab Acrylic canopy bed has various products` availability in our factory. It may add a dazzling and gorgeous centerpiece to any bedrooms. Weprofab provides an acrylic canopy bed featured with modern designs. With these canopy beds, these bring the luxury environment to the bedroom. Through using acrylic canopy bed to any bedroom constructions will be a great idea because it easily complements any color schemes. But if you have your own designs for acrylic canopy bed, let Weprofab manufacture with your unique taste.

As the number one supplier, Weprofab can produce an acrylic canopy bed in any quantity of orders. These canopy beds feature clear acrylic posts, button tufted upholstered headboard, chrome finish connectors, etc. In our facility, we make certain quality checking for acrylic canopy beds before the delivery process. When it all comes to an acrylic canopy bed, we have plenty to offer.

Acrylic Canopy Bed

The acrylic canopy bed we present are 100% made from acrylics. These are suitable for finalizing bedroom projects. It has consistent performance and great impact strength, perfect enough for any suited applications.

Whatever the types and designs you like in our lists are surely be given to you. And because it comes from 100% acrylic materials, you can assume that these are long-lasting products. From Weprofab, you can guarantee reliable finish items.

You will surely like our acrylic canopy bed in regards to its surface, textures, and quality.

Acrylic Canopy Bed

And, since Weprofab passed to CE, ISO 9001, and SGS international standards, you can certify our acrylic canopy bed`s quality. As most expert fabricators of acrylic canopy beds in China, our team, Weprofab offers a complete package of services. You can receive our full support when finally decide to be one of our partners!

Consider Weprofab as your ultimate provider. We make acrylic canopy beds satisfy you. Contact us for details about the current availability of this product.

Acrylic Canopy Bed: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Acrylic canopy bed refers to a type of bed built with four posts rising from each corner of the bed.

These posts make the entire bed look like one large cuboid.

The design of these posts allows canopy to be draped over them and provides a covering around all four sides.

This FAQ guide enables you to understand various aspects of this component, allowing you to make informed choices when purchasing it.

acrylic canopy bed

acrylic canopy bed

What Are The Types Of Acrylic Canopy Bed Designs Available?

You can find various designs of acrylic canopy beds in the market, depending on what you are looking for.

Ideally, the specific designs are primarily dependent on the particular manufacturer since most of them come with various prototypes.

For instance, at WeProFab, you can find a wide variety of these beds in standard and custom units.

The common ones include the following;

  • Transparent acrylic canopy bed

transparent acrylic canopy bed

transparent acrylic canopy bed

  • Acrylic toddler canopy bed
  • Custom acrylic canopy bed
  • Modern design acrylic canopy bed

morden acrylic canopy bed

modern acrylic canopy bed

  • Standard acrylic canopy bed
  • Acrylic canopy single bed
  • Acrylic canopy queen bed

queen acrylic canopy bed

queen acrylic canopy bed

  • Acrylic canopy poster bed
  • Acrylic canopy king bed
  • Acrylic canopy bed frame

What Is The Ideal Size Of Acrylic Canopy Bed?

There is no definite size of acrylic canopy bed.

In essence, you can find this piece of furniture in a wide range of sizes depending on your preference and needs.

Of course, it is available in a wide range of popular standard sizes.

But you can find it in custom sizes depending on your ideal dimensions.

Moreover, acrylic canopy bed is also available in small sizes suitable for kids and toddlers.

Thus, you need to specify the particular size, which meets your demands when making an order.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Canopy Beds?

In several settings but the most common places are as follows;

Residential homes – You can use it in most homes, both for adults and children, in their respective restrooms.

You may also need it in your guest room within your residential building.

Hotels – Acrylic canopy beds are also useful in most hotels offering accommodation services.

These beds are attractive, making the guests in the hotels feel comfortable.

Boarding facilities – You can as well use acrylic canopy beds in a wide range of boarding facilities such as hostels, lodgings, etc.

Photoshoots – Modeling and advertising agencies can also use these types of beds to promote their various brands.

What Are The Technical Specifications Of Acrylic Canopy Bed?

Ideally, this design of a canopy bed is manufactured using acrylic material.

This material is known for exhibiting various fundamental features making it relatively popular in recent times.

Thus, some of the main properties of acrylic canopy bed include the following;

  • Lightweight – The base material is relatively lightweight, which reflects directly in the bed. Essentially, this is necessary because it enhances convenience by making it easy to handle and shift the bed from one spot to another.
  • Glossy – Acrylic material is naturally clear and shiny in its original state.Thus, its canopy bed also exhibits excellent glossiness, which is vital since it increases its overall attractiveness.
  • Strong – Acrylic canopy bed exhibits incredible strength.It can hardly break easily even when subjected to intense mechanical pressure.
  • Pliable – The primary material for making this bed design is relatively flexible, making it easy to fabricate, thermoform and bond with adhesive solvents.
  • Weatherability – This bed design has superior weathering properties thus can withstand harsh environmental conditions without wearing out.
  • Dimensional stability – Acrylic canopy bed can endure extreme temperatures without deforming or altering its shape or configuration.

What Is The Cost Of Acrylic Canopy Bed?

Technically, a host of variables determine the price of buying a typical acrylic canopy bed.

It means there is no defined cost for purchasing this piece of furniture.

The main elements affecting the actual cost of this bed include the following;

  • Actual design – In essence, you’ll find this piece of furniture in plenty of custom and standard designs.However, the price among designs fluctuates since they require different input, involvement, and resources to manufacture.

    Thus, you’ll notice that custom acrylic canopy beds are seemingly costlier than standard designs.

  • Size – Often, size plays a critical role in determining price of any acrylic canopy bed. Of course, the smaller the size, the cheaper the price and vice versa.
  • Order quantity – In most instances, purchasing many units of acrylic canopy beds tends to be more cost-effective than buying few pieces.Most manufacturers offer higher discounts when purchasing many pieces and vice versa.

    Therefore, you always tend to save a significant amount of money when you buy more units than when you purchase fewer beds.

  • Brand – Presently, several companies are selling different designs of acrylic canopy beds.All brands price their respective products differently depending on various factors, thus influencing the ultimate cost of this bed.
  • Material grade – Naturally, acrylic material is available in numerous grades of up to 20 variations.All these grades exhibit varying specifications depending on whether it higher or lower.

    Thus, the actual cost is also based on the specific material quality used for making the bed.

What Are The Components Of Acrylic Canopy Bed?

Modern acrylic canopy bed consists of numerous components integrated to provide a functional unit.

Some of these components are add-ons, which are optional to use.

Nevertheless, here are the main parts you’ll always find in this type of bed design;

Bed frame – It is a typical framing material supporting the mattress and box spring independent of footboard or headboard

Bed post – Are vertical posts positioned on each side of the headboard and footboard extending from the floor.

Canopy – A framed structure resembling a roof suspended over a bed by bed rails.

Bed rails – These are acrylic rails resting on top and between two side rails supporting a mattress and box spring.

Canopy crown – It is the apex of the raised canopy.

Headboard – This is the upholstered focal point of the bed fixed at the head of the bed.

Risers – Refer to extensions designed to raise bed frame essential for adding height to the bed.

Footboard – It is the upholstered secondary focal point of the bed attached to the foot of the bed.

Casters – These are wheels fixed to the feet or bedpost.

Finials – Refer to caps designed for decorative purposes and for holding canopy in position.

Is Acrylic Canopy Bed Durable?


The fact that the primary material used for making this bed design is a clear indication of its undoubted durability.

Acrylic is derived from natural components in inert form with solid molecular bonds.

Thus, this bed can withstand a wide range of harsh environmental and mechanical conditions without deforming, degrading, or wearing out.

The workmanship incorporated when making these beds is also top-notch, guaranteeing longer durability.

What’s more, is during the manufacturing process of acrylic canopy bed, several additives are integrated.

In essence, these additives reinforce the natural strength of this material, making the ultimate canopy bed pretty durable.

Generally, a typical acrylic canopy bed can last for over 20 years without showing any signs of wearing out.

The most important thing is making sure you clean and maintain it accordingly.

Can Acrylic Canopy Bed Break Easily?


The molecular structure of acrylic material used for making this type of canopy bed is quite sturdy.

Thus, under ordinary circumstances, acrylic canopy bed will never break at all.

This material is strong and shatterproof, making it difficult to break.

A typical acrylic canopy bed is about 17-20 times stronger than glass material of a similar dimension.

What’s more, is the base material for making this bed is available in many thickness sizes.

0f course, this makes it stronger and harder to break.

Ideally, this is vital since it gives you peace of mind, which is necessary if you have to enjoy your sleep.

Moreover, it is cost-effective in the long run because you’ll never be worried of incurring repair or replacement costs due to breakage.

Why Should You Consider Investing In Acrylic Canopy Bed?

Acrylic canopy bed offers many benefits from different perspectives, making it an ideal investment to consider.

Some of these beneficial reasons include the following;

  • This bed is relatively lightweight, which is essential for such type of furniture because it allows you to install it easily.It also makes it easy for you to shift in different spots within space, especially during cleaning routines of the room.
  • Acrylic canopy bed offers incredible durability, and this is advantageous in many ways.First, it enables you to save a considerable amount of money you’d incur for frequent replacement or repair.

    Secondly, it gives you peace of mind once you purchase it since you are guaranteed top-notch quality.

  • It improves the overall aesthetics of the space significantly.The material used for making this bed is appealing to the eye, and you can easily customize it to match different aesthetic aspects of the room.
  • This type of bed is versatile in the sense that you can use it for different occasions in various settings.
  • It is strong and can endure different mechanical conditions without breaking or wearing out.This makes it a valuable investment since you are certain it will serve you efficiently and reliably.
  • Acrylic canopy beds offer incredible functionality in the sense of conserving warmth and providing ideal privacy.
  • You can find it in different designs, shapes, colors, and material finishing.Ideally, this increases your chances of finding the most appropriate one that suits your needs.

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Canopy Bed And The Ordinary Bed?

Acrylic canopy bed is relatively superior to ordinary bed in several aspects, including the following;

Strength – The former can endure numerous weather, environmental and mechanical conditions without damaging or wearing out.

acrylic canopy bed

acrylic canopy bed

On the other hand, ordinary beds can only withstand harsh conditions to a limited extent before they wear out or get damaged.

Attractiveness – The material used for making acrylic canopy bed exhibits better optical clarity, thus appealing to the eye.

Therefore, it creates amazing aesthetics and a serene feeling in the room, which creates self-fulfillment.

Ordinary bed, on the other hand, is relatively basic and rarely adds any touch to the room since it exhibits little or no attractiveness.

ordinary canopy bed

ordinary canopy bed

Practicality – Acrylic canopy bed, is relatively practical since it features many components, which offer warmth, comfort, and style all in one.

On the contrary, ordinary bed does not guarantee comfort or warmth since the design is pretty basic just for sleeping.

Convenient – The material used for making acrylic canopy bed is relatively lightweight.

This makes it more convenient to handle, assemble and shift from different places.

Ordinary bed, on the other hand, is made using materials such as wood and metal, which tend to be comparatively heavy.

This makes it difficult to shift or assemble without assistance, which can be pretty inconvenient.

Can You Use Acrylic Canopy Bed Outdoors?


It depends on the specific setup of the setting.

Ideally, acrylic canopy beds are available in various designs.

Since you can easily customize this bed to suit your need, it is possible to find one to use in outdoor applications.

For instance, during outdoor video-shooting or photo-shooting events, you can use this design of bed.

Some hotels also offer make-shift beds in various outdoor settings for guests where such beds are often used.

You can also use it in your residential place as long as the general setup is fitting.

In a nutshell, it is possible to use acrylic canopy bed outdoors and still attain desired results.

Can Polycarbonate Make An Ideal Substitute For Acrylic Canopy Bed?


Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material, which shares a lot of technical properties with acrylic material.

And in some instances, it exhibits slightly superior features to acrylic, making it a suitable substitute.

For instance, polycarbonate material is slightly stronger than acrylic, thus guarantees a durable canopy bed.

Also, polycarbonate exhibits better weatherability properties than acrylic material.

As such, the former can make canopy beds with better resistance to different weather elements than acrylic canopy beds.

However, polycarbonate and acrylic materials are both lightweight, pliable, and glossy in almost equal measure.

Therefore, it means you can always use polycarbonate material instead of acrylic to make canopy beds and still attain best results.

Is Acrylic Canopy Bed Safe?


First, acrylic material used for making this piece of furniture hardly breaks irrespective of amount of mechanical pressure you exert on it.

It exhibits excellent resistance to impact hence can withstand any form of pressure without breaking.

In essence, this is important since it guarantees your safety when sleeping on it, irrespective of your body mass.

Secondly, acrylic canopy bed is non-reactive, which means it can hardly react with any chemical substance.

This is a vital safety guarantee because you are sure it will never emit any toxic fumes even it comes in contact with any chemical.

Lastly, you can fully recycle the material used for making this bed, albeit the process is quite intriguing and involving.

Thus, it shows even when you finally decide to dispose of this bed, the components won’t end up in landfills to cause environmental degradation.

Can You Find Acrylic Canopy Beds for Children?


They are quite several, and the choice is dependent on your preference.

Most acrylic canopy bed manufactures have adequate capacity to build different bed sizes, including those for children.

But since the dimensions may vary depending on user preference, it would be ideal for providing accurate measurements to get most suitable unit.

children canopy bed

canopy children bed

How Do You Maintain Acrylic Canopy Bed?

Proper maintenance of acrylic canopy bed plays an integral role in improving its reliability, efficiency, and durability.

Ideally, a better way of maintaining this piece of furniture is through proper cleaning.

Cleaning enhances the glossiness, removal of any unwanted light scratch marks, and prevents it from dulling.

However, always ensure you clean it using recommended non-abrasive detergents that won’t react with the surface material.

While at it, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface material of this bed to prevent scratching it.

Another alternative routine maintenance you can undertake is polishing the different material surfaces.

There are several polishing techniques you can use to restore the surface material to its original state.

Moreover, polishing removes scratches and dulling on the surface material of this piece of furniture.

Why Is China the Best Marketplace For Buying Acrylic Canopy Bed?

For the longest time, China has been the leading marketplace for purchasing different designs of acrylic canopy beds.

Of course, this is attributed to numerous beneficial reasons, which include the following;

  1. Readily available customized acrylic canopy bed units regardless of the type of customization you need.
  2. Comparatively fast manufacturing turnaround irrespective of the order quantity or design as long as both parties agree to the terms.
  3. Fairly affordable rates when purchasing these furniture units, especially in large quantities, which attract better discounts.
  4. Certainty of obtaining high-quality acrylic canopy beds even when operating within a tight budget.
  5. Broad range of designs widening your choice options to find exactly what you need.
  6. Flexible MOQs, which can be as low as one unit depending on the supplier you are purchasing from.

Are There Colored Acrylic Canopy Beds?


Ideally, acrylic material used for making different canopy beds can easily be infused with various color paints.

This makes it easy for you to attain a colored acrylic canopy, which fits your requirements.

acrylic colored canopy bed

colored acrylic canopy bed

You can find as many as 50 color options for this bed to choose from, depending on your preference.

Some manufacturers also provide multi-colored acrylic canopy beds, which contain more than one color on surface material.

Of course, this is an ideal consideration since it enables you to find a bed with color shade complementing your décor.

Is Acrylic Canopy Bed Scratch-resistant?


First, the settings of most acrylic beds are not relatively exposed to scratchy elements.

Thus, it becomes difficult to find one with a scratched surface.

Secondly, modern acrylic canopy beds are integrated with anti-scratch surface treatment during manufacturing process.

Therefore, it becomes difficult for the surface material to scratch easily since the coating offers scratch protection.

However, in unlikely event that the bed scratches, it is quite easy to remove the marks and restore it to its original state.

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Acrylic Canopy Bed?

You can use several methods to establish the quality of acrylic canopy bed you are buying.

However, the main techniques include the following;

  • Check the quality standard certification marks on the surface material of the bed.In many instances, the agencies responsible for approving quality of different products often confirm such products meet the respective standards.

    To corroborate this, they stamp their quality standard mark on the component.

    Therefore, you should be skeptical of quality of acrylic canopy bed, which does not have such marks.

  • Ensure you purchase this piece of furniture from a reputable manufacturer or supplier.Conduct background research to determine the authenticity of the company you are ordering these items from.

    Most reputable manufacturers hardly sell acrylic canopy beds that do not attain minimum quality requirements.

What Quality Standard Certifications Do Acrylic Canopy Bed Comply With?

They are quite a number depending on the region you are coming from.

But the commonly applicable globally ones include the following;

  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9001)
  • SGS Certification
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
    Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
  • American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic Canopy Bed And Acrylic Bed Frame?

Acrylic canopy bed is a piece of bedroom furniture with a component known as a canopy that is hung with bed curtains.

acrylic bed frame

acrylic bed frame

You can draw the bed curtains easily at will on acrylic canopy beds, and the design primarily intends to conserve warmth and offer privacy.

On the other hand, acrylic bed frame is a component of bed used for positioning the mattress and base.

It is made of acrylic material and encompasses of head, foot, and side rails.

You can also use this component to support a canopy above it.

For all your acrylic canopy beds, contact WeProFab now.

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