• Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is the leading manufacturer of various flexible polycarbonate sheet types. We can manufacture the highest quality of polycarbonate sheets as you desired. Using the most advance technology machine systems, we can produce the best sort of flexible polycarbonate sheet. Send us your design suggestions today!

Get WeProFab Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the most ideal flexible polycarbonate sheet supplier and manufacturer, who can contribute to an improvement for your business visibility. We can help with business solidity growth!

Twin wall Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab Flexible polycarbonate sheet is manufactured more appealing compared to others. This provides plain yet very special in looks. Choose your favorite types of flexible polycarbonate sheet here in Weprofab!

Solid Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

For unbreakable sheeting solutions, Weprofab provides plenty of quality options. We highly present the toughest kind of any conditions. Available with different characteristics.

Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is only the manufacturer that can customize your ideal flexible polycarbonate sheet. We have full capabilities of providing high-quality sheeting products.

Flexible Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Weprofab is the greatest supplier and manufacturer of flexible polycarbonate sheet for any roofing applications. We can provide innumerable stocks of plastic sheets across the globe.

Cut-to-size Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab can create flexible polycarbonate sheets that are accessible into wide-variety applications. We used the perfect material choice to produce the best kind of sheeting.

Corrugated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Our outstanding quality of corrugated flexible polycarbonate sheet is available in a lot of features and characteristics. Choose your own favorite of flexible polycarbonate sheet.

WeProFab: Your Leading Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a partnership organization between WeeTect Material Limited and Chinese community manufacturers. We always tend to presents you with a direct solution for desired fabrication.

As one of the executive flexible polycarbonate sheet fabricators, WeProFab could proudly present the best kind of flexible polycarbonate sheet depending on your application.

Our complete capabilities of metal fabrication and plastic fabrication can provide you a one-stop solution. Send us your prior concerns now, we will give you a satisfying facility!

Custom Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Fire-proof Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab fire-proof flexible polycarbonate sheet is helpful in keeping them away from hazardous fires. Weprofab team can custom fire-proof flexible polycarbonate sheet with the great quality associated.

Thick Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab thick flexible polycarbonate sheet has wide roofing applications. We can produce any kind of flexible polycarbonate sheet with excellent features.

UV-resistant Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Wepro Uv-resistant flexible polycarbonate sheet can create UV absorption. Weprofab has high skilled manufacturers and designers to design your ideal sheeting finish!

Soft Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

The soft-flexible polycarbonate sheets are used for skylights, awnings, greenhouses, and more suitable applications. Their flexibility allows them for easy shaping and customizing according to your requests.

Industrial Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

The flexible polycarbonate sheets for industrial applications come in various thicknesses and colors. They have high impact strength and can withstand changes in weather and temperatures.

Hard Coated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

Hard-coated flexible polycarbonate sheets have embossed surfaces. These sheets maximize light spreading and have UV-protection characteristics. They are suitable for interior decorations, wall panels, and more.

Transparent Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The transparent flexible polycarbonate sheets have contemporary designs with high-hardness surfaces. They have beautiful looks, anti-static, and smooth properties. Their colors give suitable light effects.

Flexible Light Diffuser Polycarbonate Sheet

Flexible light diffuser polycarbonate sheets are ideal for schools, offices, and business-building applications. These workable sheets are easy to fabricate, have multi-purposes, and come in various shapes.

Super Thin Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Super thin flexible polycarbonate sheets feature eco-friendliness and glossy surfaces. They are perfect for electroplated mirrors, nameplates, toy models, membrane switches, and more.

Rectangular Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The rectangular flexible polycarbonate sheets are perfect for furniture, construction, and decoration applications. They have fireproof, flat, and smooth surfaces.

Mirrored Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Mirrored flexible polycarbonate sheets have anti-scratching surfaces. They are designed for commercial buildings, cosmetic accessories, spare parts, and security. These sheets are easy to shape according to your requests.

Hollow Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The hollow flexible polycarbonate sheets have a contemporary design with 85% light transmittance. They are suitable for hotel and LED high bay applications. Customizable colors and thicknesses are available.

Anti-Static Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The anti-static flexible polycarbonate sheets are applicable for office building areas, highlights, greenhouses, and more. They have lasting qualities that last for more than ten years.

High-Quality Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The high-quality flexible polycarbonate sheets are for carport utilization. These sheets are in large sizes, easy to install, and have lightweight features. They are produced with multiple color options.

Glossy Corrugated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Flexible corrugated polycarbonate sheets with glossy surfaces are perfect for roofing, hotels, and skylight applications. They have modern designs with a wide variety of colors available.

Anti-Fog Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible polycarbonate sheets with anti-fog properties give optical clarity. They protect the surfaces from scratches and abrasion. These sheets usually have clear hues. However, you can request your desired colors.

Flexible Plate Cover Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible plate cover polycarbonate sheets are covered with PE protective films for packaging. They have high impact strength, are waterproof, and durability.

Extruded Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Extruded flexible polycarbonate sheets are solid and thin materials, perfect for various industrial applications. Their polycarbonate-made sheet makes them lighter and stronger than glass.

Colored Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The colored flexible polycarbonate sheets are environmentally-friendly materials used for numerous applications. They have an anti-fog feature and printable characteristics. You can request to print your logo on the sheets.

Super Strong Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The flexible polycarbonate sheets with super-strong capacity are suitable for commercial building applications. Their versatility makes them more durable and not easy to break.

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Why WeProFab Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Flexible polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab is a premier industry distributor that presents different plastic sheets to our customers.

Weprofab is registered upon fabrication and plastic cutting services standards.

We know what precise flexible polycarbonate sheet design is great for your business expansion.

For that reason, we manufactured various flexible polycarbonate sheets commendable for any kind of business.

As 20 years experienced manufacturer, Weprofab is providing flexible polycarbonate sheet from polymer materials.

This polymer material is made up of various molecules, connected together within long chains.

Therefore, the flexible polycarbonate sheet acts differently because of how molecules put together.

The general creation process is called as polymerizations.

Flexible polycarbonate Sheet

As a plastic field expert, Weprofab knows how to successfully design the flexible polycarbonate sheets for your business great development.

Weprofab flexible polycarbonate sheet is used as a premier sheeting tool, favorite of most constructors and designers.

Compared to glass sheets, Weprofab flexible polycarbonate sheet weigh less than ½ and made extra stronger.

The flexible polycarbonate sheet is made transparent and easy to maintain.

They were incredibly strengthened and absorb even the tiniest moisture.

We made them collision-proofed, waterproofed and other product benefits.

Flexible polycarbonate Sheet

Weprofab offers flexible polycarbonate sheets that bring success to your business!

When purchase to our market, you`ll discover different flexible polycarbonate sheet types with budget-priced.

Weprofab flexible polycarbonate sheet is cut into varying sizes and made them shinier than other product sheeting.

Choose your own model of flexible polycarbonate sheets in the Weprofab market!

Our services are fully the customer`s commitment. You`ll never know unless you purchase now!

Ultimate FAQ Guide To Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is an extremely versatile material with broad applicability.

Polycarbonate material belongs to a group of thermoplastic polymers that contain carbonate in their chemical structure.

It stands out from the rest of the materials in terms of durability and strength.

The toughness of this material makes it suitable for use in professional jobs like construction or glazing.

The flexibility of the polycarbonate only makes it more appropriate for all uses.

Moreover, flexible polycarbonate sheets are a better alternative to glass or acrylic sheets.

The FAQ guide helps you get answers to any queries or questions you might have regarding the flexible polycarbonate sheet.

It includes information ranging from the types, uses, and features of flexible polycarbonate sheets.

How Are The Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets Fabricated?

Plastic fabrication requires a lot of expertise and precision and while you can do some of these processes yourself, you may want to engage a manufacturer for high-quality work with good precision.

The polycarbonate sheets are made using a process called polymerization.

You can do injection molding, CNC machining, silk screen printing, lamination, and bending of the flexible polycarbonate sheet.

What Is The Benefit Of A Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

Flexible polycarbonate sheets are great for thermoforming and they are easy to shape without much effort.

Moreover, you can cold bend these flexible polycarbonate sheets on the site of installation.

This helps you to adjust the sheets as per your requirements without the involvement of heat.

While the sheets can bend easily, the strong chemical bonds result in a seamless surface and a long-lasting material.

What Are The Main Types Of Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

· Solid Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

The solid sheets are characterized by a flat surface, with no textures or bends on the sheet.

Solid polycarbonate sheets are flexible and tough at the same time.

You can use these for all purposes, ranging from furniture making, windows, doors, and also display cases.

Moreover, you can select from a range of quality options for these sheets.

These are available with different characteristics for sheet thickness, color, and sizes.

Solid Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Solid Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

· Twinwall Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Twinwall flexible polycarbonate sheets have two walls that are segregated through a fluted structure.

These sheets provide dual strength and high weather resistance.

You will find them most useful for roof glazing as they are quite durable and suitable for outdoor weather.

These sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses to enhance its usability.

Twin wall Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

 Twin wall Flexible Polycarbonate

· Corrugated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated flexible polycarbonate sheets have a wavy structure with a sturdy body.

You will find these used in shed coverings, greenhouse glazing, or terrace covers.

These sheets are also useful in public places like railway stations or bus stops for their features.

The sheets provide great impact resistance and insulation properties and are also suitable for monsoon regions or harsh weather conditions.

Corrugated sheets have a self-supporting structure and are extremely resilient.

 Corrugated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Figure 3 – Corrugated Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

· Fire-proof Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

You might have specific requirements for your polycarbonate sheets, like a fire-resistant functionality.

Fire-proof sheets are suitable for places that are more susceptible to open fires.

It is also a good idea to use the fire-proof sheets instead of regular ones for your roof glazing to protect your house.

These custom made sheets are easy to install, maintain, and store.

You can also use them for garage covers or other household applicability.

It is useful for all construction purposes that are required to comply with fire standards.

· Thick Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Thick flexible polycarbonate sheets are particularly useful when impact resistance is a big issue.

Thick polycarbonate sheets are very hard to break and last much longer.

These sheets are available in various types and textures to meet all your requirements.

These flexible polycarbonate sheets have excellent features with high durability.

However, as the thickness of the sheet increases, flexibility might decrease proportionately.

The thickness of the sheets can be customized to fit the frames if required.

· UV Resistant Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

If you use these flexible polycarbonate sheets in outdoor applications, it is beneficial if the sheets are resistant to UV rays.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can be harmful to the sheets

Hence, protection from the rays is helpful, whether it is for homes or plant covers.

You can opt for a UV-resistant film to be added to your flexible polycarbonate sheet to protect your sheet and prevent it from yellowing.

These flexible polycarbonate sheets will not yellow with UV exposure, for years to come.

 UV Blocking Fire-resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

UV Blocking Fire-resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

· Textured Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

Flexible polycarbonate sheets are also available in different textures.

These textures not only add aesthetics to the sheets but also provide utility.

These help to control the amount of light entering the space and deflecting the extra light rays.

Textured polycarbonate sheets come in a variety of designs to fit your business requirements.

These sheets are a perfect fit for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom fittings, or windows.

 Textured Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

Textured Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet

What Is The Transparency Level Of These Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

The level of transparency varies for different types of sheets and some might be more transparent than others.

The same stands true for the light transmission of the flexible polycarbonate sheet.

While it can transmit up to 90% light, the actual figure varies with the type of sheets.

The basic flexible polycarbonate sheets are made for high transparency and optical clarity.

 Types of Transparency

Types of Transparency

The transparency can be divided into:

· Fully Transparent

Transparent sheets have the highest degree of light transmission.

While these might not be as clear as acrylic or glass, you are trading off for the high durability and strength of the flexible polycarbonate sheet.

· Translucent

Translucent sheets stop the majority of the light rays while allowing some of it to pass through.

Translucent sheets are useful for specific purposes like bathroom windows, or when you want to block direct sunlight from entering.

· Bronze Or Opaque

You can find flexible polycarbonate sheets in dark colors that fully block incoming light.

These can be customized per your requirements.

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are available in various custom colors and you can check with your manufacturer to find out what is available.

 Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet

Opaque Polycarbonate Sheet

Where Can You Use These Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

You can use the flexible polycarbonate sheets for a wide range of purposes, including residential, commercial, or industrial uses.

The most common use of flexible polycarbonate sheets is for roofing applications.

However, this has much more applicability than just roofing.

· Greenhouse glazing

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are widely used for glazing greenhouses.

These sheets provide a sturdy and durable roof to your greenhouse while being highly effective.

The sheets allow adequate sunlight, diffuse it, help to protect your plants from harsh weather conditions, and insulate well.

These flexible polycarbonate sheets are a good choice of material for your greenhouse glazing.

Not only are they more durable, but they are also lightweight as compared to other materials.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Glazing

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Glazing

· Construction Alternatives

Flexible polycarbonate sheets can be used as window panes, skywalks, or skylights.

You will also find these sheets as dividers in offices or cabins.

One major requirement for construction material is high impact strength and weather resistance.

The flexible polycarbonate sheets have all these properties.

· Household applications

The flexible polycarbonate sheet is a safe material for homes.

You can use colorful polycarbonate sheets to add aesthetics to your homes while using them as frames or wall hangings.

These also make great durable kitchen backsplashes.

Other household use can be the use of flexible polycarbonate sheets for patio furniture.

It is also a great material for a patio, garage, or skywalk coverings.

Polycarbonate Patio Covering

Polycarbonate Patio Covering

· Public Spaces

As flexible polycarbonate sheets are good at absorbing shock, these are useful in public places as well.

For instance, these are used in railway stations and bus stands as covers.

Moreover, these sheets are also good noise insulator.

Hence, you will find them in construction lines, acoustic barriers in busy roads, or railway lines.

· Artificial Light Coverings

You can use flexible polycarbonate sheets not only to let in natural light but also are artificial lights or LED lights.

Whether you want them for LED signages or LED hoardings, the flexible polycarbonate sheet is a good choice.

Moreover, you can also use them for lighting fixtures in homes and offices.

 light Diffusing Polycarbonate

Light Diffusing Polycarbonate

· Other Products Using Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets

You can use flexible polycarbonate sheets for other products that require a clear sheet that has good light transmission and impact strength.

For example, if you are looking to make face shields, you can consider using flexible polycarbonate sheets.

They provide chemical and dust resistance.

The thin sheets bend easily to accommodate the curve needed for face shields.

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are also useful for making electronic items.

What Are The Properties Of Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

There are several advantageous properties of polycarbonate sheets that make it suitable for many purposes.

· Impact-resistant

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastic materials with high impact resistance.

It is 250 times more durable than glass and is certainly a better alternative.

If the material is weak, the impact will cause cracks and shatters in the material, which is not the case with polycarbonate.

· Waterproof and Dustproof

The polycarbonate material is great for covering items or for storing them.

It is because it does not allow water or dust material to enter through it.

This makes the flexible polycarbonate sheets great for bathrooms, kitchens, and many more applications.

· Insulation

Roofing material requires good insulation qualities.

This is also a reason why polycarbonate is a great material for all roofing applications as it provides excellent insulation.

The insulation helps in energy conservation and helps to maintain a stable temperature.

It does this by reducing the heat loss from the roof.

Also, the multiwall flexible polycarbonate sheets have excellent thermal performance due do the air pockets.

· Weather-resistant

With other great qualities, polycarbonate sheets are weather resistant.

These can easily bear and protect from rainfall, hailstorm, sunlight, and many more weather-related issues.

Flexible polycarbonate sheets do not wither with time and last for a long time.

· Lightweight

These flexible polycarbonate sheets are lighter than other plastic and glass materials in terms of weight.

In fact, it has about half the weight of glass.

This makes the material quite convenient while transporting, storing, or installing.

How Are These Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets Different From Sheets Made Of Other Materials?

As mentioned earlier, polycarbonate sheets are a better alternative to acrylic and glass in many aspects.

These sheets weigh about half the weight of glass and have 200 times more strength.

Moreover, these also do not fade easily in the sun or harsh weather.

The sheets are almost equal light transmission level as acrylic or glass although it has slightly less light transmission than these 2 materials.

Flexible polycarbonate sheets also perform better in an outdoor environment compared to other materials.

Another point of difference is the easy bending and flexible properties of polycarbonate that is missing from other materials.

Do Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets Scratch Easily?

Yes, these sheets are susceptible to scratches.

This can happen when the sheets are brought in contact with rough surfaces that can scratch them easily.

Hence, make sure that you avoid rough surfaces as much as possible.

However, if scratching is an issue, go for an anti-scratch coating for your polycarbonate sheets which will prevent them from scratching easily.

You can watch this video to find out how to remove scratches from your flexible polycarbonate sheet.


What Is The Ideal Thickness Of The Flexible Polycarbonate Sheet?

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses.

You can choose the right thickness per your business requirement and applicability.

You will find the thicknesses to be 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and so on till 30mm.

What Is The Physical Appearance Of The Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

The flexible polycarbonate sheets are made with premium quality material.

Hence, you will find a good amount of shine in the sheets which will ensure they look professional and a great addition to your home or workplace.

Can These Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets Be Customized?

Yes, these flexible polycarbonate sheets are very much customizable.

You can specify your business requirements in terms of size, quantity, and colors to your manufacturer who will let you know what they can offer and customize for you.

How Can You Clean The Flexible Polycarbonate Sheets?

You might want to take certain precautions while cleaning the sheets.

Use only mild cleaning agents with a soft cloth to clean the sheets.

As these sheets can incur easy scratches, so do not use scrubbers or brushes to clean them.

In certain cases, only a dry cloth or air blower is sufficient to clean the sheets.

You can watch this video to find out how to clean your flexible polycarbonate sheets.


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