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Perspex Box

Weprofab is a world-class leading manufacturer of Perspex box and operating in China. We can custom a large number of perspex boxes depending upon customer`s orders. Send your ideal perspex box and we`ll provide the right one for you!

Get WeProFab Perspex Box to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab provides different high-class designs of perspex box. We are fully in-missioned to fulfill your business needs. Here are some of the selections, fitted for all display applications.

Clear Dustproof Perspex Box

Clear dustproof perspex box is the most appealing among other perspex boxes. Weprofab is an expert on customizing perspex boxes to meet your business display requirements.

Colored Perspex Box

Colored perspex box brings an eye-catching finish. Other colors available are red, green, blue, yellow, or even colorless. For competitive rates, you can now purchase our perspex box in various types.

Decorative Perspex Box

Weprofab is a leading manufacturer of decorative perspex boxes. We supply perspex boxes throughout worldwide needs.

Perspex 5 sided Box

Check on Weprofab if you are in need of a Perspex box with 5 sides. We offer different perspex boxes that fit your taste and display intentions.

Perspex Box for Art Display

An elegant perspex box for art display is offered for affordable rates. Weprofab specialized in custom sizing and more required customizations.

Perspex Box with Locks

Finding a perspex box with security locks? Finding no more! Weprofab has the ultimate solution. We provide reliable and great-figured perspex boxes designs.

WeProFab: Your Leading Perspex Box Manufacturer

Weprofab is a trusted manufacturer of perspex box for over 20 years now. For the long years serving and being committed, Weprofab knows a lot of skills. In providing a suitable product for you, we make sure our manufacturing lines facilitate the best.

We can customize and even cut them into different sizes for your specific applications. Just send specific sizes, and let our team executes for you.

For more inquiries, our social team is ready to respond quickly. Contact us before it gets late!

Custom Perspex Box to Skyrocket Your Brand

Small Squared Perspex Box

Looking for a small yet square-shaped perspex box? Weprofab can supply you numerous stocks for your business expansion.

Perspex Ruffle Box

We can present a wide-range of perspex ruffle boxes to skyrocket your business. This is easy to clean and maintenance-free kind of perspex box.

Neon Pink Perspex Box

Neon pink perspex box is manufactured very uniquely. Not only this, Weprofab can manufacture various perspex boxes for your intended applications.

Impact Resistant Perspex Box

Impact-resistant Perspex box is produced using a versatile plastic. Specially developed for display and glazing applications. Features outstanding strength, appearance, and weather-ability. Offers high optical quality as well.

Shatterproof Perspex Box

The shatterproof Perspex box is a lightweight and shatter-resistant product. Constructed using a tough, transparent, and extraordinary impact-resistant Perspex sheet. Built with good electrical and insulating properties.

Heat Resistant Perspex Box

Heat resistant Perspex box is available for customization and other options for any kind of business. Characterizes unmatched heat resistance making it perfect for outdoor applications. Features an affordable and attractive solution.

Moisture Resistant Perspex Box

Moisture-resistant Perspex box arrives with different levels of humidity control. Extrudes using a hygroscopic material and adopts a modularized design. Designed for easy maintenance, avoiding moisture and heat effectively.

Hinged Cover Perspex Box

The hinged cover Perspex box is made from high-quality material. Equipped with protective packaging, hinged cover, and lid. Typically used to display bulk merchandise, makeup holder, and perfume holder.

Jewelry Perspex Box

Jewelry Perspex box is capable of storing and sorting small ornaments. Arrives with separate compartments for storing jewelry and other accessories. Crafted using high-quality material and has a sturdy base.

Lockable Perspex Box

Lockable Perspex box clear acrylic boxes are perfect for retail, museum, and exhibition purposes. Remain safe in a lockable environment. Manufactured from premium material with varying thicknesses, dimensions, and styles.

2mm Clear Perspex Box

2mm clear Perspex box is a multipurpose product applicable for a range of DIY and professional projects. Guarantees enhanced durability and exceptional weatherability to suit almost any job. Available with 2mm thickness.

Medium Clear Perspex Box

Medium clear Perspex box is a top-quality material that comes fully assembled. Molded from a single sheet of durable Perspex with clear sides. Aesthetically pleasing and comes in a medium size.

Stackable Perspex Box

The stackable Perspex box is sturdy and modular. A perfect solution in hospitality and retail environments. Extruded from a long-lasting and hard-wearing material. Offered with a stackable configuration.

Removable Perspex Box

The removable Perspex box provides a beautiful look with much greater impact strength. Designed with durability and toughness in mind. Easily fabricated and machined. Includes a removable feature with superior performance.

Custom Color Perspex Box

Custom color Perspex box offers outstanding chemical resistance made with an extremely versatile material. Beneficial in a multitude of industrial applications. Numerous color options are available to choose from.

Perspex Box with Partitions

Perspex box with partitions is highly customizable and environmentally friendly. Accessible in a variety of colors and finishes. Equipped with various partitions making it suitable for medical, restaurant, and other industries.

Tape Hinged Perspex Box

Tape-hinged Perspex box is a strong and durable material that is guaranteed for its long-lasting use. Designed with a transparent window to display jewelry and other items. Remains strong and sturdy for continued use.

Tiered Perspex Box

The tiered Perspex box is built with polished edges for optimum clarity. Comes completely assembled and is ready for use. Equipped with tires that can be used as a free-standing box or a tabletop box.

Customized Perspex Box

The customized Perspex box offers admirable strength, clarity, and versatility. Characterizes a high-clarity clear finish with improved weather resistance. Capable for sharper laser engraving and is highly customized.

Personalized Perspex Box

The personalized Perspex box is durable and long-lasting. Produced with exquisite and fine workmanship that can be used for many applications. Can be printed with a company logo and offer superior visual clarity.

Perspex Donation Box

A Perspex donation box has a greater surface hardness and extends service life. Retains high light-transmitting properties for many years. Widely used as a donation box in any establishments. Highly resistant to many chemicals.

Figurines Perspex Box Display

Figurines Perspex box display is popular for being energy-saving and for its long service life. Commonly used in displaying figurines at museums, retail stores, and trade shows. Guarantees enhanced scratch resistance and UV protection.

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Why WeProFab Perspex Box

Perspex Box

Weprofab Perspex box is one of the popular boxes that provides elegant display solutions.

In China, Weprofab is operating and become most endorsed in enlarging other businesses. Weprofab is the most reputable supplier that gives enough Perspex box stocks worldwide.

To gain more business profits, you can add our simple yet glossy Perspex boxes.

Fast development possibilities are awaits. That`s why we made them normally proofed to any critical incidents and made unbreakable.

Our main reason for designing Perspex boxes is to skyrocket your brand.

Perspex Box

Our range of Perspex boxes offers various sizes, colors, and shapes. Weprofab Perspex boxes are very significant in displaying, putting signage or used as stands.

Besides, all sheets made from Perspex were 100% shatter-proof and collision-resistant.

The reason why we manufacture a Perspex box is to fulfill your business needs.

On every process, we make sure to meet your overall requirements. Plus! with any quantity of orders, on-time deliveries are also expected.

As a premier supplier to support your business, Weprofab will try harder to give the satisfaction you need.

In every sort of Perspex boxes, security and elegance are always prioritized.

You can select a transparent or colored Perspex box to add for business.

Perspex Box

Weprofab is a perfect partner to manufacture your ideal Perspex boxes. We can ship and deliver them to your business locations in a timely manner.

Just provide exact address, and predict swift deliveries.

When you are just a business beginner, and need a product that can expand your business, Weprofab Perspex box is the answer!

We have a lot of stocks to offer. Contact us now before it gets late!



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