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Antigen Test Kit

Being one of the expert manufacturers for 20 years, Weprofab makes sure to provide the right antigen test kit you desired. We are consistently improving our capacities in producing a high-quality antigen test kit that will be added to your business. Contact us today!

Get WeProFab Antigen Test Kit to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the biggest antigen test kit manufacturer in China to support your business. Weprofab manufactures custom designs for your antigen test kit even in a big amount of orders. We supply a wide range of antigen test kits to skyrocket your business!

Antigen Test Kit for Covid-19

The Antigen test kit for Covid 19 contains complete tools for performing coronavirus antigen testing. This can detect if the patient is covid-19 positive or negative. This kit is CE-IVD marked.

Antigen Home Test Kit

Antigen home test kit provides easy-to-use tools to monitor a Covid-19 infected at home. Within 15 minutes, they can get results and quickly detect infections. They are simple to use and reliable.

Antigen Saliva Test Kit

The antigen saliva test kit is used to detect Covid-19 viral antigen through getting saliva samples. They are safe, reliable, and easy to use.

Antigen Rapid Test Kit

The antigen rapid test kit is a lateral flow test that detects the existence of nucleocapsid protein in the upper respiratory examines. They feature 15-minutes brisk detection.


Wholesale Antigen Test Kit

Weprofab provides a wholesale antigen test kit at affordable rates. They are good inclusion especially if you have a pharmaceutical firm and medical-related business. This testing kit is useful to detect a person who is at extreme infection.

High-Quality Antigen Test Kit

The high-quality antigen test kit is easy and ready for use. It contains complete equipment required to execute a test. After 15 to 30 mins, you can get a rapid result.

WeProFab: Your Leading Antigen Test Kit Manufacturer

WeProFab is a company operating for more than 20 years. We tend to provide you a one-stop antigen test kit fabrication for affordable rates. Weprofab antigen test kit is trusted by many popular companies in China. Also, we have been supplying Weprofab antigen test kits worldwide.

Our range of antigen test kits has obtained very good reputations in the market. Weprofab can do OEM and ODM services to fully support your business. For more information, don’t hesitate to settle with the best manufacturer you’ve ever had – Weprofab.

Custom Antigen Test Kit to Skyrocket Your Brand

Customized Antigen Test Kit

If you have a medical-related business, the customized antigen test kit is a great inclusion. Your custom logo can be printed on the testing kit product. This is used to identify antigens against SARS-CoV-2.

Antigen Test Kit Manufacturer

Weprofab is the most reliable antigen test kit manufacturer in China. Our antigen testing kits are CE-certified, simple to operate and provide quick detection.

Antigen Test Kit Supplier

Weprofab is your trusted antigen test kit supplier. Our antigen test kits are US-FDA-EUA marked, reliable, and safe to use. This is used for screenings asymptomatic and infected patients.

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Weprofab Antigen Test Kit

Are you looking for the best manufacturer and supplier of antigen test kits to support your business? Weprofab got you covered! Weprofab has more than 20 years of antigen test kit manufacturing experience.

Through the years of manufacturing experience, our company has been trusted by many known companies around the world. In fact, our Weprofab antigen test kit is tested and proven by our satisfied customers worldwide.

Wholesale Antigen Test Kit

Weprofab is dedicated to producing high-quality antigen test kits designed to detect the presence of the virus antigens in the body. It can be used for surveillance, contact tracing, and clinical management of patients with symptoms of the virus. Weprofab stocked thousands of antigen test kits intended for health professional use that have gained CE certifications.

Weprofab has 50+ expert engineers and can produce at least 1,000 pcs antigen test kits every day. With rich experience in this industry, we guarantee the high-quality, accurate, and cost-effective antigen test kits you need.

Our Weprofab antigen test kit can be issued to both children and adults. Each antigen test kit includes 1x extraction tube, 1x test cassette, 1x dropper tip, 1x sterile swab, and 1x package insert. Plus, Weprofab provides full usage instructions. These inclusions can be found inside a sealed test kit wallet.

Customized Antigen Test Kit

Weprofab is a professional antigen test kit manufacturer, supplier, designer, and distributor in China. All of our antigen test kits offered are compliant with CE certifications. As a professional antigen test kit provider, we consistently take care of each antigen test kit to ensure high-quality and effective products.

Moreover, Weprofab is an ISO-authorized company dedicated to providing OEM and ODM services to delight your brand market. We can customize your antigen test kits according to your brand. Just send us your specifications.

Antigen Saliva Test Ki

Weprofab is really capable of providing your antigen test kit needs. We utilized our advanced production machines and tools to come up with satisfying kits. In Weprofab, we offer reliable, accurate antigen test kits to fully meet and exceed customer satisfaction.

Weprofab will be your best partner for your business! For any inquiries, you can contact us anytime. Our professional sales team is available 24/7.

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