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Medical N95 Mask

WeProFab is a professional medical N95 mask manufacturer. As medical equipment factory and supplier, we can produce an N95 medical mask with a valve, 3m N95 medical mask, surgical N95 medical mask and more.

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Get WeProFab Medical N95 Mask to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab medical N95 masks are made from different thicknesses and various abilities. As a professional medical N95 mask, we are glad to manufacture outstanding quality products for you and your workers.

Medical N95 Mask Manufacturer

WeProFab is a medical N95 mask manufacturer in China. We are able to offer a wide variety of products in different colors, sizes, and designs. At competitive prices, you’ll get quality medical equipment.

N95 Respiratory Mask Medical Mask

WeProFab is glad to offer an N95 respiratory mask medical mask according to your specifications. We can design masks offering many features and benefits.

N95 Medical Mask with Valve

WeProFab N95 medical mask with valve allows easier breathing out. As a leading manufacturer, we can produce N95 medical mask for you with competitive prices.

Black N95 Medical Mask

WeProFab design all types of black N95 medical masks all in an effort to protect wearer themselves from different substances. We offer black N95 medical masks at competitive prices.

White N95 Medical Mask

As one of the leading manufacturers, WeProFab offers a white N95 medical mask available in different sizes. This is easy to use and tight making it ideal for use by the medical team.

Custom N95 Medical Mask

If you want to custom-made an N95 medical mask for your brand/ requirements, WeProFab is your best choice. With expert team and advanced technology, we can produce innovative masks for you.

WeProFab: Your Professional Medical N95 Mask Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local plastic fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication. WeProFab is the medical N95 mask manufacturer that can make various quality medical N95 masks for you.

Those medical N95 masks include N95 respiratory mask medical mask, black medical N95 mask, white medical N95 mask, N95 medical mask with valve, N95 medical-grade respiratory mask, surgical N95 medical mask and more.

Send us an inquiry now, we will give you back with a perfect medical N95 mask.

Custom Medical N95 Mask to Skyrocket Your Brand

Surgical N95 Medical Mask

WeProFab surgical N95 medical mask has the ability to filter out 95% of airborne particles such as bacteria and viruses. We can provide a variety of surgical N95 medical masks.

3m N95 medical mask

WeProFab can make a 3m N95 medical mask that provides the respiratory protection you desire. Our experienced engineers and production technology can offer you consistent quality.

N95 medical grade respiratory mask

In WeProFab, we are glad to offer N95 medical-grade respiratory mask offer many features and benefits.

Breathable Medical N65 Mask

The breathable medical n65 mask is an everyday version of a face mask and is recommended for public use. Manufactured from a thin, breathable material. Critical for health care workers and the general public.

Disposable Medical N65 Mask

A disposable medical n65 mask is typically worn by medical first responders, doctors, and respiratory therapists. Designed to decrease exposure to hazardous particles and to stop the spread of airborne illnesses.

5 Layer Filter Medical N65 Mask

5 layer filter medical n65 mask is commonly associated with healthcare and is capable to capture larger particles. Commonly referred to as filtering facepiece respirators. Equipped with a filter to offer more protection.

Medical N65 Mask with Filter

Medical n65 mask with filter is intended to be tight-fitting and offers a filtering facepiece. Capable to filter both large and small particles. Perfect respirators for healthcare practitioners and other medical workers.

Nose Bridge Clip Medical N65 Mask

A nose bridge clip medical n65 mask is widely used in the grocery store, gas stations, or any other open public place. Protects against airborne particles and is commonly seen in industrial settings.

Adjustable Nose Wire Medical N65 Mask

An adjustable nose wire medical n65 mask is commonly worn by painters and woodworkers.
Designed to protect the wearer and provides a high level of respiratory filtration. Offers superior respiratory protection.

Elastic Earloop Medical N65 Mask

Elastic earloop medical n65 mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device. Available in different thicknesses and colors. A respiratory protective device designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth.

Washable Medical N65 Mask

A washable medical n65 mask guarantees protection against potential contaminants and is commonly used in healthcare settings. Features a soft fabric that forms a tight seal and a long nose-bridge wire.

Reusable Medical N65 Mask

A reusable medical n65 mask is a malleable material that forms a good seal for most faces. Features a generous cut for easier breathing. Feels more heavy-duty than the typical facemask and stretches well for a wider fit.

Printed Medical N65 Mask

A printed medical n65 mask is provided with gentle ear loops and foldable edges. Available in both regular and small sizes. Features a soft and sturdy fabric that can be printed with a wide range of designs.

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Why WeProFab Medical N95 Mask

WeProFab is a professional medical N95 mask manufacturer and all other medical equipment. We supply N95 masks for industrial uses, especially hospitals.

Are you searching for a reliable manufacturer to provide you outstanding quality medical N95 mask? Look no further. WeProFab is your great choice.

With us, you can ensure FDA approved medical N95 masks. Because we utilize the best quality material, it is safe, providing a level of protection.

Medical N95 Mask-1

In WeProFab, we design medical N95 mask that help provide workers reliable respiratory protection from bacteria, viruses and micro dust. Each layer comes with a barrier to prevent certain oil-based substances.

WeProFab medical N95 mask comes in different forms and styles including N95 medical mask with a valve, 3m N95 medical mask, surgical N95 medical mask, N95 respiratory mask medical mask, black medical N95 mask, white medical N95 mask and so on. Each type offers various features and benefits.

Additionally, WeProFab medical N95 mask suitable for OR, ER patient care areas, dental procedures, clinics, oral, pharmacy, patient and even normal people. Due to the current health crisis, each one of us needs reliable protective equipment to protect us from exposure to viruses and other elements.

Medical N95 Mask-2

Medical N95 mask from WeProFab is a great way to satisfy your requirements. With years of expertise, we are able to meet your demand. With the current situation, we can manage to deal with fast possible lead times.

As one of the leading factory and supplier in China, WeProFab specializes in developing and manufacturing medical N95 mask. All of our masks are made with full compliance with international quality and safety standards.

Before this medical N95 product may not be popular but due to pandemic COVID-19, it has been widely demand in world markets. With that, as a manufacturer, we invest in advanced technological types of equipment that enabled us to ensure swift, cost-effective mask supply. We offer better services to customers worldwide. Anywhere you are, our medical N95 mask could arrive in your place.

Medical N95 Mask-3

Moreover, WeProFab, as one of the trusted and reliable manufacturer, we constantly strive to maintain our dedication to provide high-quality products. WeProFab has earned the respect and trust of clients around the world. Hence, we guarantee that we can make you satisfy as well.

WeProFab has obtained various safety quality approvals like FDA. We operate our system under ISO 9001 standards. Any orders, OEM or ODM, we welcome both. In these trying times, we are with you. We can give you the best service you’re looking for. WeProFab will be your good business partner.

Now, if you have any further questions about the WeProFab medical N95 mask, you can tell us freely. We will give a fast reply/ better quote for you. One of our staff will do so. Take care.

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToMedical N95 Mask

Protective gear is a crucial element in every medical professional’s life.

You must have top-grade protection available for every part of your body.

As a doctor or a nurse, you are bound to come in contact with fatal diseases and viruses.

The best way to prevent all this is by gearing up!

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the medical grade N95 mask.

Continue reading to find out more about them.

What Are Medical N95 Masks?

Medical N95 masks are a type of protective gear that is very important for professionals working in the healthcare field.

These masks protect them from harmful airborne particles that are suspended in their immediate surroundings.

Respiratory protection is among the top priorities of healthcare workers.

This is because most diseases are contracted through the nasal and buccopharyngeal tract.

These masks are certified and validated by some of the most renowned facilities like the CDC.

They can prevent aerosols and bioaerosols from entering the human body efficiently.

This can help people avoid harmful and potentially fatal diseases with ease.

They are widely used during medical procedures and even by common folk for respiratory protection.

They prevent particulate matter from entering our system and protect from diseases to a great extent.

Medical N95 Mask

 Medical N95 Mask

Who Are The CDC, NIOSH, And OSHA For Medical N95 Masks?

For any medical gear to be available to the professionals in this field, it needs to be certified by certain facilities.

Only when medical N95 masks get approval from these associations can they be distributed for use.

Below are the agencies that are responsible for setting health care standards in the United States:


The CDC or the Centre for Disease Control is a segment of the federal body, department of health, and human services.

The CDC is responsible for setting medical standards around the United States of America.

Their specialties lie in infectious disease control, so the N95 masks come under their area of expertise.

They approve facilities that can manufacture medical N95 masks.


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Hazard is responsible for certifying and clearing the use of N95 masks.

They are, however, not responsible for controlling the use of these masks in public.

NIOSH N95 Mask

NIOSH N95 Mask


OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is another branch of the Department of Labour.

They declare safety standards in workplaces across the United States of America including the use of N95 masks.

They have to power to enforce their verdicts and penalize agencies that defy their rulings.

What Is BFE And How Is It Related To Medical N95 Masks?

BFE is short for bacterial filtration efficiency.

This defines the degree to which an N95 mask prevents bacteria and other microscopic particles from entering the body.

All masks need to have a certain filtration capacity so that they protect people from suspended particles in the air.

Respiratory protection gear goes through a BFE test.

The results of this test show us how effective masks are against particles.

Though important, the BFE test does not determine actual standards.

It is merely a protective measure.

What Are N95 Masks Made Of?

All medical N95 masks are made of premium quality material including a very specific type of non-woven polypropylene fiber.

This is a great filtration medium as it prevents particles of sizes up to 0.3 microns from entering the body.

Some masks may even contain latex.

However, most layers are carbon filtering and made from tough and flexible polymers.

Layers of N95 Mask

Layers of N95 Mask

Why Do You Need Medical N95 Masks?

Medical N95 masks are essential because they protect against disease.

You must wear respiratory protection for their safety and the safety of others.

This is especially important for you if you are working as a health care operator.

This is because the operators are exposed to a large number of viruses, bacteria, and bioaerosols.

How Can You Use N95 Masks?

Cover your mouth and nose entirely with the medical N95 mask.

Tighten the straps and make sure the mask fits your face properly.

An ill-fitting mask may not be as effective as gaps will allow viruses and bacteria to enter your body.

You can watch this video to find out how to wear N95 masks properly.

Is It Safe For Patients To Wear N95 Masks If They Have Compromised Respiratory Health?

No, people with compromised respiratory systems should most certainly avoid medical N95 masks.

These masks are not advised for you if you have just recovered from surgery and need assistance in breathing.

This is because medical N95 masks can cause an obstruction in breathing.

What Is Fit Testing And Is It Important Before Using Medical N95 Masks?

Fit testing is done to make sure that the masks fit users properly.

An ill-fitting or a loose mask could increase the chances of contamination.

Make sure that you do a fit test to make sure your mask stays in its place during important medical procedures.

The mask shouldn’t move from its place once it is put on.

There are qualitative and quantitative fit tests.

Qualitative fit tests use your sense of smell and taste or a reaction to an irritant to determine if there is a leakage in the N95 mask.

Such tests may include isoamyl acetate which smells like bananas, Bittrex which leave a bitter taste in the mouth, irritant smoke that causes coughing, and saccharin that leaves a sweet taste in the mouth.

Quantitative fit tests make use of machines to measure accurately the leakage into the N95 mask.

A probe will be attached to the N95 mask which is connected to the machine.

Generated aerosol, ambient aerosol and controlled negative pressure are methods accepted by OSHA for the testing of N95 masks.

Are There Different Sizes Of Medical N95 Masks Available?

The masks are of a standard size, but you can get special sizes made.

The average N95 mask is produced in 3 sizes.

You can get a small, medium or large mask depending on your requirements too.

However, you can manually tighten these masks and make them fit in case they do not fit perfectly on your face.

Medical N95 surgical masks

Medical N95 surgical masks

Is It Safe To Store Medical N95Masks In Pockets After Use?

You are advised not to store medical N95 masks in your back pockets.

This will lead to their contamination and render them useless.

You must not leave N95 masks outside in direct contact with open-air either.

Suspended particles in the air can contaminate the inner walls of this mask and thereby infect you easily.

Try to store these masks in airtight containers.

Use a sterile container if possible, and avoid all contact with contaminated surfaces and the air as far as possible.

How Are Medical N95 Masks Safe?

Medical N95 masks are safe for use because they are produced in sterilized factories.

These masks are not contaminated during production, so they are very safe to use.

The medical N95 masks can protect you from 95% of the microscopic particles present in the air.

This is due to their tough material that does not allow particles to pass through it.

They are also safe to use because they filter out carbon dioxide and make sure that the mask does not become uncomfortable to the wearer during prolonged usage.

What Is The Difference Between A Surgical Mask And A MedicalN95 Mask?

There is a significant difference between respirators and surgical masks.

A regular surgical mask can protect you against microorganisms, bodily fluids, and large-sized suspended air particles, whereas N95 masks can protect you against viruses, bacteria, air pollutants, haze, and more.

You will also notice that the N95 masks are better fitting than surgical masks.

Surgical masks only cover your nose and mouth slightly while the N95 masks cover your mouth and nose completely.

Different types of masks

 Different types of masks

How Are The Medical N95 Masks Approvals Different In Every Country?

The standards in every country have different names.

However, the fundamental criteria remain the same for every standard.

All countries have different procedures to check for the efficiency of respirators and masks.

They have different agencies and boards that certify these masks as well.

However, the fact that these respirators and masks need to purify anywhere between 93% to 95% of air remains the same.

All N95 masks over the world must effectively purify 95% of the air that a person breathes.

Here is a list of different countries and what the N95 standards are for them:

  • Australia/New Zealand: P2
  • Brazil: P2
  • China: KN95, KP95
  • Europe: FFP2
  • Japan: DS2, DL2
  • India: BIS P2
  • Korea: 1st class
  • US NIOSH: N95, R95, P95

Can Medical N95 Masks Protect You From Aerosols And Bioaerosols?

Yes, they can.

Unlike regular surgical masks, medical N95 masks have multiple layers which can protect you from all the air particle suspensions.

Aerosols are generally solid or liquid particles suspended in the air.

There are natural aerosols which include fog, mist, and water vapor.

The other type or aerosols are anthropogenic which are created by man and include haze, particulate matter, and haze.

Animals and plants also release small particles which are called bioaerosols.

Bioaerosols include pollen grains, bacteria, fungi, and even harmful viruses.

They are most commonly released from sewage lines, marshes, soil, and water sources.

Medical N95 masks can protect you from these aerosols as they have tough polymers and comprise of multiple layers.

These layers protect you from particles that are as small as 0.3 microns.

Can Medical N95 Masks Protect You From Viruses And Bacteria?

Yes, N95 masks can protect you from minute bacteria and viruses.

You must wear masks that fit you properly and are of the correct size in order to be fully protected from harmful microorganisms.

Medical N95 mask

Medical N95 mask

Do N95 Masks Eliminate Unpleasant Odours?

When you work in the medical field, you may be getting exposure to harsh and unpleasant smells.

These may include formalin, formaldehyde, methane, etc.

These smells are unpleasant and can even harm your nasal tract after prolonged exposure.

However, most medical N95 masks do not prevent the passage of these pungent and harmful odors.

You may still be able to smell these while wearing the N95 masks unless you opt for the masks that come with an additional layer that prevents that passage of these smells too.

What Percentage Of Particles Will Get Through Medical N95 Masks?

The N95 masks have their name because they prevent 95% of the particulate matter, viruses, and bacteria from affecting the user.

Only 5% of these particles may pass through the masks.

However, this does not mean that the user has a 5% chance of catching any of the diseases.

Can People With Facial Hair Wear N95 Masks?

Facial hair may obstruct mask wearers as your hair may come in the way of a proper fit.

This is not usually a big problem, but if you are particular about the fit of your N95 masks, it is wise to shave.

Your masks should fit your face well, and facial hair may or may not be an obstruction.

Is It Important For Medical N95 Masks To Fit You?

Yes, your masks need to fit you while performing medical procedures.

An ill-fitting mask leaves room for particles to travel through and enter your body.

This will expose you to the risk of catching diseases through the transmission of bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

Can You Reuse The Medical N95 Masks?

Yes, you can reuse a medical N95 mask provided it has not been contaminated.

You must keep it away from dirty surfaces and store it in a sterile environment.

Avoid keeping it in direct contact with air to prevent contamination too.

Are Medical N95 Masks Washable?

You do not have to soak them in water to wash them, but you can decontaminate them so that you can use the masks again.

However, you must pay special attention to the cleaning and decontamination before using them again.

There are many ways to clean your N95 mask, and some of the methods include using heat, i.e. the mask by placing it in an oven without letting metal touch it or using vaporized hydrogen peroxide to clean masks.

You cannot wash these masks with soap and water.

However, if you get the chance, replace your old N95 masks with new ones whenever you can.

This video shows you how to decontaminate your medical N95 mask with chlorine dioxide.


How Long Can You Wear N95 Masks Before YouNeed To Replace Them?

Ideally, you must replace your N95 masks after 8 hours of continuous use.

However, with proper techniques and procedures, you can extend the life of these masks for a little longer.

According to the CDC, you must discard the masks immediately after use if you have been in contact with harmful gases and aerosols.

If you are treating patients with deadly diseases, it is advised to discard your used masks safely as soon as possible.

However, if there is a shortage of medical supplies and protective gear, you must reuse these masks with proper precautions.

Doctor wearing a medical N95 mask

 Doctor wearing a medical N95 mask

Does The Exhaled CO2 Hurt The Quality Of The Medical N95 Masks?

Many users often complain of discomfort after prolonged usage of N95 masks.

This is because masks usually collect the CO2 you breathe out in their layers, making it uncomfortable to breathe.

However, this is not the case with medical N95 masks.

These masks have proper outlets for the CO2 you breathe out.

They have a CO2 purifying layer, which prevents the accumulation of carbon dioxide inside your masks.

Thus, these masks are comfortable to wear for long periods.

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