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Weprofab is the finest fabricator of any acrylic hinges designs worldwide. We can customize acrylic hinges based on your technical requirements. To receive our one of a kind acrylic hinges, deal with us! If you are interested to our products, make a call or email us!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Hinge to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is a well-known, well-respected manufacturer and producer of acrylic hinges not only in China but all over the world. We have over 20 years of fabrication expertise, so please on your next purchase, rely on us!

Acrylic Hinge Manufacturer

Finding excellent acrylic hinges solutions? No worries! Weprofab is a professional manufacturer in all acrylic productions that will provide huge improvements to your business.

Customized Acrylic Hinge

Our special series of acrylic hinges are available in customized designs. This profitable product is helpful to roar your brand and gain popularity in the global market.

PMMA Acrylic Hinges

No worries! When in terms of acrylic hinges with PMMA-grade, Weprofab is well-trained enough to supply you. We have the options that fit your liking.

Wholesale Acrylic Hinges

The acrylic hinges we offer are available by bulk or wholesale orders. We supply the most uncommon acrylic hinges in order to easily delight you, and your customers.

Premium-quality Acrylic Hinges

Weprofab has 20 plus years of manufacturing experience and mastery. So if you experience difficulties in fabricating acrylic hinges, ask Weprofab for further assistance.

Surface-mounted Acrylic Hinges

If you urgently requiring surface-mounted acrylic hinges for business, as the provider, Weprofab will produce the exact item in most immediate action.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Hinge Manufacturer

As WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer joint-venture company, Weprofab will always satisfy you. All of your metal and plastic fabrication needs, we tend to offer one-stop solutions.

If you were new to the business, our negotiable and authentic acrylic hinge will create a professional-quality display. We have hundreds of acrylic hinges stocks that will support your business progress.

If you have any questions about our acrylic hinge or you need our help, contact us!

Custom Acrylic Hinges to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Continuous Hinges

Weprofab continually presents custom options of acrylic hinges, such as acrylic continuous hinges. This is easy to install.

Acrylic Flex Fold Hinges

If you ideally want a  versatile, more durable acrylic hinges, choose this unique acrylic flex fold hinges. In entire fabrications, we will never fail you.

Transparent Acrylic Hinges

Weprofab is now providing the top-graded transparent acrylic hinges. If you want to gain success in your business, ask advice and guidance from us!

Perspex Acrylic Hinges

Weprofab offers a partnership in terms of producing your desired perspex acrylic hinges. We offer absolute choices that you can select from.

Printed Acrylic Hinges

Weprofab offers magnificent options for printed acrylic hinges. When you have an acrylic business, this is a great addition!

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Hinge

Is your business in need of acrylic hinges? Weprofab is the perfect destination where you can explore our different kinds of cost-effective acrylic hinges. It is perfect for finalizing the restoration and home improvement projects.

Being the most reputed acrylic hinges manufacturer, Weprofab proudly presents wide selections for this item. Not only acrylic hinges, but also we fabricate wall hangers, suction cups, and padlocks that are made from different kinds of plastic, just like acrylics.

Acrylic Hinges

To suit your need, whether, for business or personal purposes, Weprofab produces the widest variety of acrylic hinges. In Weprofab, you can easily find the suitable acrylic hinges you need at competitive costs.

When you try to explore our selections, the time you spend won`t be wasted. We will make your shopping experience great and relaxing.

Our options for acrylic hinges feature a broad range of styles, colors, and sizes to fit any flat and wrapped fitting. These classic acrylic hinges are virtually unbreakable. Our all-weather acrylic hinges are also fatigue-resistance and rugged for years to come.

Acrylic Hinges

For your projects that really require acrylic hinges, look no further! At Weprofab, you`ll find the outstanding acrylic hinges you have been looking for.

If you were new to the business, our negotiable and authentic acrylic hinges will create a professional-quality display. We have hundreds of acrylic hinges stocks that will support your business progress.

Our acrylic hinges have the best clarity compared to any materials. It is a lightweight substitute for metal hinges because it provides silent and smooth operations.

Acrylic Hinges

Pinless and long-lasting than other hinges.  It has chemical resistance and good corrosion structures.

Weprofab is an audited manufacturer and provider of acrylic hinges nationwide. We have over 20 years of experience in terms of fabrications.

If you have any questions about our acrylic hinges or you need some help don`t hesitate to contact us. Send us your inquiries to receive support from our friendly customer service staff.

Acrylic Hinge: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Acrylic hinge refers to a thermoplastic movable joint or mechanism connecting two solid objects.

There are several aspects you need to know, especially when thinking of purchasing a few pieces from the manufacturer or supplier.

This guide presents detailed information helpful in your course of buying acrylic hinges.

What Are The Available Acrylic Hinge Designs In The Market?

acrylic hinge

acrylic hinge

Nowadays, you can find acrylic hinges in a wide range of designs.

Many manufacturers are incorporating various creative designs to produce unique pieces suitable for different users.

Ordinarily, you’ll find standard designs, which are somewhat basic and do not necessarily incorporate unique details.

Also, there are custom designs, which are seemingly unique and often tailored to suit the specific taste and preference of the user.

Nevertheless, the particular types of custom acrylic hinges available often depend on the specific manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Here are the common designs of this movable joint you are likely to get at WeProFab;

  • PMMA Acrylic hinges

PMMA acrylic hinges

PMMA  acrylic hinges

  • Premium quality acrylic hinges
  • Surface-mounted acrylic hinge
  • Acrylic continuous hinges
  • Acrylic flex fold hinges
  • Transparent acrylic hinges

 transparent acrylic hinge

transparent  acrylic hinge

  • Perspex acrylic hinges
  • Printed acrylic hinges

printed acrylic hinges

printed acrylic hinges

Are Interior Acrylic Hinges Universal?

It depends on the type of fittings used.

If the interior fittings, which include doors and windows, are standard sizes, then you’ll also use standard acrylic hinges.

Technically, with few exceptions, most interior fittings for residential settings tend to use a standard acrylic hinge measuring 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

Therefore, most interior hinges for standard fitting dimensions tend to be universal.

How Do You Determine The Radius Of Acrylic Hinges To Replace?

Ideally, the radius of the acrylic door hinges often varies.

The common ones are usually 5/8” radius but 1/4 “radius are also popular.

An ideal way to establish the specific radius you’d require is by following this technique;

  • Place a quarter in the corner of acrylic door hinge.
  • If the radius of the quarter is more or less similar to the quarter, then you already have a 5/8” round.
  • Repeat the same with a dime, and if you get a similar radius, then it is a ¼” round corner hinge.
  • If you do not find any radius, it would be ideal to order a square corner hinge.

How Many Acrylic Hinges Do You Need For Your Door?

It is dependent on a host of variables.

If you are replacing your acrylic door hinges, you will have to replace as many as you have.

However, if you are getting new doors, you may have a few options.

Most standard-sized hollow-core door interiors often use 3.5” hinges.

But exterior doors would require 3.4” most of the time.

Thus, you need to check with your local hardware or shop that is building the door.

The technicians should tell you the specific size and the number of hinges you’ll need for the door.

Relatively larger than standard doors will most likely need extra or larger acrylic door hinges.

In other words, the specific number of acrylic hinges you need for your doors varies based on different factors, including the few mentioned above.

What Factors Do You Consider When Buying Acrylic Hinge?

It is always vital to look into a few critical elements when purchasing acrylic hinge.

Mostly, such factors play a fundamental role in determining the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the hinges in your fitting project.

Some of the core factors to always consider include the following;


You can find acrylic hinges mostly in standard sizes of 3.5” by 3.5”.

However, with a modern trend where customization of various aspects is gaining popularity, it would be ideal to ensure you go for customized size.

It is fundamental because it allows you to attain the necessary uniqueness and, at the same time, get specific pieces that fit well in your project.

Acrylic Grade

Acrylic, which is the base material for making these hinges, is available in different grades of more than 20 varieties.

Each variety demonstrates different structural properties, which play critical roles in determining overall efficiency.

Always choose a particular grade that can endure the specific application conditions it is likely to be exposed to.


Many manufacturers and suppliers flood the market to sell this component.

Of course, this can be confusing, especially if you are first time since it becomes relatively difficult to select the best one for your needs.

Nevertheless, it would be important to carry out thorough background research to ensure you deal with a reputable brand.


Acrylic hinges are designed for applications in various settings.

For instance, there are acrylic hinges for interior doors, exterior doors, kitchen cabinets, closets, and other fittings.

Make sure you choose a particular design and size for a specific application or project


It is also a critical factor to look into when buying acrylic hinges.

Ideally, you can find this component in various colors, which is vital since it broadens your choice options.

Thus, ensure the specific color you choose meets your taste and preference based on other elements surrounding color requirements in your project.


Acrylic hinge is always available at varied prices depending on different prevailing factors.

Anytime you want to purchase it, inquire from your preferred manufacturer to ensure you get what works within your budget.

Nonetheless, ensure the quality of the specific type of design of acrylic hinge you get is worth the cost.

What Are The Practical Installation Tips For Acrylic Hinge?

To get the work done right when installing acrylic hinge, here are a few fundamental tips you must have in mind;

Get The Right Tools For The Task

Having the right tools for the job guarantees efficiency and makes work easier.

Establish all the vital tools and ensure you have them at your disposal also to reduce time wastage and inconvenience during installation.

Find The Correct Measurements.

It is more critical if you are installing a brand new door.

Thus, you need to double-check the measurements before making the first cut or drilling the first hole.

You can check measurements on any nearby door and use those for the new door installation.

Recess The Hinge Appropriately

Set the acrylic hinge against the side of door you intend to install it.

Mark the outside edge using a pencil and use a chisel and hammer to score the inside area of traced edge.

If the recess is too deep, the hinge may pull out the door when it closes.

Secure The Hinge Or Door

Set the acrylic hinge in place on the door and allow it to sit straight.

Install screws and tighten them each gradually until they are tight and secure.

Never tighten one, then move to the next. Tightening each uniformly as you go is the ideal way to do it.

Wear Safety Gears

Eye protection is an essential safety gear you must always put on when installing acrylic hinges.

It prevents loose particles and chips from getting into your eyes since they easily become airborne.

Follow Manufacturer’s Advice

You will always find a user installation manual from the manufacturer on the package on acrylic hinge.

Always counter-check with every step to guarantee you best results when installing this component.

What Are Decorative Acrylic Hinges?

These refer to the particular acrylic hinges designed to complement the overall appearance of the specific fitting.

Ideally, they are suited for interior fittings to enhance the overall appearance of the door, window, or cabinet.

decorative acrylic hinges

decorative acrylic hinges

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Hinge?

Technically, acrylic hinges offer a wide range of advantages, making them worthwhile investments.

Some of the main benefits of this component include the following;

  1. Lightweight – This piece is naturally lightweight but offers incredible efficiency when used as a movable joint on doors or windows.

    In essence, it is advantageous because it makes it easy to install it conveniently.

  2. Strong – Acrylic hinge offers excellent tensile strength features.

    Thus, it can endure the door’s weight and still provide the desired service for the longest time possible without wearing out.

  3. Good dimensional stability – You can hardly find acrylic hinge bending, cracking, or chipping irrespective of the door weight.

    It has ideal dimensional stability making it a worthy investment to consider.

  4. Versatility – In most instances, you can use different acrylic hinges in various applications such as doors, windows, and different cabinets.

    It is possible to improvise, thus making it quite versatile, which is a vital benefit.

  5. Enhances aesthetics – The overall construction and appearance of acrylic hinges are somewhat classy and stylish.

    This enables you to attain the necessary aesthetics appeal and making the overall project relatively upscale.

  6. Cost-effective – Acrylic hinge exhibits incredible durability since it is strong and designed to endure different harsh environmental conditions.

    Therefore, it allows you to save a considerable amount of money in the long run, which you’d otherwise spend on repair and replacement.

  7. Easy maintenance – The base material used for making this type of hinge is easy to maintain. You only need to ensure it is clean and well-lubricated to guarantee you efficiency and longer service.
  8. Little or no noise – You’ll rarely hear the annoying noise emanating from acrylic hinges as long as it is well maintained.

Where Can You Use Acrylic Hinges?

Acrylic hinges are primarily used for different doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and items with lids.

Technically, this is a movable joint; thus, you can use it in any application, which requires closing and opening within a restricted angle.

How Durable Is Acrylic Hinge?

In general, acrylic hinges can last for many years without compromising their efficiency and reliability.

The base material used for making this component is relatively strong and can withstand several harsh mechanical and environmental conditions.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of this item integrates various strength additives to reinforce the natural strength of primary material.

Workmanship involved in making acrylic hinges also ensures it can withstand the various environmental aspects to make it last longer.

Even so, the actual durability of a typical acrylic hinge is pegged on several factors.

For instance, the overall handling condition greatly determines its actual lifespan.

Acrylic hinge used in a door or window that is aggressively handled most of the time tends to have a shorter lifespan and vice versa.

Also, a well-maintained acrylic hinge will outlast a poorly-maintained one.

Besides, the actual quality or grade of acrylic material used in manufacturing the acrylic hinge is also high.

Therefore, a typical acrylic hinge is generally durable, but the actual life-service is dependent on the few mentioned elements among others.

What Weight Door Can You Use On Acrylic Hinge?

It varies based on different aspects.

Mostly, the weight is often combined with frequency of use.

A low-frequency door is opened about 10 times a day.

A medium frequency is opened and closed on averagely about 10-24 times a day.

A high-frequency door is opened at least 25 times or more every day.

Thus, when it comes to the ideal weight a particular acrylic hinge can handle, you also need to consider the frequency.

For example, a standard duty acrylic hinge for low-medium doors can handle a door weight of up to 200 pounds.

Heavy-duty acrylic hinges designed for high-frequency doors can tolerate a door weight of up to about 400 pounds.

Heavy Duty (LL) acrylic hinge for low-frequency doors can withstand a door weight of up to 1000 pounds.

Nevertheless, it is vital to seek advice from an expert to establish the right size of acrylic hinge that can hold a particular door weight.

Technically, it is an important safety measure in addition to attaining efficiency and reliability.

Is There Door Swing Restriction For Acrylic Hinge?

Yes, in many instances.

Ideally, the typical swing is restricted to 90 or 105 degrees.

The essence here is to ensure the door hardware and handles do not hit the wall.

But the swing restriction angle is usually dependent on the design construction of the hardware.

Why Choose Acrylic Hinge Over Other Materials?

Acrylic hinge is made from a robust material, making it endure different mechanical elements and still provide quality and efficient service.

This is an essential factor, which makes it stand out among its competitors and other materials.

Secondly, acrylic hinge is relatively lightweight. It is about 50% less than fiberglass, which technically makes it easy to fix without assistance.

Moreover, this makes it cost-effective, especially when it comes to shipping them in bulk.

Acrylic hinge is also relatively easy to fabricate.

You can mold it to easily attain the desired shape and size suitable for your project. You can also paint it to attain your preferred color shade.

It is comparatively durable than most materials on its level.

This is essential since it guarantees you long service, efficiency, and reliability, which is fundamental in construction projects.

What Are The Features Of Ideal Acrylic Hinge?

A typical acrylic hinge exhibits a wide range of properties, making it an ideal choice among many users in the recent past.

Some of the core features of this component include the following;

  • Lightweight
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Incredible corrosion resistance
  • Pliable
  • UV-resistant
  • Excellent optical clarity

What Is The Cost Of Acrylic Hinge?

The actual cost of acrylic hinge is dependent on several variables, which include the following;

Order quantity – Most manufacturers and suppliers often price acrylic hinges based on the quantity of purchase.

Ideally, a higher quantity is usually cost-effective since they come with better discounts than purchasing fewer pieces.

Size – Acrylic hinges are available in different sizes. Of course, larger sizes tend to be more expensive than smaller sizes.

Design – Standard acrylic hinges are relatively inexpensive than custom acrylic hinges.

Brand – Some manufacturers, mainly relatively established ones, are often slightly expensive than less known brands.

Technically, there is no fixed cost for acrylic hinge. It depends on many factors, including the few mentioned above.

Can Acrylic Hinge Break

Not easily.

This component is made from acrylic material, which is generally hardy and can withstand high impact pressure without breaking.

Its design construction also gives it an edge since it integrates the solid molecular structure with other strength additives.

Essentially, it becomes difficult for it to break under ordinary circumstances.

Does Acrylic Hinge Scratch Easily?

Not really.

The design construction of this component ensures the edges hardly collide or rub against one another.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to scratch since it is not exposed to scratch elements throughout its application.

What Is The Suitable Material Thickness For Acrylic Hinge?

It varies based on different factors, including the weight of the door.

However, a standard acrylic hinge should have a material thickness of 1.25-1.5 inches for residential settings.

For commercial settings, an ideal acrylic hinge thickness often ranges between 1 5/8” to 1 ¾ “.

But these dimensions can vary, especially if you go for a custom-designed acrylic hinge.

What Is A Viable Alternative To Use Instead Of Acrylic Hinge?

In most instances, polycarbonate comes in handy as the ideal alternative to consider in place of acrylic for making thermoplastic hinges.

Ideally, acrylic and polycarbonate thermoplastics tend to share a wide range of properties.

Therefore, they exhibit more or less similar efficiency when both are used to make hinges.

For instance, polycarbonate and acrylic exhibit incredible strength feature thus can resist mechanical and impact pressure.

Acrylic hinges made using these two thermoplastic materials can hardly break easily under ordinary conditions.

Moreover, they both exhibit incredible resistance to corrosion and other chemical components.

Nevertheless, you can fabricate acrylic and polycarbonate and mold the hinges into particular designs and shapes easily.

In simple words, polycarbonate stands out as a better substitute to use for making hinges in place of acrylic.

Does Clear Acrylic Hinge Yellow Over Time?

It depends on numerous factors.

In many instances, yellowing of acrylic hinges often arises from continuous exposure to direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight emits ultraviolet rays, which often attack and penetrate the surface material of these hinges.

Once they penetrate, they weaken the molecular structure, thus yellowing the hinges over time.

In other words, acrylic hinges used in exterior fittings are likely to yellow over time.

They are exposed to direct sunlight, which in the long run attack and weaken their molecules to turn them yellow.

Also, the yellowing of acrylic hinges could result from the use of a relatively lower grade acrylic material.

Acrylic hinges made from a relatively low-quality material can rarely endure harsh environmental conditions.

Thus, that type of acrylic hinge will more likely yellow over time, especially when frequently used.

In a nutshell, acrylic hinges can or cannot yellow over time based on different prevailing factors, including the few mentioned above.

clear acrylic hinge

clear acrylic hinge

What Are The Shortcomings Of Acrylic Hinge?

Acrylic hinge has a few disadvantages, which include the following;

  1. It can be somewhat costlier compared to its alternative materials.
    This often happens depending on the extent of customization needed, material thickness, and other design features.
  2. You can never repair it easily. Of course, it is strong and rarely breaks or cracks under ordinary conditions.
    However, if it breaks due to uncontrollable circumstances, you can hardly repair it; thus, you’ll need to replace it.

What Is Average Turnaround Time For Acrylic Hinge?

The average production turnaround period for acrylic hinges is based on different factors.

Ordinarily, a particular manufacturer would stipulate the specific turnaround time in line with their respective policies.

Some tend to be somewhat strict and adherent, irrespective of the prevailing situation.

On the other hand, other manufacturers are relatively flexible and can provide shorter lead-time depending on various circumstances.

Another turnaround determinant is the order quantity.

The more the quantity, the longer it is likely to take to produce and vice versa.

Of course, higher quantities will require more time than fewer pieces.

The specific acrylic hinge design you order is also a determinant factor of turnaround production time.

Typically, standard designs would take a shorter period than custom pieces.

The former is less demanding compared to the latter thus can be manufactured faster.

Why Is China The Best Marketplace For Buying Acrylic Hinges?

China is regarded as the most suitable marketplace for purchasing different acrylic hinges.

Several reasons are attributed to this element, and some of the main ones include the following;

  1. Prices for purchasing acrylic hinges in China are quite affordable.

    You can always negotiate with your prospective supplier or manufacturer to obtain these items at cost-friendly rates.

    In essence, it allows you to save a considerable amount of money and increasing your profit margin.

  2. In China, manufacturers offer flexible minimum order quantities.

    You are hardly compelled to purchase a specific minimum number of acrylic hinges.

    You have room to negotiate with the manufacturer and arrive at a suitable MOQ.

  3. You can find any type or design of acrylic hinges when you order from Chinese manufacturers. They provide a wide range of designs, which is vital because you can always find exactly what you seek.
  4. The production turnaround time for manufacturing acrylic hinges is relatively short.

    In essence, this is vital since it increases convenience, especially when you have customers waiting for the order.

  5. Quality of acrylic hinges in China is top-notch.

    Chinese manufacturers pay keen attention to detail when making these pieces.

    Moreover, they use high-grade materials to ensure the end product meets the required standard.

For all your acrylic hinges from China, contact WeProFab now.

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