• Acrylic Humidor Jar
  • Acrylic Humidor Jar

Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab is your premier choice to get an unbreakable and durable acrylic humidor jar in China with perfect prices that can save your budget. We assure you to get the best quality acrylic humidor jars and supply all selections for your business and base on your demands. Send your inquiries!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Humidor Jar Delight Your Customers

As your leading acrylic humidor jar supplier in China, WeProFab can offer complete samples from 3D photos to videos that surely help you choose easier and fast. We have complete selections and provide samples listed below for more ideas for you to decide the best options. We are keeping the best and effective solutions for you and the quality services that offered since we established.

25 Count Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars are available for 25 counts of cigars. It sealed the cover well that keep it safe from moisture. Get it with a humidifier pin-on or removable.

Clear Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars are widely available in clear selections. It helps cigar users always check it without opening the jars. You can clearly see the cigar inside.

Large Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab offered acrylic humidor jars long life of use. We made all types of acrylic humidor jars at large sizes with different features.

Lockable Acrylic Humidor Jar

We ensure to manufacture and produce perfect lockable acrylic humidor jars. It has round and squared acrylic lockable humidor jars.

Sealed Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars are well-sealed that keeps a cigar in quality even in how many days in a storage jar. It is lockable and available in easy-open sealed.

Small Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our small acrylic humidor jars are in round and squared types available in crystal cut for 18 counts. We guarantee this acrylic humidor jars cheaper and durable.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Humidor Jar Manufacturer

As your acrylic humidor jar supplier and choice partner in China, WeProFab assured you to fully support and offer the best selections for you. We are supplying acrylic humidor jars everywhere. We controlled and ensure quality acrylic humidor jar production from complete equipment, facilities, manufacturing experts, designers, and more from different areas.

WeProFab professionally supports all types of business by offering long-term relationships. It helps a lot of people in business make their next purchase easier and fast since you don’t have to find other reliable suppliers for the next projects.

Make it fast, easy, and get the best acrylic humidor jar prices with WeProFab. We can lower your costs and meet your urgent needs. Deal with us now!

Custom Acrylic Humidor Jar to Boost Your Brand

18 Cigar Count Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars can store 18 cigars securely even in many days and weeks of storing. Get it in crystal cut from small to large at 9 height.

Acrylic Humidor Jar with Humidifier

We have acrylic humidor jars with a humidifier is an airtight seal that doesn’t absorb moisture. Humidifiers are mounted to acrylic humidor jars lids.

Acrylic Humidor Jar with Hygrometer

WeProFab acrylic humidor jars with hygrometers have round and square types with lockable and easy-open types, and more selection offered.

Built-in Humidifier Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab acrylic humidor jars are designed for built-in humidifiers. It is commonly round and available in different cigar counts to store in different sizes.

Crystal Cut Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our crystal-cut acrylic humidor jars have an elegant appearance in the round and other shapes. It is clear crystal cut at acceptable rates to save cash.

Easy Open Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars are available in easy-open types that still provide perfect airtight seals. An affordable acrylic humidor jars but quality cigar storage.

Humidity Controlled Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our humidity-controlled acrylic humidor jars can be supplied to your location at your desired quantity and acrylic humidor jars selections.

Round Humidifier Included Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our round acrylic humidor jars have humidifiers included accessible in small to large sizes. Choose shapes you desired and send your ideas as well.

9 Height Acrylic Humidor Jar

Our acrylic humidor jars are widely available at 9 heights base on cigar sizes. We can produce 18 counts to 25 count cigar of acrylic humidor jars.

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Why WeProFab Humidor Jar

Are you looking for durable acrylic humidor jar for your business? WeProFab has plenty of types of acrylic humidor jars made with tested and certified materials.

WeProFab acrylic humidor jar is the perfect solution for cigars that provide a perfect seal that doesn’t absorb moisture inside and makes cigars a little wet. WeProFab acrylic humidor jars are lightweight and unbreakable because of their material type.

Unlike other materials and another type of plastic, acrylic humidor jar is durable since acrylic is robust materials in many applications. WeProFab acrylic humidor jars are transparent and you can see your cigar inside and check anytime without opening it. You can trust the acrylic materials for your humidor jars since acrylic is popular and also used for airplane windows.

Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab can help you get all acrylic humidor jar selections we have and also let you send your ideas. We have acrylic humidor jars round, crystal cut, small sizes, and large sizes, lockable, easy-open, transparent, and decorative paints.

We have a luxury acrylic humidor jar for those who really keep their cigar. Our acrylic humidor jar can hide the smell and keep away from moisture. Our acrylic humidor jars have perfect features you can choose whether you need for your cigar business or even supplying acrylic humidor jars.

WeProFab acrylic humidor jar has a humidifier and hygrometer included. We designed an acrylic humidor jar that able to store cigars up to 25 pieces and up. It is offered at a cheaper price since acrylics are an affordable type of material but provides perfect durability and quality products. WeProFab acrylic humidor jar is an air-tight lid and the humidifier can be mounted to the humidor jar.

Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab acrylic humidor jar is perfect solutions since many people use for other purposes not just for storing cigar. We can custom your acrylic humidor jar orders from types of lids, seals, patter, types of exterior textures, and more.

In this industry, we made a lot of products made of acrylics that many people in business tested and prove the quality. We fabricate a wide variety of acrylic humidor jar types. You can choose all selections for your business for your customers. It is perfect for retail and wholesale businesses which able to generate profits.

Acrylic Humidor Jar

WeProFab has great experience in many years that you can trust to support your expandable business. Our acrylic humidor jars are offered at very competitive prices and perfect solution for your own designs. We are an ISO-certified acrylic humidor jar supplier that sends worldwide.

For your urgent needs for an acrylic humidor jar, you can directly contact our friendly team from customer service. Send your inquiries and we can offer our faster response. Message us now!

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