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Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab is one of the best polycarbonate bar fabricators in China. We can do bending, laser-cut, engraved, and thermoforming for your polycarbonate bar. You can free to send your desired size and design and we fabricate it.  Contact us now!

Get WeProFab Polycarbonate Bar to Delight Your Customers

Our polycarbonate bar is perfect for your construction and decoration. We do product processing to meet our customer’s specifications.

Bending Polycarbonate Bar

Our polycarbonate bar can be bend so we can produce curved or any shapes for your polycarbonate bar. We can form your polycarbonate bar base on our customer’s demand.

Clear Polycarbonate Bar

Our clear polycarbonate bar is effectively unbreakable and gives a transparent view and modest security solution for your home and other buildings. It also offers durability and affordability.

Engraved Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab polycarbonate bar can be engraved in which you can custom your sizes. We can cut a polycarbonate bar basing on our customer’s specifications and assure the satisfaction with the polycarbonate bar product.

Laser Cut Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab polycarbonate bar can be processed by laser cut in which capable of cutting and polishing. We can produce our polycarbonate bar using our newest technology to make stunning quality products faster.

Polycarbonate Bar Manufacturer

As WeProFab is the leading manufacturer of polycarbonate bars, we offer plenty of various types in our polycarbonate bar. We can bend, laser-cut, engraved, and thermoforming processes to meet customer’s demands.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate Bar

Our polycarbonate bar can be thermoformed in which you can free to cut and custom fabrication for your polycarbonate bar. WeProFab can provide a perfect end result.

WeProFab: Your Leading Polycarbonate Bar Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture between WeeTect Limited Material and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We offer you the best one-stop-shop for metal and plastic fabrication. WeProFab is one of the leading suppliers of advanced building materials in China. Our polycarbonate bar is ideal for construction and decoration. We offer plenty of types that can suit your demand.

We have polycarbonate flat bar, polycarbonate round bar, polycarbonate square bar, polycarbonate decorative bar, and so on. We can customize your polycarbonate bar base on your sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. We can assure you to have exact finished products since we do thermoforming, bending, laser cutting, and engraved processes.

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Custom Polycarbonate Bar to Expand Your Brand

Polycarbonate Colored Bar

Our polycarbonate bar can be available in different colors and it gives attraction to your designs. Since WeProFab provides a different kinds of colored polycarbonate bars for you to choose from.

Polycarbonate Decorative Bar

WeProFab polycarbonate bar is ideal for decorative which provides a gorgeous design. You can select an attractive design from our polycarbonate bar.

Polycarbonate Flat Bar

WeProFab polycarbonate flat bar is ideal for indoor and outdoor use since it has plenty of applications and has a UV resistance. We can provide you a durable and long-lasting use.

Polycarbonate Round Bar

Our polycarbonate round bar has good machinability, high impact resistance, and dimensional stability. We can provide you a high-quality and durable.

Polycarbonate Square Bar

Our polycarbonate square bar is used essentially in decorative products. We can offer different designs for your polycarbonate square bar and it adds beauty in your home.

2mm Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab 2mm Polycarbonate Bar offers great weather and atmospheric resistance and may be utilized in a number of applications that call for its high-performance attributes for most outdoor operations, including garden shed windows.

10mm Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab 10mm Polycarbonate Bar is practically unbreakable and utilized in many different applications. It can be used for purposes including scratch-resistant polycarbonate windows, hurricane protection, and windows in schools and psychiatric facilities.

Custom Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Custom Polycarbonate Bar is ideal for applications where edge protection is required but protected content must still be seen. Clearness, impact resistance, and ease of manufacture are provided by these, which are made from UV-resistant grade polycarbonate resins.

Gray Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Gray Polycarbonate Bar is a semi-transparent thermoplastic with outstanding electrical qualities and exceptional impact resistance. It is also a very adaptable engineering material that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications due to its low moisture absorption rate and strong chemical resistance.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Bar is a thermoplastic that is utilized in a variety of applications that call for strong impact strength, superior electrical performance, and dimensional stability. Smooth and transparent like glass, polycarbonate sheet is also 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than an acrylic sheet.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Bar possesses a high level of resistance to abrasion and resists graffiti on both sides of the sheet, which helps ensure a “like-new” appearance for many years to come. For windows, windshields, and other see-through applications, they are frequently employed.

Small Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Small Polycarbonate Bar are ideal for carports, gazebos, and other projects of a similar nature. Use the same glazing bar and install an end bar infill to cover the open side of the bar at the end of the roof.

Solid Color Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Solid Color Polycarbonate Bar is a translucent, clear glazing material that offers 200 times more impact protection than glass while weighing just half as much. High impact strength, minimal flammability, and a very good continuous operating temperature are all combined in this material. Additionally, it comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Solid Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Solid Polycarbonate Bar is clear, UV-resistant, and lightweight, making this solid polycarbonate roof material the preferred option for many architects and designers. It can be utilized as interior dividers, soundproofing, and door and window awnings. 

Translucent Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Translucent Polycarbonate Bar is strong, enabling them to resist damage from hail and other unfavorable conditions. The panels are very flexible and unlikely to crack or shatter since they are made to stretch and shrink when temperatures rise and fall.

Transparent Color Polycarbonate Bar

WeProFab Transparent Color Polycarbonate Bar is 200 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic. They maintain their physical characteristics across a wide range of working temperatures.

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Why WeProFab Polycarbonate Bar

If you want to have a multi-purpose polycarbonate bar for your home and other buildings construction, WeProFab is your best option for that. We are over 20 years in the industry, so we have many experiences with regard to fabricating polycarbonate products. We are also one of the best suppliers of advanced building materials in China.

So we fabricate a polycarbonate bar to have the best and perfect material for construction. Our polycarbonate bar has a different type such as a clear polycarbonate bar.

We also offer a bending polycarbonate bar, engraved polycarbonate bar, and more. WeProFab polycarbonate bar has a wide range of applications that includes home, kitchen counter, window glazing, equipment enclosures, signs, doors, and many more.

Polycarbonate Bar

Our polycarbonate bar is UV-stabilized which provides effective resistance to the sun’s exposure. It also indicates extraordinary impact-resistance and superior electrical properties. It maintains the superior impact-resistance across a wide temperature range. WeProFab polycarbonate bar has good machinability, dimensional stability, and high impact strength.

WeProFab polycarbonate bar is perfect for high voltage switches decorative products. We provide you a high-quality, sturdy, and economical polycarbonate bar.

We can cut your polycarbonate bar into any shape since we do product processes like thermoforming, laser cutting, bending, and engraved. We also offer different types of colors in your polycarbonate bar that adds beauty to your design.

We offer different types of designs that you can choose for your polycarbonate bars such as polycarbonate flat bar, polycarbonate round bar, polycarbonate square bar, polycarbonate colored bar, and polycarbonate decorative bar. But you may also customize your polycarbonate bar by sending us your sizes, colors, shapes, and designs.

Polycarbonate Bar

You can send us your specific sizes, colors, and designs for your polycarbonate bar and WeProFab will fabricate it.

As an ISO 9001 certified, WeProFab manages the quality of the products and make sure to have the best and tested quality products before transporting. If you want to have a polycarbonate bar products for your business or for at-home purposes, WeProFab is your best supplier for that.

If you have more questions with regards to our polycarbonate bar products, please message us now to get a quick response.

Polycarbonate Bars: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question about polycarbonate bars, you will find the answer right here.

Whether you want to learn about the features, benefits, applications or uses – you will find all information right here.

So keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Polycarbonate Bar?

 Polycarbonate bar

Polycarbonate bar

Polycarbonate bars are the safe and secured bars known worldwide.

They are known to be plastic see-through with various uses in engineering products.

Besides, they have a high impact resistance stable in high and low temperatures.

They don’t rust, are bulletproof, and are also UV resistant.

Which Are The Various Designs Of Polycarbonate Bars?

For polycarbonate bars, when we provide different designs, all you need is to choose your preferred design, and we are here to work on them and deliver on time.

Check below for various designs that we have available for you;

Polycarbonate Flat Bar

This is one of the most common polycarbonate designs supplied.

It is recommended for both outdoor and indoor use because of its UV resistance and plenty of applications.

The prices they have are slightly lower compared to other designs for polycarbonate bars.

Polycarbonate Round Bar

For polycarbonate, round bars are like a rod design. It is durable known for its high impact with high dimensional stability.

Also, you should note that it is lightweight. The commonly available ones are a transparent color.

But if your specification is for colored once, we will make it available for your color choice.

Polycarbonate Square Bar

We also have this design which comes just as the name suggests in squares.

We usually recommend polycarbonate square bars for decoration purposes.

We might use these polycarbonate designs to produce different shapes for you to use as beautification in the house.

Polycarbonate Colored Bar

We have a design of polycarbonate colored bars which are usually available in a variety of colors.

The bars are generally attractive with the color of your choice.

We make for you the best design bars. If you want custom-made polycarbonate bars, they are a better option.

Polycarbonate Decorative Bar

Polycarbonate decorative bars are gorgeous designs. If you need polycarbonate bars for beauty, go for decorative bars.

Mostly the decorative bar is custom made with your specification on them. Though they are expensive, it’s worth the cost.

How Do You Compare Polycarbonate Decorative Bars To Polycarbonate Flat Bar?

Polycarbonate decorative bars are usually ideal for bringing the best decorative designs to the bars, just as the name states.

They are attractive but slightly expensive.

Mainly they deal with custom-made polycarbonate bars, which are generally few.

On the other hand, flat polycarbonate bars are generally ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Flat polycarbonate has many applications with UV resistance on the bars.

It is long-lasting and durable compared to others. Generally, they are pocket-friendly too.

How Do You Manufacture Polycarbonate Bar?

Extrusion process

Extrusion process

We have an extrusion manufacturing process for polycarbonate manufacturing.

This process produces various types of polycarbonate bars, which are used in different applications.

Extrusion is generally used to reform and shape the polycarbonate bars.

Here, the hot polycarbonate is melted and passed through a cavity to set the form and shapes.

During this process, the following aspects are put into consideration

  • Polycarbonate bars grade
  • The equipment involved in extruding it must be cost-cutting.
  • The process parameter too.

Are Chinese Polycarbonate Bars Long-Lasting Compared To Other Manufacturers?

Yes, polycarbonate bars from China are long-lasting compared to other manufacturers.

We have a guaranteed 20 years’ lifespan if the bars are well installed.

If not installed in the correct way, the lifespan will reduce.

Choose a polycarbonate bar from China, and for sure, we guarantee you a quality product.

What Are The Main Purpose Of Investing In Polycarbonate Bars?

Polycarbonate bar

Polycarbonate bar

The primary purpose of investing in polycarbonate bars is for safety and light transmission in homes.

Polycarbonate bars are bulletproof and cannot easily be broken by thieves. All this will round up to security purposes.

Also, when you need enough light to be transmitted inside your home, polycarbonate bars will do it for you.

Another purpose polycarbonate bars will add value to your homes if you need to sell them one day.

What Are The Features Of Polycarbonate Bar?

Polycarbonate bars have some of the features below:

Lightweight – The key material used to make polycarbonate bars is usually light which reflects directly to the final product.

Usually, polycarbonate bars, regardless of the size, are always lightweight, making them easy to carry.

The incredible length – usually, the material used for polycarbonate bar making is strong.

It’s usually 250 times stronger than other bars of the same dimension.

It has a high-level heat resistance – Polycarbonate bar always withstands extreme temperatures without discoloring, melting, or cracking.

There is the main feature anyone is looking for before purchasing a polycarbonate bar.

Excellent thermal insulation – Polycarbonate bar usually offers an ideal thermal insulation efficiency; it can handle various temperature changes.

Flexible – Well, polycarbonate bars have a soft surface material that is easy to fabricate or mold into various designs and sizes with the help of different techniques.

Attractive –  Typically, polycarbonate bars are usually appealing to the eyes from a distance which is ideal for enhancing aesthetic in overall

Easy to shape – Polycarbonate bars are primarily sold in solid and multiwall bars, always available in thickness from 4mm to 32mm and standard size.

The material usually is easy to cut using standard tools and be bent or shaped by following the directive of the manufacturers.

What Are Some Of the Shortcomings Of Polycarbonate Bars?

Polycarbonate, as far as it has many advantages, also has its shortcomings which are;

  • The high installation cost of the bars- Generally, polycarbonate bars are expensive compared to other bars available.
  • Polycarbonate bars also tend to scratch easily even though we provide anti-scratch polish, which will disadvantage clients.
  • The polycarbonate bars times might expand after installation.
  • During installation, the bars need a lot of care to avoid damages.

This, at times, may lead to one spending the whole day installing the polycarbonate bars.

What Is The Estimated Cost For Polycarbonate Bars Made From China?

Polycarbonate bars made from China’s estimated cost is $150-$700, but it all depends on the number of bars you need and the sizes that you order.

You may also need to include the cost of shipment to your country, which you will discuss with the shipping company of your choice.

What Are The Uses Of Polycarbonate Bar?

Frosted polycarbonate bar

Frosted polycarbonate bar

Well, polycarbonate bars are mainly used for security safety in homes and commercial places.

It is solid and bulletproof, which with it are sure of security issue is settled.

Another use of polycarbonate bars is to make beautification products in homes and offices.

Polycarbonate bars may also transmit a lot of light in homes, industries, and commercial places.

Are Chinese Polycarbonate Bars Bullet Resistance?

Yes, polycarbonate bars are one of the best bulletproof bars in the market.

They have a ballistic grade unique multilayer which usually allows them to be able to withstand bullets.

It offers level 3 bullet-resistant protection. With polycarbonate bars, you are sure of your safety against bullets.

How Does Polycarbonate Bar Compare To Acrylic Bar?

When comparing polycarbonate bars to acrylic well, the polycarbonate bar has more resilience than the acrylic bar.

It is a higher demand for applications like bulletproof windows.

Acrylic usually is transparent, making it ideal for cases of display due to its high finish gloss.

Polycarbonate bars can easily get scratches if not carefully handled, while the acrylic bars, on the other hand, get cracks easily.

Polycarbonate bars have UV protection which makes them easily exposed to flame.

For acrylics, they cannot be disclosed to open flames since it may lead to their damage.

Which Types Of Polycarbonate Bars Do You Have?

Some of the most common options include:

Solid Textured Polycarbonate Bars

They are usually manufactured from a high-quality resin polycarbonate.

Solid textures polycarbonate bars typically have 250 times the impact strength of the same glass thickness.

Which means virtually they are not breakable. These bars are UV protected which can be used both indoors and outdoor applications.

Solid textured polycarbonate bars have the qualities of durability, lightweight, and flexibility.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Bars

They are the strongest bars that have superior and exceptional impact resistance. They usually come in different finishing.

Corrugated polycarbonate bars are mostly suitable for commercial and industrial and warehouses.

Corrugated polycarbonate bars are unbreakable with a range thickness of 0.08mm up to 2mm.

They are expensive compared to other types of polycarbonate bars in the market.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Bars

This is one of the best types of polycarbonate. They come with high-quality impact and are the most versatile bars.

Their glazing system typically provides design flexibility with advanced light transmission and heat reflection.

These bars are from twin-wall to 5 wall structures—multiwall polycarbonate bars are known to tolerate any weather conditions.

Multiwall polycarbonate has a minimum of 25%and a maximum of 80% light transmission.

How Can You Join Polycarbonate Bars?

Okay, polycarbonate bars are easily joint epoxide glue which is also known as epoxy.

With the help of this glue, it’s an easy way to join the bars.

Can You Cut Polycarbonate Bar To Size?

Definitely, yes, you can cut polycarbonate bars to sizes. This is done by using the following tools;

  • CNC router
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular saw
  • Band saw
  • Table saw

Will My Clear Polycarbonate Bar Discolour After Sometime?

The polycarbonate bars are UV protected on both inside and outside, ensuring resistance against harmful sun rays.

This makes it impossible to discolor at any time if it’s a polycarbonate of high quality.

While on the other side of your bars are of low quality, they will turn color after some time.

Which Are The Factors You Need To Consider While Buying Polycarbonate Bars From China?

It is essential to consider the factors below before buying your polycarbonate bar.

 The Durability

You need to be aware of how durable your polycarbonate bar will be.

Research the bars you want to buy and make sure they have passed a durability test.

With this in mind, you will go for the best even if it’s too expensive.

The Resistance Level

We usually recommend that you go for high-resistant level polycarbonate bars.

It’s a factor that you should not take lightly if you need to save on your money.

You will not need to replace the bars every time, and also, security-wise, you will be sorted out with high-level resistant polycarbonate bars.

Adherence to Building Codes

To be on the safe side with the government, consider choosing a polycarbonate bar that has meets and adheres to government building codes.

This will help with your safety first since they will not be harmful, and for sure, you will not get in trouble with authorities during inspections.


You need to consider the cost of buying polycarbonate bars from a local manufacturer or importing the bars.

Compare both and weigh on which one is cheaper to go with.

A point to note is to make sure you also evaluate the quality of the polycarbonate bars.

It counts a lot. Go for the best, no matter how higher is cost will be.

How Can You Maintain Polycarbonate Bar?

Well, if you need your polycarbonate bars to serve you for a more extended period. Here is some guidance on how to maintain them.

Follow them carefully, and for sure, there will be no regret with your polycarbonate bars.

  • Always do a thorough cleaning of your polycarbonate bars after every six months.

If you tend to live around the beach, we recommend you clean after every two months.

  • When cleaning your polycarbonate bars, use a microfibre cloth, or you might use soft cotton wool.
  • Use a dishwashing brush to clean the areas or even a soft nylon brush to clean the places you can hardly reach while cleaning.
  • We always advise using mild detergents for cleaning your polycarbonate bars—actually a mixture of 4-5mls of detergent to 250ml of water.

A spray bottle might help to make your work easier in measurements.

  • All polycarbonate bars are UV protection which might get damaged if you use any abrasive material or liquid.

Avoid abrasive products while cleaning.

  • When cleaning, use dry soft cotton wool or cloth to dry up your polycarbonate bar.

Are There Limitations Of Polycarbonate Bars?

No, there are no limitations of polycarbonate bars.

What Are The Available Shapes Of Polycarbonate Bar?

We have different shapes which are available for polycarbonate bars. These may include


This is a process of putting an artwork mark or design on polycarbonate bars to bring out its best shape.

Your polycarbonate bar can be engraved to the size you want it all based on your specifications.

Mostly these shapes usually appear on custom-made polycarbonate bars.

Laser Cutting

You may use laser cut to process polycarbonate bars into a stunning and desirable design shape.

It’s one of the accurate and efficient cutting methods for polycarbonate bar shapes.

All you need to do is provide your 2D drawing specification of shapes and use it to provide the shape.


ShareThis is a process where polycarbonate bar can be custom fabricated to formable temperatures. The mold will be formed according to the shapes you need for the bars.

Thermoforming usually has perfect quality shapes.


Polycarbonate bars can be bent to produce different shapes. It all be determined by your request or demand.

Bending bay give out a shape like curves, square, and round shapes.

Which Colours Do You Have For Polycarbonate Bars?

We have a variety of colors to choose from, which may include colorless, red-blue, purple, yellow, pink-brown gold, silver-green, and many more.

We generally provide a wide range of colors to bring attraction to your polycarbonate designs.

Are Your Polycarbonate Bars Environmental – Friendly?

Yes, polycarbonate bars usually meet the sustainability test, which means it’s environmentally friendly.

Also, polycarbonate bars can be recycled, so there is no need to worry about their disposal.

As Manufacturers, What Return Policy Do You Have For Polycarbonate Bars?

Our return policy usually allows clients to return, replace or refund on polycarbonate bars.

You are supposed to return within 30 days of receiving your orders.

The policy is, however, guided by the following conditions;

  • Damages; you will send an image of the damaged shipment to our customer care, and replacement will be done immediately and communicated to you.
  • Residencies in case of any discrepancies we will handle on the same day action to help speedy resolutions.

When returning the polycarbonate bars, please attach a copy of the receipt and make sure it is packaged the way you received it.

Do You Have An MOQ For Purchasing Polycarbonate Bars?

Yes, we do have a flexible MOQ for our polycarbonate bars.

By this, we mean you can negotiate the MOQ of the bars you need, of course, with a valid reason.

For all your polycarbonate bars from China, contact us now.

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