• 5mm Acrylic Sheets

5mm Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab 5mm acrylic sheet is a durable acrylic for your business. We manufacture all types, colors, and features of 5mm acrylic sheets. You can choose the best surface treatment based on your requirements. If you need further information on this product or would like a quote on a custom-made 5mm acrylic sheet, please contact us immediately.

Get WeProFab 5mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

Get a cost-effective 5mm acrylic sheet at Weprofab. Our team manufactures it to high tolerance with excellent constant sheet thickness. It features great impact resistance than glass, easy to clean and abrasion-resistant, and has high resistance to discoloration and weathering. You can avail standard and custom 5mm acrylic sheets at Weprofab. Contact us now!


5mm Acrylic Sheets Manufacturing

Weprofab is your trusted 5mm acrylic sheets manufacturer. We have advanced manufacturing line and mature technology allow us to create satisfying 5mm acrylic sheets.

5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets

Our 5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets features good resistance to most common chemicals. It is easy to handle, lightweight – half the weight of glass.

Colored 5mm Acrylic Sheets

Find the best colored 5mm acrylic sheets at Weprofab. It is easy to shape into creative designs and is fully recyclable. It offers greater impact resistance than glass.

Custom 5mm Acrylic Sheets

Our team follows strict quality control to test the range of 5mm acrylic sheets to ensure that these are perfect. These are offered in various shapes, designs, colors, and can be further customized as per the requirements of the clients.

Cut-To-Size 5mm Acrylic Sheets

Cut-To-Size 5mm Acrylic Sheets are offered in different colors such as red, white, yellow, black, tinted, etc. Weprofab is your one-stop solution, supported by other fabrication capabilities.

Wholesale 5mm Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab can supply wholesale 5mm acrylic sheets for your business. We have an efficient manufacturing line that allows us to produce 5mm acrylic sheets in any quantity.

WeProFab: Your Leading 5mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Weprofab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We hold complete manufacturing equipment and a wide range of plastic fabrication capabilities. Our company supports OEM/ODM customers.

Weprofab 5mm Acrylic Sheets are manufactured from high-grade 100% pure acrylic resins. It is a valuable and flexible plastic material for your applications. It is made featuring excellent durability and versatility.

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab can do anti-reflective, anti-fog,  anti-glare, anti-scratch, super abrasion resistant, and other special surface treatments to 5mm acrylic sheets before further processing. Whether you’re a supplier, wholesaler, or custom company that needs a 5mm acrylic sheet, Weprofab got you covered. For more information about what we offer, contact us now.

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Custom 5mm Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Brand

5mm Black Acrylic Sheets

Our range of 5mm Black Acrylic Sheets has exceptional strength and a good alternative for glass. Weprofab has rich experience in bringing the best products and services for you.

5mm Blue Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab 5mm Blue Acrylic Sheets is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It is suitable for lighting, windows, windshields, furniture, eye protection, etc.

5mm Brown Acrylic Sheets

Weprofab 5mm brown acrylic sheets are famous for their excellent impact, UV resistant, corrosion-resistant, and shatterproof characteristics.

5mm Green Acrylic Sheets

Thanks to its outstanding workability and great possessions, 5mm green acrylic sheets are widely used as glazing for additional windows, canopies, wall panels, greenhouses, windscreens, etc.

5mm Plastic Board Acrylic Sheets

5mm plastic board acrylic sheets are assured stress-free so that the chance of tearing is minimal. It offers great transparency, is UV-resistant, and is extremely strong.

5mm Rectangular Acrylic Sheets

Owing to our wide experience and market knowledge, we have been serving our valued clients with an expansive range of 5mm rectangular acrylic sheets.

5mm Red Acrylic Sheets

5mm Red Acrylic Sheets is great for many applications such as lighting fixtures, canopies, windows, wall partitions, etc. It is easy to install and maintain. 


5mm Yellow Acrylic Sheets

Our series of 5mm yellow acrylic sheets are 30 times stronger than glass and considerably lighter and cheaper. It has remarkable features but an affordable acrylic sheet.

Crystal Clear 5mm Acrylic Sheets

Crystal clear 5mm acrylic sheets provide 92% high light transmission. We create 5mm acrylic sheets designs to meet the exact needs of our valued customers.

Impact Resistant 5mm Acrylic Sheet

5mm acrylic sheets is designed with great impact resistance and a longer life span. Lower cost but effective solutions for any applications such as construction, arts, and productions.

Shatter Proof 5mm Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheets is one of the popular materials for window panels, door, partitions, and more. It has great shatter resistance especially in earthquakes, hurricanes, and more. Available in solid sheets, twin walls, different surface finishes, and more selections.

Bulletproof 5mm Acrylic Sheet

Choose the right selections for your customers of acrylic sheets featuring bulletproof ability suitable for windows, doors, shelving, and more. Lightweight and easier to fabricate because of its durable surface.

UV Coated 5mm Acrylic Sheet

5mm acrylic sheets are designed with high UV block abilities which protect skin, animals, and flowers in various applications and purposes. Choose the right color and types of acrylic sheets for enough UV protection.

5mm translucent Acrylic Sheet

5mm acrylic translucent sheets is used for different production, lighting fixtures, crafts, and more. Easier to fabricate, bend, laserable, and more to meet different business needs. 20 times stronger than other types of materials.


5mm Light Diffuser Acrylic Sheet

If you are looking for durable lighting fixtures materials, acrylic sheets have different light diffusing options. Variety of colors, dimensions, and surface textures. Lowest price offer yet longer life span.

5mm Embossed Acrylic Sheet

Embossed acrylic sheets are widely used for partitions, furniture, and other production. It has great impact resistance and is easy to form and suitable for building construction. Get the best price offer while helping your business expand.

Textured Acrylic 5mm Sheet

There are the different textured surfaces of 5mm acrylic sheets. Variety of colors such as green, blue, red, yellow, orange, and custom colors. Suitable for covers, boxes, shelves, furniture, and more.

Patterned 5mm Acrylic Sheet

Patterned 5mm acrylic sheets are suitable for countertops, table tops, door cabinets, and more. It has a great property of resistance from shatters, heat, impacts, and scratches. Easier to install and screw offers a longer life span.

5mm Solid Flat Acrylic Sheet

Solid flat acrylic sheets have different types of textures. High gloss, matte, textured, patterned, frosted, and more selections for your business. Perfect for precision machining, easier to form sheets.

5mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet

Frosted acrylic sheets are widely used for making table dividers or sneeze guards, room partitions, shielding, doors, windows, boxes, and more. Lighter weight than glass materials which have high impact resistance.

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Why WeProFab 5mm Acrylic Sheet

For your 5mm acrylic sheet needs, why not choose Weprofab as your reliable manufacturer? We have engaged in this industry for more than 20 years. Our company consistently provides excellent products and services.

One of our best-selling products is the 5mm acrylic sheet. Weprofab 5mm acrylic sheets are versatile that can be laser cut, molded, shaped, router cut, bent, drilled, and machined to your specific requirements. It is manufactured to stabilize UV for good weatherability and long-lasting outdoor applications.

Our series of 5mm acrylic sheets is available in various types such as 5mm clear acrylic sheets, colored 5mm acrylic sheets, 5mm fluorescent acrylic sheets, frosted 5mm acrylic sheets, mirrored 5mm acrylic sheets, and more.

You can also get high-gloss and scratch-resistant 5mm acrylic sheets with Weprofab. It is meticulously designed to meet the various quality standard. We create tremendous quality 5mm acrylic sheets suitable for different uses.

Weprofab 5mm acrylic sheets Advantages

  • Ideal for prolonged sunlight exposure
  • Lightweight
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Fantastic chemical resistance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Designed with protective film on both sides of the sheet

Weprofab 5mm acrylic sheets Applications

  • exhibition stands
  • secondary, shed, greenhouse glazing
  • windows and doors
  • acrylic splashbacks
  • signage display cases
  • furniture
  • boat and motorcycle windows


Our range of 5mm acrylic sheets is famous and gain a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets. It is widely distributed to various countries. To skyrocket your brand, our company offers OEM / ODM services. This will allow you to create best-selling products.

As an ISO9001 certified company, we guarantee to provide outstanding products to our dear customers. All products we supply will make your customer proud and satisfied. This will be securely packed and on-time delivered to your place.

Whether you’re starting your 5mm acrylic sheets business, wholesaler, or custom company that needs superior quality 5mm acrylic sheets, Weprofab is your ideal choice. We will never disappoint you!

Weprofab is your one-stop-shop solution for any acrylic sheet need in China. Our wide acrylic fabrication capabilities allow us to produce not only 5mm acrylic sheets, but a wide range of acrylic products such as 30mm acrylic sheets, 40mm acrylic sheets, pastel-colored acrylic sheets, fluted acrylic sheets, solid acrylic sheets, custom acrylic sheets, etc.

If you are interested in our 5mm acrylic sheets, contact us immediately. We are glad to help you anytime, anywhere you are.

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