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As one of the leading surgical face shield manufacturers in China, WeProFab offers high-quality products at the best prices. Our surgical face shield is made from the finest materials. For all your surgical face shield needs, WeProFab can fully support you.

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WeProFab could offer you a broad range of surgical face shields, different models suit face shapes and various medical and surgical uses. To find the perfect for your business, you can discuss it with our representative.

Adjustable Full Surgical Face Shield

WeProFab is a professional adjustable full surgical face shield manufacturer. We have the capability to custom-design products to own requirements.

Chamber-style Surgical Face Shield

Chamber-style Surgical Face Shield from WeProFab keeps the mask away from the face. Easy-breathing and comfort are a must.

Anti-fog Surgical Full face shield with mask

As one of the professional manufacturers, WeProFab design anti-fog surgical full face shield with mask fit easily. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to breathe.

3D Full face shield

WeProFab can manufacture a 3D full face shield providing unique protection to the entire face. It effectively protects lower face area to neck from droplets and splashes of blood and bloodily fluids.

3/4 Surgical Face Shield

WeProFab produces a 3/4 surgical face shield that comes with solid protection on the eye. It perfectly fits for surgical operation or any medical practice which needs optimum protection. WeProFab can customize a 3/4 face shield for you.

4 Ply Surgical Face Mask with Visor

If you are looking for the best 4 ply surgical face mask with visor, check on WeProFab right away. We offer a 4 ply surgical face mask with visor carefully created by our engineers.

WeProFab: Your Professional Surgical Face Shield Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

WeProFab specializes in the design and manufacturing surgical face shields for many years. Anti-fog and anti-glare are some performances you could expect.

WeProFab design surgical face shield from highest-quality material. We have the capabilities to make your surgical face shield. Rest assured that you will get cost-effective yet premium solutions.

As a professional factory and manufacturer, WeProFab can surely boost your business requirements. In WeProFab, your satisfaction is our goal. We focus to deliver value to our customers.

Send us an inquiry now; we will give you back with a perfect surgical face shield for you.

Custom Surgical Face Shield to Skyrocket Your Brand

Full face surgical shield

WeProFab can custom a full-face surgical shield with different styles and sizes to fit your own preference.

Surgical Disposable Face Shield

WeProFab surgical disposable face shield is made from the finest quality material. The product provide several types of protection for any medical and surgical uses.

Anti-fog Surgical Full faced Shield

WeProFab can make a surgical full-faced shield with fog-resistant features. The product is specially designed to create a seal preventing risk of exposure/ splashing of blood.

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Why Surgical Face Shield

WeProFab is one of the professional surgical face shield manufacturers in China.

We are designing a high-quality surgical face shield providing a maximum level of protection.

WeProFab, as a surgical face shield factory, we come to design different styles of surgical mask, full and short face shield with a mask.

The face shield offers maximum protection from hazards splashes or sprays of blood or bodily fluids. It protects users for designated procedures and applications.

Understanding industry standards and guidelines, each face shield is carefully designed to meet optimum performance. Ensure your surgical face shield provide appropriate protection.

Surgical Face Shield-1

WeProFab is the leading surgical face shield manufacturer in China you can trust.

With years in specializing surgical face shield design and manufacturing, you can surely count on services provided.

If you want a surgical face shield for your own brand/ business, count on WeProFab.

We have qualified designers to create a better surgical face shield for you.

In any workplace applications, dental, hospitals, clinics, our surgical face shield perfectly works.

As the requirement of surgical face shield rapidly increases these days due to infectious diseases, we expand our production capacity. WeProFab has fabrication capabilities to reduce the risk of failures.

WeProFab design surgical face shield made of unbleached material.

It has strong protection against fluids and large-particle droplets. Our various surgical faces come with anti-fog and anti-glare performance as you expected.

Our protective gear is easy to wear maximum easy-breathing comfort. WeProFab surgical face shield has been recognized by ASTM.

Surgical Face Shield-2

The performance level of the surgical face shield ensures a reliable mask. WePro can support your business based on your demand. Please contact WePro for the consultation of specific inquiries.

WeProFab offers a one-stop solution for all your surgical face shield needs. We can help you meet all your requirements. The offered product is available at a competitive price.

WeProFab got the leverage of high volume production. That’s why we offer products at low-cost. We can fully support you.

WeProFab has the expertise and knowledge in production you might look for professional manufacturers. Excellent quality surgical face shield from WeProFab will skyrocket your business today.

Aside from the surgical face shield, we have also a range of masks offered including a medical face shield, disposable coverall, protective suit, surgical mask, and so on.

WeProFab as a supplier and surgical face shield factory, ensure a high-quality surgical face shield.

We are working with partners from different countries. Let us work together too. As an ISO 9001 certified company, WeProFab controls quality rigorously.

Surgical Face Shield-3

During production until before ship out, our controllers make sure each one quality level is excellent. When looking for a reliable factory in China with fast production, WeProFab is named.

Given the situation and market needs today, finding one that might help you thoroughly is ideal.

WeProFab is a top-leading manufacturer of surgical face shield you can miss with.

You might ask now how to order and further process, well, no worries, simply contact us.

We will glad to assist you and your practice. All questions will be answered. Please just don’t hesitate to reach WeProFab right away!

Ultimate FAQ Guide ToSurgical Face Shield

There are high chances of contamination during surgeries in a hospital.

Droplets from nose or mouth are the most common modes of transmission of diseases.

Hence, it is important to cover these areas throughout the operation to maintain a sterile environment.

Wearing a surgical face shield is a protective measure for medical workers to prevent the spread of germs.

It covers the front, side, and top of your face to prevent contamination by fluid-borne pathogens.

In this FAQ guide, you can understand all the aspects of a surgical face shield with the below most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about surgical face shield.

What Is A Surgical Face Shield?

Surgical face shields are personal protective equipment used by medical professions.

This is to avoid the spread of pathogens through splatters or splashes of body fluid from the nose or the mouth.

However, surgical face shields alone are not capable of protecting you against viruses.

The shield covers your entire face and ensures full coverage of mouth, nose, and eyes.

You can use the surgical face shield with other protective equipment for better protection.

You can watch this video that describes research done the efficacy of surgical face shields against cough droplets.

Surgical face shield

Surgical face shield

What Are The Surgical Face Shields Made Of?

Surgical face shields are made of a good quality thermoplastic.

This thermoplastic is resistant to heat, toxic chemicals, and force.

You will find some face shields have an additional drape at the end which you can tuck inside the gown.

This provides you with extra protection by covering the neck.

The headband has a foam coating for your comfort during surgeries.

The surgical face shield is made up of two materials.

These are as follows:

· Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is naturally transparent and can transmit 90% of the light that falls on it.

It can withstand high temperatures and is lightweight.

It is possible to mould it into different shapes easily and the strength does not degrade over time.

· Polyester Film

It belongs to the polymer family and is a polymer resin.

It is also used to make surgical face masks because it is crystal clear and has high tensile strength.

With high thermal resistance, polyester is also famous for protection against ultraviolet rays.

Why Do You Need To Wear A Surgical Face Shield?

If you work in a hospital, patients mostly have open wounds or cuts are made during surgeries.

In such cases, the patient is highly prone to infectious diseases.

The patient might also be a carrier of germs.

Surgical face shields act as a barrier between the patient and you to avoid contamination.

It covers your eyes, nose, and mouth with a clear plastic film.

This ensures that no droplets of mucous fall on the patient.

It reduces the chances of transmission of infections significantly.

Spread of airborne diseases

Spread of airborne diseases

Some of the main benefits of wearing a medical mask are:

  • Protection From Diseases Spread By Air-borne Pathogens

There are germs present inside your body.

When you sneeze or cough or talk, the droplets that are released carry these disease-causing pathogens.

If these droplets fall on the other person, there are high chances of them being infected.

The diseases caused by such pathogens can be common cold, influenza and even some serious diseases like pneumonia.

  • Protection From Diseases Spread By Blood-borne Pathogens

Infectious microorganisms can be present in our blood and infect other humans.

If during surgery, the patient’s blood comes in direct contact with the medical experts, the pathogen can enter their bodies.

Some serious diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and also HIV.

  • Protection Against Dust Particles

You may be allergic to dust particles and face difficulty in breathing while inhaling them.

If a dust particle enters your eye during surgery, there might be a possibility of a mistake caused due to your inability to see.

The surgical face shield covers your nose and prevents dust particles from entering your nose or eyes.

· Protection From Sharp Tools

If you are a doctor or a medical staff, you work with needles and other sharp tools for operating.

Surgical face shields have a solid plastic covering your face.

The material is impact resistant and a needle cannot piece it unlike in the case of a surgical mask.

Why Is It Necessary To Protect Your Face and Eyes With A Surgical Face Shield?

The outbreak of fatal infectious airborne diseases including the coronavirus (COVID-19), SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and avian influenza have increased the need to protect your eyes and face.

Other severe infectious agents associated with exposure to body fluids, like the Ebola virus, have made it essential to cover your face.

It is also crucial for surgeons and emergency medical doctors to wear a surgical face shield.

This is because they have a higher chance of catching infections while treating the patient.

Is A Surgical Face Shield Sufficient To Protect Yourself?

Generally, you must not use a surgical face shield alone.

It is integral to wear them in conjunction with other kinds of protective equipment to fully protect yourselves.

This includes face masks, N95 respirator masks, protective coveralls and gloves.

What Are The Different Components Of A Surgical Face Shield?

The surgical face shields have three major components:

· Visor

The visor is also known as the lens and is made of polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate, or acetate.

Out of these materials, acetate provides the best clarity, and PETG comes off as a highly economical material.

They come in different lengths and can be disposable, re-useable or replaceable.

Some visors cover half of your face, some cover your chin while others the anterior neck area also.

The visor curves around the face and wider visors provide you with more protection.

You will find that visors have additional coatings for anti-glare and anti-fogging properties.

They also protect you from ultraviolet light and resist scratches to increase the longevity of your surgical face shields.

Visor in a surgical face shield

Visor in a surgical face shield

· Frame

Frames are made of light-weight plastic and come in different styles.

They offer a variety of frame styles, including adjustable and non-adjustable frames.

These frames encircle your skull either fully or partially.

Some frames have metal clips and enable you to flip the visor upwards when not in use.

Brow caps provide you with extra protection for the forehead and increase the distance of the visor from the face.

· Suspension System

They come in full or partial circumferential attachments.

There are adjustable headbands that use the Velcro mechanism, the rachet system or the pin-lock system.

You can also find non-adjustable ones that have elastic bands in them.

The suspension system is responsible for maintaining the stability of the frame.

What Are The Different Quality Standards Available For A Surgical Face Shield?

Surgical face shields are very important equipment during surgeries.

Hence, you need to ensure that the quality of these face shields is up to standard.

Many national and international institutions have come up with quality standards to be strictly followed by manufacturers of these surgical face masks.

· ANSI Standard

The American National Standards Institute states that per the Mark Z87 standard, the surgical face shield should be able to withstand the impact of 25.4mm diameter ball dropped from 50 inches above.

Mark Z87+ standards indicate that a surgical face shield should be able to resist the impact of a 6.35mm diameter steel ball coming at a velocity of 91.4 m/s.

The lens needs to have luminous transmittance more than 85 percent and should be free of any visible defects.

· European Standard

The European Standard states that the face shield should withstand the impact of a steel ball of the diameter of 6mm at various speeds.

These different speeds are 190 m/s, 120 m/s and 45 m/s.

The lens quality should not provide any eye strain on the wearer.

The lens should have acceptance tolerance levels of refractive and resolving power.

· Canadian Standard

The Z94.3 Canadian Standard for Eye and Face Protectors is the Canadian standards for protection equipment that manufacturers need to comply with.

What Are The Ways To Manufacture A Surgical Face Shield?

There are two methods to manufacture surgical face shields.

These are injection molding and extrusion.

Face shields that are designed from extrusion sheets offer you a much better impact resistance.

This is because these sheets are built with high molecular weight plastic pellets.

On the other hand, injection-molded face shields provide relatively less impact resistance as they use low molecular weight plastic pellets.

What Are The Main Tests Essential For Manufacturing A Surgical Face Shield?

There are quite a few crucial tests that manufacturers do before bringing any surgical face shield to the market.

These tests are:

· Flammability test

In this test, you expose the device to a flame.

Flammability Test

Flammability test

· Ignition test

In this test, devices make contact with a heated rod of metal to test flame resistance.

Ignition Test Apparatus

Ignition test apparatus

What Is The Selection Criteria For A Surgical Face Shield?

A surgical face shield acts as a barrier to protect your facial area and its mucous membranes from infectious fluids.

These fluids expel from their source due to numerous physiological processes like coughing, sneezing, vomiting, etc.

Experts recommend that you properly select your surgical face shield that associates with your medical procedure.

These are some of the major factors to look into:

  • Circumstances or reason of exposure
  • Use of other Personal Protective Equipment
  • Individual vision needs
  • A surgical face shield that is easy to don and doff. These usually come with elastic or velcro straps.
  • It must provide you with a snugly fit to ensure proper sealing on the forehead area.
  • Surgical face shields must not slip away from your face.
  • It is better to go for a face shield whose visors include protection against UV light.
  • The visor must also feature anti-fogging, anti-glare and anti-static properties.
  • If you are looking for a cost-effective protective gear, there are options for reusable models.

Anti-glare surgical face shield

Anti-glare surgical face shield

In Which Other Fields Are Medical Face Shields Used?

A face shield is an integral part of the healthcare sector but it is also popular in many other sectors.

It is helpful in all sectors where face protection is mandatory.

  • Medical Workers

Medical face shields have become very popular in healthcare facilities.

It is useful for your protection against blood or any other infectious fluid during a critical medical procedure.

Hence, surgical face shields are pivotal in reducing the spread of infections.

  • Laboratories Used For Testing

Laboratories for testing deal with a wide range of pathogens daily.

Thus, it is essential for you to maintain a sterile environment to prevent spreading of infections.

If you work in a laboratory, you will certainly use medical face shields as a part of personal protective equipment.

  • Industrial Areas And Factories

Chemical industries deal with hazardous chemicals.

If you work in chemical industries, you will use medical face shields to protect your nose and eyes from these harmful chemical releases.

Industries that involve welding or burning of furnace also provide face shields to their staff.

This ensures protection from the sparks and any form of impact.

Face Shields for welding

Face Shields for welding

  • Military And Police Forces

In both these sectors, men use face shields for ballistic and non-ballistic protection.

Non-ballistic face shields are capable of withstanding minor impacts like punches and small stones.

Ballistic face shields contain very strong thermoplastic materials.

These face shields can protect you from the blast, gunshots, and firearms.

Soldiers also wear these face shields.

· Construction

If you are involved in the construction of buildings, you may wear face shields regularly.

Construction sites have many dust particles and other debris.

It is safer to wear face shields while using cutting tools and working with metals.

What Is The Correct Way To Wear A Surgical Face Shield?

You need to be careful while wearing a surgical face shield.

If you don’t wear it in the right manner, then you will face discomfort during surgeries.

Not wearing it properly will reduce the protection provided by the surgical face shield.

These are the steps you need to follow while wearing a surgical face shield.

Make sure the face shield you are going to use is clean and sterile.

Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer before wearing the face shield.

Put the headband around your head carefully.

If it is loose, tighten it with the adjustable clips.

Make sure it is not too tight because you might suffer from a headache later.

Check if the frame is present right in front of your face.

Do not touch the frame with your hands as this might blur the vision during surgery.

Do You Need To Wear Safety Glasses Under A Surgical Face Shield?

Yes, you must wear safety glasses under a surgical face shield.

This is because the bottom and the sides of a face shield have gaps in between.

This increases the chances of pathogenic liquid or potentially infectious materials to pass through the shield and contact your eyes.

Moreover, it is recommended that you wear safety eyeglasses as a means of caution.

What Are The Types Of Masks You Can Wear Under Surgical Face Shields?

Surgical face shields are not the only equipment used for protection of the face.

It is worn on top of a surgical face mask to provide additional protection.

The face masks worn under surgical face shields are of two types:

· Surgical Masks

These masks cover your nose and mouth with the help of two strings around your ears.

They are made of a soft fabric and are comfortable to wear.

You will find that surgical masks protect the nose and mouth closely from pathogens.

Surgical mask

Surgical mask

· Respirators

Respirators are made of high-quality materials to provide better protection.

You will find that they provide more coverage and have filters to keep away bacteria and other microorganisms.

N95 respirators are very popular in healthcare facilities.



How Much Does A Surgical Face Shield Cost?

The surgical face shields are made up of high-quality materials.

They provide you with different levels of coverage and protection.

Face shields providing more coverage are more expensive.

Some surgical face shields have superior headbands with foam lining and drape around the neck for more protection.

All these additional features also add to the cost of the surgical face shields.

Do Surgical Face Shields Have Coatings?

The three coatings are as follows:

· Anti-fog

This is to prevent fogging inside your surgical face shield so that your vision remains extremely clear.

· Anti-Scratch

With anti-scratch features, your surgical face shield will not be easily scratched and you can continue to see clearly.

· Reflective

Mirror coatings are included on the surface to reflect light and prevent too much light from enter your eyes.

Do Surgical Face Shields Hamper Vision?

It is of utmost importance that the doctor has a clear vision during surgery.

Surgical face shields are specifically made up of transparent materials.

The frame of the face shield allows you to see clearly through it.

There is no refraction or astigmatism when you use the surgical face shield.

The material prevents formation of fog inside the face shield because of breathing.

How To Clean Surgical Face Shields After Use?

Below are the steps you need to follow to clean your surgical face shield.

Wear gloves and a face mask before you start cleaning your surgical face shield.

Disassemble your face shield and separate the frame, headband and visor.

Submerge the parts in a disinfectant solution.

You can also use an aerosol spray but use it twice.

Let it dry.

If your face shield has come in contact with a hazardous substance or a fatal pathogen, then dispose of your surgical face shield and use a new one.

Does Surgical Face Shield Cause Any Discomfort?

Surgical face shields are light-weight and hence comfortable to wear.

If you don’t wrap the headband properly then you might face some discomfort.

You might also face difficulty while if you wear it for longer durations.

Does Surgical Face Shield Provide Protection Against Virus?

Surgical face shields do not protect against viruses.

A virus is very small in size and face shields are not able to block the entry of viruses.

It may be successful in blocking other pathogens which are big in size.

Hence, you should definitely wear a surgical face shield together with a face mask for complete protection.

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