• Acrylic Slab

Acrylic Slab

Weprofab is one of the finest factories working in mainland China. We have all kinds of acrylic slab that you need to finalize your projects. When you`re looking for a firm acrylic slab, always choose Weprofab! if you got so many questions about our acrylic slab, allow us to give the exact answer.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Slab to Delight Your Customers

Having difficulties in searching for acrylic strips, then check out Weprofab! We have a lot of best-selling products to offer.

Acrylic Slab Factory Manufacturer

Weprofab suggests an acrylic slab to be included to your operating business. When you`re wholesaler or retailer, Weprofab can be your source of durable acrylic slabs.

Custom Sizes Acrylic Slab

Weprofab has superior solutions when it comes to customizing acrylic slab into different sizes. We have a high capacity to supply the products you need on time.

Handcraft Acrylic Slab

Weprofab handcraft acrylic slab is an ideal product to boom your business. Weprofab is a dedicated manufacturer of all acrylic slab productions.

High Gloss Acrylic Slab

Weprofab is happy to offer customization services for your ideal acrylic slab products. Offered for competitive prices in the market.

Modified Acrylic Solid Surface Slab

Weprofab gains popularity in making modified acrylic solid surface slab. It is high-quality and functional in wide range of uses.

Table Top Acrylic Slab

To instantly roar your business, get a profitable tabletop acrylic slab to include in your business. Weprofab offers large options so you can choose anything you need.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Slab Manufacturer

Weprofab is your number 1 supplier of the acrylic slab. We have the capability to produce acrylic slabs in thousands of supplies.

When you`re looking for a firm, extra-durable acrylic slab, choose Weprofab to be your supplier. We offer huge selections of an acrylic slab, featuring unique and modern designs.

To reach the desired growth for the business, we produce acrylic products that are durable and profitable as well.

Contact us for more product info.

Custom Acrylic Slab to Skyrocket Your Brand

Clear Acrylic Slab

Weprofab is guaranteed manufacturer of any clear acrylic slab. We export/ import acrylic products across the country.

Cell Cast Acrylic Slab

Are you looking for the best cell cast acrylic slab? Weprofab has all the products you need. It is durable for any application.

Artificial Acrylic Stone Slab

Weprofab artificial acrylic stone slab is a high-quality solid surface. Durably made in high tech machines which gives an amazing look.

Acrylic Plexiglass Slab

Your desired acrylic plexiglass slab is highly recommended in many applications. We can provide your aspired volume of orders.

Frosted Acrylic Slab

Weprofab Frosted Acrylic Slab is very ideal for business inclusions. We supplied all kinds of acrylic slabs in many companies that owned big facilities.

Marble Acrylic Slab

Marble acrylic slab arrives with a solid surface and color. Frequently used for restaurant table top, reception front desk, and kitchen countertops. Offers a marbled surface with strict quality control for enhanced quality.

Solid Acrylic Slab

The solid acrylic slab is offered with numerous design options at a pocket-friendly price. A popular choice for most bathrooms and kitchens. Equipped with solid pigments that look more natural. Mostly used as a solid surface countertop.

Clear Acrylic Slab

A clear acrylic slab is the purest and simplest form of furniture. Perfectly shaped to provide a luxury gleam in any setting. Extruded using high-quality material and the joints are smooth and perfectly glued.

Acrylic Stone Counter Slab

An acrylic stone counter slab is available as a coffee table and side table. Creates a stunning appearance with neutral tones and bright hues. Capable to pristine for many years without the risk of damage.

Frosted Acrylic Slab

Frosted Acrylic slabs are one of the popular acrylic selections in the industry. Available in  different surface finishes and applications with different dimensions for your customer’s selections.

High Gloss Acrylic Slab

A high gloss acrylic slab is perfect for achieving a sleek and modern environment. Characterizes a smooth glossy surface with outstanding beauty and durability. Highly resistant to scratches, chemicals, and UV rays.

Solid Surface Modified Acrylic Slab

A solid surface modified acrylic slab is made of high-quality material that can be used for a long time. Offers admirable chemical resistance and has a more uniform thickness than any other solution.

Matte Finish Acrylic Slab

Matte finish acrylic slab offers a soft touch and gives cabinets a warmer look and feel. Includes a matte finish to achieve an outstanding and subtle cabinetry style. Engineered using premium material with a stunning appearance.

10mm Acrylic Slab

10mm acrylic slab is made of environmentally friendly and durable materials which last for a long time. Characterizes good toughness and strength. Available with 10mm thickness and can be cut into small sizes.

15mm Acrylic Slab

15mm acrylic slab is manufactured using a clear, strong, and stiff material. Capable to be stocked, cut, and fabricated easily. Available in brilliant colors, distinct shapes, designs, and dimensions.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Slab

Impact-resistant acrylic slab is designed with clarity, brilliance, and sturdiness in mind. Can be cut to size when ordering. Widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Manufactured to any length and color.

Rectangular Acrylic Slab

A rectangular acrylic slab is accessible in custom sheet sizes and is easy to thermoform. Guarantees superior machining characteristics and is available with a rectangular shape. Offered with large sheet sizes.

8mm Glitter Acrylic Slab

8mm glitter acrylic slab is frequently placed in closet cabinets, kitchen, and bathroom. Guarantees excellent resistance against UV exposure. Offers a variety of colors for a lasting luxurious look and feel.

Custom Color Acrylic Slab

The custom color acrylic slab is designed with balanced beauty and durability and can be used for many years. Available in a variety of light and dark colors. Specially manufactured to be a scratch-resistant material.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Slab

Are you searching for a rigid, weather-resistant and lightweight acrylic slab for a specific application?

Weprofab may have the solution you require. We have endless selections of acrylic slab that will suit your applications.

Acrylic Slab

Weprofab acrylic slab have many features and characteristics that well-fitted to any projects including constructions, signage, recreation, and many more.  We also offer acrylic slab in different sizes, designs, styles, etc.

All the acrylic slab products we distribute is manufactured to meet the strict requirements of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our series of acrylic slab are used by customers for home improvement projects, commercial/industrial constructions, furniture making, laser engraving, merchandising, and much more uses.

As professional manufacturer, Weprofab produces acrylic slab in matte, textured and glossy finishes. It has incredible features, helpful for finalizing your applications.

Best of all, we highly presents a customization services for acrylic slab fabrications.

Acrylic Slab

Customization services are required to suit any set of applications. This service is less expensive, produces more sturdy and rigid acrylic slab, making them perfect for installations and large structures projects.

Weprofab`s distortion-free acrylic slab are perfect pair for machining.

And despite heat, sunlight, cold, and humidity, our acrylic slab maintain its original appearance and color. Whether outdoor or indoor applications, our acrylic slab will works the best!

Weprofab is your number 1 supplier of acrylic slab. We have the capability to produce acrylic slabs in thousands of supplies.

To reach the desired growth for business, we produce acrylic products that are durable and profitable as well.

Acrylic Slab

When you`re looking for a firm, extra-durable acrylic slab, choose Weprofab to be your supplier. We offer huge selections of acrylic slab, featuring unique and modern designs.

Weprofab is expert enough in manufacturing and supplying of the best acrylic products.

If you have further questions about this product, contact us! Talk with one of our professional personnel.

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