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Shop POP Display

WeProFab is an expert in manufacturing different variations of shop POP displays. All our shop POP displays are manufactured with a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles. These are made manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure products’ quality and high durability. If you need more information about our shop POP display, send us your inquires!

Get WeProFab Shop POP Display to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is a famous manufacturer for producing the best quality shop POP display. We aim to meet your expectations and requirements to support your business. WeProFab will always provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Shop POP Display Boxes

We manufacture different types of shop POP display boxes such as mirrored boxes, 5-sided acrylic boxes, wall-mounted display boxes, and more.

Shop POP Display Pedestals

You can choose from our wide range of shop POP display pedestals including laminate pedestals, custom printed pedestals, lighted pedestals, round and cylinder pedestals, etc.

Acrylic Shop POP Display Risers

Our shop POP display risers are manufactured with different designs such as solid acrylic columns, three-legged risers, shoe risers, acrylic pedestal risers, and U-shape risers.

Shop POP Display Signage

With our POP display signage, you can place your cards, pictures, posters, place card, and more. These are versatile designs for showcasing your brand.

Shop POP Display Materials

We make shop POP displays using different materials. Mostly we manufacture shop POP displays using acrylic and metals.

Shop POP Display Manufacturer

WeProFab is an expert manufacturer of shop POP displays. We offer a wide range of products that are available in different designs and sizes at a competitive price.

WeProFab: Your Expert Shop POP Display Manufacturer and Supplier

As a professional manufacturer, WeProFab is committed to bringing the best quality products along with excellent services. Through our advanced plastic fabrication, we can provide you a durable, high-performance, and functional shop POP display.

To make sure that we provide you quality products, we always adhere to international quality standards. We also make sure that all our shop POP displays are well inspected before shipping to ensure zero-defect. Surely, WeProFab is a trusted shop POP display manufacturer.

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Custom Shop POP Display to Promote Your Business

Magnetic Base Pop Display Stand

We manufacture a magnetic base pop display stand that is widely used for supermarkets, malls, and other sales establishments or places. It can steadily hold cards and label signs.

Pop Up Labels for Profiles Bag

WeProFab can customize your pop-up labels for profile bags based on your specific design, sizes, colors, and styles.

Wedding Cake Pop Stand

Our wedding cake pop stand is manufactured using clear acrylic for durability. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble with a double-layer design.

Shelf Pop Figures Display For Retail Shop

We designed shelf pop figures display for a retail shop with the 3-tier acrylic wall. It is widely used for folding maps, brochures, and other items to be displayed.

Cosmetic Display Retail Shop POP Display Stand with LED Light

WeProFab manufactures cosmetic pop display stands in different colors. It is best for home décor, machine accessories, specialty stores, offices, etc.

Acrylic Display Risers for POP Figures

It is designed with customized thickness, sizes, colors, and design. We manufacture Acrylic Display Risers for POP Figures for jewelry, hair ornament, candle, and other display.

Shelf Detachable Pop Figure Display

This shelf detachable pop figure display is made from durable acrylic materials. It has 3-tiers for more space. It is very ideal for displaying canned goods, condiments, etc.

3 Steps Acrylic Riser Display

We manufacture 3 Steps Acrylic Riser Display to make an eye-catching feature of your products like accessories, toiletries, jewelry, and so on.

Pop Display Stand Clear Acrylic Lollipop Holder

These pop displays are made from 100% acrylic. It is safe-to-use, durable, and eco-friendly. It is also designed with high transparency and can hold up to 21 lollipops.

Rotatable Pop Clip Stand

Our Rotatable Pop Clip Stand is 360-degree rotatable. It is made from high-quality PP plastic with high transparency. Both ends can be rotated to attract customers’ attention.

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WeProFab Shop POP Display

Shop POP Display Manufacturer in China

WeProFan is a professional manufacturer of high-quality shop POP display in China. We are fully committed to providing customers with superb quality products. As a professional manufacturer, we aim to support your business to make it more successful.

If you are searching for a way to display your products or items to get the attention of your customers, then the WeProFab shop POP display is your best choice. With our shop POP display, your products will surely stand out.

Shop POP displays or point-of-purchase displays are the best solutions for showcasing your products attractively. It is best to use for your office, shops, retail stores, or even in a marketing event. WeProFab shop POP display will surely suit your application.

Shop POP Display Signage

As an expert, we manufacture a wide range of shop POP display. From display boxes and cases, display pedestals, acrylic risers, to signages, WeProFab has it all. WeProFab can surely satisfy your business requirements.

WeProFab shop POP display is a simple and clear way to display your items and products. Our shop POP displays are lightweight. These are easy to set up and can be carried by one person only.

These are also designed with high flexibility so they can be displayed with different products with different colors and sizes. It can also be designed with accessories if you desired.

Shelf Detachable Pop Figure Display

We also manufacture shop POP displays that are simple to clean. With its high transparency and durability, the WeProFab shop POP display is a versatile choice.

All our shop POP display is manufactured by our professional designers. Each product is manufactured with the highest standard to highlight your products. We can produce shop POP display in limitless size, shape, and design.

These are also manufactured through our state-of-the-art facilities. In manufacturing shop POP displays, we used the latest manufacturing technology and direct sourcing materials. Our extensive collection of shop POP displays are available at a competitive price.

WeProFab is dedicated to providing customers with high satisfaction. We can be your go-to source of high-quality shop POP displays. Our commitment to quality guarantees that you can purchase excellent quality products and exceptional services.


To make sure that we provide you quality products, we always adhere to international quality standards. We aim to meet your expectations and requirements to support your business. We also make sure that all our shop POP displays are well inspected before shipping to ensure zero-defect.

Shelf Pop Figures Display For Retail Shop

Whether for your business, count on us to provide your needs. We supply shop POP displays to different countries around the world. Guaranteed that we can provide you fast turnaround and fast delivery. We provide low MOQ as well to support your business.

Hurry now and make WeProFab your no.1 supplier of shop POP display. We can offer you top deals and great value for your bulk quantity orders. Here in WeProFab, we can make your ideal shop POP displays!

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