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WeProFab is one of the greatest oropharyngeal airway manufacturer and supplier in China. We fabricate plenty selection suitable for all patient needs. It is accessible for neonates, infants, children, adults, and more sizes. You can send us your oropharyngeal airway drawing for customization. Send your inquiries now!

Get WeProFab Oropharyngeal Airway to Attract Your Customers

A professional oropharyngeal airway manufacturer manufactured vast options. We, WeProFab offered at reasonable prices to help different types of business.

Adult Oropharyngeal Airway

WeProFab provides an oropharyngeal airway for an adult in many sizes like medium, large, XL, and XXL oropharyngeal airway. We can supply your desired selection.

Berman Oropharyngeal Airway

WeProFab produces Berman oropharyngeal airway everywhere and sends it to many health facilities. It is the semi-flat type with side channels that allow more air flow.

Child Oropharyngeal Airway

You can also request your ideal oropharyngeal airway for children. It has different sizes which you can purchase all sorts of sizes. WeProFab will supply the best stocks for you.

Guedel Oropharyngeal Airway

WeProFab manufactured the best medical devices perfect for air support. It is accessible in different shapes and colors and types of materials as well.

Ovassapian Oropharyngeal Airway

Find the best oropharyngeal airway for your business. Choose what is your business needs and special requirements. WeProFab can guarantee the best services.

Ukuran Oropharyngeal Airway

WeProFab manufactured ukuran oropharyngeal airway. It is a round type of oropharyngeal airway with many colors accessible. We can guarantee faster processes.

WeProFab: Your Reliable Oropharyngeal Airway Manufacturer

WeProFab oropharyngeal airway is accessible in plenty of selection from features, sizes, specifications, and more. It is accessible in bulk quantity according to your business requirements.

We offer a broad line of oropharyngeal airways suitable for adults, neonatal, children, and for XXL, Xl, and large sizes as well. We, WeProFab is your trusted partner that gives satisfying offers from quality products to lower-cost offers.

Custom Oropharyngeal Airway to Grow Your Business

Colored Oropharyngeal Airway

We manufactured many colors of oropharyngeal airway for adults, children, and premature. It also has many sizes and types. WeProFab will help with flexible packaging.

Metal Oropharyngeal Airway

Metal is one of the oropharyngeal airway types with its own uses supporting airways. WeproFab can meet your needs in handling a business.

Neonatal Oropharyngeal Airway

You can get support when needed neonatal oropharyngeal airway for business. WeProFab ensures the prices offered acceptably.

Oropharyngeal Airway Sizes

WeProFab manufactured oropharyngeal airways in different sizes according to the patient. We manufactured from 40mm sizes to 110mm.

Plastic Oropharyngeal Airway

The plastic oropharyngeal airway is one of the most common types of the oropharyngeal airway in many facilities. We can guarantee a negotiable and effective oropharyngeal airway.

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Why WeProFab Oropharyngeal Airways

If you are looking for an oropharyngeal airway in China, WeProFab is the right place to rely on.

WeProFab manufactured a great production of the oropharyngeal airways in a wide range of options.

WeProFab oropharyngeal airway is also known or called as oral airways. These oropharyngeal airways are one of the medical devices which able to open a patient’s airways especially to those who have cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. It is applied when patients are only unconscious so it easier to obstruct the airway since the muscles are relaxed.

1 oropharyngeal airway

Arthur Guedel designed an oropharyngeal airway that’s why it is called a Guedel airway at first and change to an oropharyngeal airway. It has plenty of sizes accessible in the factory and applicable for infants, children, and adults. WeProFab manufactured oropharyngeal airway utilized by experts so you can ensure the best quality.

The oropharyngeal airway is needed to be inserted perfectly and correctly to avoid any complications like oral trauma. Oropharyngeal will be inserted according to the patient’s size like corner and angle.

We, WeProFab manufactured an oropharyngeal airway made of plastic and rubber which suitable for sensitive body interior. It has also made of metallic devices. It is suitable for any type of patient like adults and infants who need to be cured. WeProFab oropharyngeal airway provides upper airways.

2 oropharyngeal airway

WeProFab has a large variety of sizes like neonates and adults which completely accessible in plastic, metallic, and rubber type material.  It is inserted upside down.

WeProFab produces an oropharyngeal airway made of soft rubber or latex-free type of materials which perfectly suitable for oropharyngeal airway.

Our oropharyngeal airway products provide the best support for breathing difficulties and especially support patients in cardiac arrest operations. We manufactured an oropharyngeal airway with perfect features that also help patient life. The oropharyngeal airway is a single-use medical device.

We, WeProFab always ensure oropharyngeal airway fabrication safety especially in providing modern and high-tech machines. We have different machines like molding machines, cutting machines, sterile machines, and more user equipment.

3 oropharyngeal airway

We welcome OEM and ODM customers and we already help plenty of clients with their business successfully.  We are a registered snd certified manufacturer and supplier that plenty of people business believes and rely on us.

If you are handling urgent processes in finding oropharyngeal airway, we can help and guide you with the whole operation. We can supply faster and handle strict quality inspection before the packaging and provides well-secured packaging for a safer delivery. We, WeProFab assure you of on-time delivery.

For more information, you can directly contact us and send full details f your oropharyngeal airway orders.

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