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PP Film

Weprofab offers inexpensive PP film with wide standard sizes. We fabricated Pp film that can be used for packaging non-food and food items. We are proud to offer our PP film that are FDA approved and BPA free. Contact us now!

Get WeProFab PP Film Delight Your Customers

Weprofab is the leading provider of PP film. We provide high range of PP film for you business needs.

Glossy Matte PP Film

Weprofab provide PP film with oozing features that you sure like. If you like PP film for your business, we manufactures all kinds of PP film for you.

Translucent Cast PP Film

Weprofan translucent cast PP film offer high quality of performance with great surface appearance.

PP Plastic Packaging Film

Here in Weprofab, we fabricate PP film that perfect for different packaging purposes. Whether it is for food or non-food product PP film is the excellent choice.

White PP Film

Weprofab white PP film is designed labelling products such as cosmetics, tickets, health and beauty products, and many more. In Weprofab, we create and design white PP film that exceed the customers satisfaction.

Battery Separator PP Film

In Weprofab we produce PP film for battery separator. Guaranteed 100% all our PP film are in best quality.

PP Film Manufacturer

Weprofab is a professional manufacturer of PP film. We provide our customers with our best PP film for their business and projects.

WeProFab: Your Leading PP Film Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for fabrication.

If you are looking for a PP film, Weprofab offers our newest and latest PP film for you. You can have our PP film in a very economical price. We do customization to achieve the desired PP film products that you want.

You don’t have to worry with regards to our products since we are fully equipped in producing high quality of PP films.

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Custom PP Film to Skyrocket Your Brand

Milky White PP Film

If you are looking for a milky white pp film for your next project, Weprofab brand is the best choice.

Flame Retardant PP Film

At Weprofab, all of our flame retardant pp film are durable and has an excellent stength.

PP Film Tapes

Whether you are in need of pp film tapes, Weprofab has a lot of pp film choices.

Black PP Film

In Weprofab pp film are available in wide variety of colours. You can choose or pick pp film that you like depending on your needs.

15 inches x 1500 ft PP Film

15 inches x 1500 ft PP film is a portable, effective, and efficient material. Made of PP and will not leak easily. Widely applicable in canteens, dessert shops, and schools to seal various beverage cups.

55 Gauge PP Film

55 gauge PP film is usually used for any residential or commercial job type. A premium quality floor protector that is made from PP sheets for long-term durability. offers enough rolls of film to work with.

95mm PP Film

95mm PP film offers superior stretch and is easy to unwrap. Provides a perfect seal and more adhesive is activated. Soft and light enough to be used as box or package fillers. Good for various occasions such as birthdays.

Anti-Slip PP Film

Anti-slip PP film provides maximum protection for carpets. Capable to be cut down to any size or shape. Features a non-skid surface, white color on top, and is simple to clean in case it gets dirty. Ideal carpet and floor protection.

Cup Sealer PP Film

Cup sealer PP film is suitable for the plastic cups or paper cups. Capable to seal about 2500 cups and fully fits any kind of automatic cup sealing machine. Lightweight enough for saving space to store and carry easily.

High-Performance PP Film

High-performance PP film features 4 cute patterns in each roll. A professional sealing film that can seal milk tea cups plastic and paper cups. Available with a diameter of 90 mm. Usually used in fast-food restaurants.

Industrial Clear PP Film

Industrial clear PP film is perfect for general construction remodeling, painting, and model homes. Capable to be cut down to any shape or size easily based on the requirements. Simple to use and remove without any residue.

Pre-Stretched PP Film

Pre-stretched PP film is a cost-efficient option to safeguard the floors. Can be rolled up efficiently and used again. Features an 18″ 1200ft stretch film with a lower gauge. Offers excellent stretchability.

Reusable PP Film

Reusable PP film is a clear transparent material with high clarity and gloss. Provides excellent sealing integrity and anti-glare properties. Ideal material for food and beverage storage. Designed for easy processing and handling.

Sparkly Iridescent PP Film

Sparkly iridescent PP film is attractive and sparkly enough to add more charm to the gifts. Arrives with a beautiful iridescent color making it a perfect stuffing for gift wrapping and basket filling.

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Why WeProFab PP Film

Weprofab is one of the professional PP film supplier and manufacturer in China. We develop PP films that has a satisfactory flexible strength with high level of clarity. It is designed that make it fit for wide applications that requires high temperatures and pasteurize.

PP Film

Weprofab PP film has a gas barrier holdings and has great moisture barrier suited perfectly for wide applications like industrial and automotive applications like cases of the batteries and bumpers. You don’t have to worry because all our PP films are recyclable and doesn’t produce any harmful toxic.

It has way better in terms of heat sealing performance. Weprofab PP film can be applied for different industries such as furniture and appliance market, industrial applications, food industry, and much more.

PP Film

Our PP film commonly used for product packaging like food wraps, snacks, candies, cigarettes and many more. And also, PP film like PP tape films can be used for diapers, shrink wrap, and sterile wrap for different medical applications. Aside from that PP film applications also includes housewares, housing appliance, containers, pipes, fibers, and so on.

All our PP film are FDA approved with stubby odor and excessive chemical resistance. Harder compare to hpde. During the manufacturing process the molecular properties and also additives it helps the PP film to withstand with dust and dirt.

PP Film

In addition, our PP film is the premier packaging materials that can be used for non-packaging applications to protect the surface of the certain products like mirror, plexiglass, acrylic sheets, and more.

As the leading fabricators of PP film for more than 2 decades, Weprofab guaranteed to supply high performance of acrylic film that will not easy to tear. We ensure to give you the most outstanding products to improve the packaging performance while giving the most cost-effective solutions to our valuable clients.

For more information with our PP film, contact us today!

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