• Perspex Sheet

Perspex Sheet

WeProFab knows all your specified needs in terms of good quality perspex sheets. We are one huge fabricating corporation that offers an undefeated quality of Perspex sheets. We also have the ability to supply you superb standards. If you think WeProFab is the most fitted manufacturer you are searching for, send us now your further concerns.

Get WeProFab Perspex Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab Perspex Sheets are made from high-quality PMMA and strengthened acrylic materials. We fabricate plenty of outstanding Perspex Sheet designs to suit every fitting requirement or in some business inclusions.

Cast Acrylic Perspex Sheet

WeProFab provides the superb quality of cast acrylic perspex sheet. 80% cheaper than other designs, yet not very expensive in quality. Choose your ideal designs now.

Clear Plastic Perspex Sheet

WeProFab is an integrated corporation, dedicated to supplying extreme-quality of clear plastic perspex sheet types. These are dustproof, break-proof, shatter-resistance, and weatherproof sort of material.

Colored Perspex Sheet

WeProFab knows basic tactics and strategies in producing colored perspex sheet in most efficient and with brilliant colors. These also can withstand those prior weather conditions and remains consistent.

Perspex Sheet Manufacturer

As the most understandable and efficient manufacturer, WeProFab continues to show love and support in every project you are making with the involvement of a high-quality perspex sheet.

Cut to size Perspex Sheet

To achieve perfectly cuts perspex sheet, WeProFab has an appropriate machine technology that can manage good cutting productions. Give us an exact sizes to follow.

Panel Plate Personalized Perspex Sheet

If you continuously searching for a unique panel plated personalized perspex sheet, WeProFab is known for giving good qualities. You can depend on us. We will execute base on your design approval.

WeProFab: Your Leading Perspex Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer. We tend to offer you a one-stop solution for plastic fabrication and also a metal fabrication.

Ultime shopping experience only is encountered at WeProFab. Our wide-ranging capacities offer ultimate solutions in sheeting applications.

To discover more of our latest productions, WeProFab can help you in a moment.

Custom Perspex Sheet to Skyrocket Your Brand

Colorless Perspex Sheet

We also present our well-formed Colorless perspex sheet. Not only a colored designs but premium-quality colorless type proven more sturdy and can last up until years of use.

Round Perspex Sheet

When you needed some round-shaped perspex sheet to add for business development, WeProFab can offer different sizes and shapes. To achieve your satisfaction, quality performances are fully executed as well.

Extruded Perspex Sheet

WeProFab has wide-ranging knowledge in fabricating your most desired Extruded Perspex sheet types. These won`t easily be broken and could resist much longer uses.



Why WeProFab Perspex Sheet

Weprofab Perspex sheet presents its compact and close-packed prefabrication designs.

This is the most high-quality sheet material that descended heats and preserves the existence span of the main material.

It comes from the extreme quality of PMMA substance and acrylic makes it activated in most speedy ways.

It has superior graded lights attached.

It illuminates the specified area with a glamorous and its brilliant effects.

Colorless Perspex Sheet

Perspex Sheet is featured with customized and appropriate fitting measurements.

Its net weight is highly dependent upon the product specified dimensions.

Our Perspex sheets are accessible in most brilliant colors.

Warmed white and pure white are the top 2 most continuous and will not fade easily colors.

Perspex sheets are with 3000K-6000K availability.

It functions very well in promotions, advertising, retail stores, malls, etc. It has LED strip lighting also, adjustable and flexible for any intended applications.

Hence, these can be positioned in-wall mounting and embedded installation procedures.

Has well-packed designs maybe be with wooden cases, easy to carry cases, air cases, and more quality packages.

Perspex Sheet

Perspex sheets are serves for all ODM and OEM KDM customers. We execute great electrical services all over.

High-quality Perspex sheets are practical uses laser flecking or V-shaped cutting innovated mechanics.

Cutting in these ways is required to fulfill unified lighting.

These are engineered in this most effectual way to have fitted and ultimate slim figures.

Also, if you want your own designs to be implemented, we can assists you throughout.

And of course, your approving designs will all that matters in the fabricating systems.

These can be implied in various circumstances like architectural lay-outing and designs.

However, our high-quality Perspex sheets are accessible with dimming and power reserves functionalities.

It highly comes through DC adaptors and interlinking.

This is prior availability in temperature colors. RGB, 3000 K – 6000 K and customized colors are freely accessible for your own applications.

Standard Perspex sheets have deepness within 10.6mm and consume 12W up to 120W low power rates.

Cut to size Perspex Sheet

It is available with 12/24 DC voltages, with generalized LED lighting that gives illuminating and brightest lighting effects.

These consume up to 75% fewer power usage compare to some fluorescent bulbs that could last up 50,000 hours of use.

The perspex sheet`s dimensions measurement is customizable.

These are UL and ROHS listed and certificated.

Our Perspex sheet versions are comprised of one side and 2 sides’ availability.

Weprofab is one largest manufacturer you can find operating in mainland China.

We supply your needed Perspex sheets and offers at cheaper prices.


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