• Marble Acrylic Sheet
  • Marble Acrylic Sheet

Marble Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is your best choice in regards to making a gorgeous design. We offer you our marble acrylic sheet which is perfect for designing especially for your projects and assist you with your business development. Get in touch with us now!

Get WeProFab Marble Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

In our marble acrylic sheet, you have plenty of choices in regards to your business desire. We fabricate a very ideal and gorgeous design for your projects.

Custom Marble Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab obtain a custom-made marble acrylic sheets, you just have to send us your designs since we can fabricate it base on your sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Laser Cut Marble Acrylic Sheet

Since we perform CNC cutting, we acquire customized sizes and shapes. Just message us if you wanted to have a laser cut for your marble acrylic sheets. We will assist in your business development.

Marble Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Since WeProFab is the main producer of acrylic sheets, we strictly follow the product procedure and we can guarantee you to have satisfaction with our marble acrylic sheets.

Modern Marble Acrylic Sheet

Our modern marble acrylic sheet is one of the best designs in modern times since it has several multiple uses. It is best for your business development and even for personal use.

Solid Surface Marble Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab solid surface marble acrylic sheet is best for constructing walls since it is durable and has a polished finish. It is perfect for constructing all big establishments.

Translucent Marble Acrylic Sheet

At WeProFab, the translucent marble acrylic sheet can add on elegance for designers seeking sophistication. It has good qualities like clarity, brilliance, transparency, and high durability.

WeProFab: Your Leading Marble Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your necessity, WeProFab is your best choice. We provide the essentials for your businesses like our marble acrylic sheets it has a very ideal for every type of your necessity. We are pleased to help business development since we conduct a CNC cutting for your designs. And you can choose plenty of our marble acrylic products which are very durable, high-quality, and can be purchase at affordable costs. Send us an inquest now!

Custom Marble Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

Extruded Marble Acrylic Sheet

If you want a less in costs and consistent thickness across the sheet, you can assure you to grant your desire.

Opaque Marble Acrylic Sheet

If you wanted to have a non-transparent for your marble acrylic sheet, WeProFab has a response for that.

Pearl Marble Acrylic Sheet

If you wanted to have a highly valued gemstone in your marble acrylic sheet, our pearl marble acrylic sheet is perfect for you.

White Marble Acrylic Sheet

Our white marble acrylic sheet is ideal for everyday use since it lasts for how many years, and remains its brightness.

Colored Marble Acrylic Sheet

We offer various kinds of colors for your requests. It is perfect for designing and delightful to look at.

Acrylic Solid Stone Marble Sheet

The acrylic solid stone marble sheets are made from pure, high-quality acrylic materials. They are suitable for worktops, window sills, bar tables, countertops, reception desks, and more. There are more than 300 colors available you can select. They have customizable thicknesses and lengths.

Marble Pattern Acrylic Sheet

Marble pattern acrylic sheets have flat and hard surfaces. These sheets are easy to clean and maintain. They are lightweight materials with anti-scratch coatings and weather resistance. Marble patterned acrylic sheets are easy to shape and process according to customers’ desired shapes.

Acrylic Glittered Marble Sheet

The glittered acrylic marble sheets have glossy surfaces, perfect for decorations, engraving, display, crafts, and more. There are numerous colors available, including purple, green, yellow, blue, orange, and pink. They feature high tensile strength and sustainability.

Wall Decoration Acrylic Marble Sheet

The acrylic marble sheets for wall decorations are easy to cut and mold. They have different prints and colors that indeed suit your room’s surroundings. These sheets provide the unique style, light effects, and beauty of specific installed areas.

Waterproof Acrylic Marble Sheet

Acrylic marble sheets with waterproof features are perfect for kitchens, living room decorations, toilet walls, corridors, staircase walls, and more. They also have fireproof, soundproof, and flexible characteristics. There is also a wide selection of designs available.

Pearlescent Acrylic Marble Sheet

The pearlescent or iridescent acrylic marble sheets are eco-friendly and durable for excellent interior decorations, crafts, and furniture. They are available in multiple styles with customized shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. 

3D Acrylic Marble Sheet

The 3D acrylic marble sheets are non-toxic, moisture-proof, and waterproof for advertising applications. They are easy to install and clean. Fine acrylic marble sheets are also suitable for hotel lobbies, TV walls, kitchens, living rooms, corridor walls, and more.

Recyclable Acrylic Marble Sheet

The recyclable acrylic marble sheets are compressive and waterproof materials. They are usually used for households, public places, and outdoor applications. Various colors and dimensions are customizable, depending on customers’ requests.

Flexible Rainbow Acrylic Marble Sheet

Flexible rainbow acrylic marble sheets are excellent materials for displays, doors, gift articles, signs, exhibits, and more. You can choose from the extensive color selection you want for your specific usages. These sheets have a lighter weight than glass, making them easy to handle and process.

Cast Acrylic Marble Sheet

The cast acrylic marble sheets have great weather and fire resistance. They are eco-friendly materials used for home decors, advertising, wedding, packaging, and crafts utilizations. These sheets are available in various hues like rose gold, blue, silver, green, gold, etc.

Acrylic Laminated Marble Sheet

Acrylic laminated marble sheets are high-quality materials for lightboxes and signboards. They feature heat resistance and high gloss surfaces. Their colors, designs, dimensions, and thicknesses are customizable. 

Acrylic Decorative Marble Sheet

The decorative acrylic marble sheets have smooth and high gloss coatings. They are durable materials with various decorative designs and patterns. These sheets are easy to process and customizable. They are usually utilized as cosmetic organizers, signs, and bathtubs.

High-Polished Acrylic Marble Sheet

High-polished acrylic marble sheets are ideal for shields, windows, barriers, reception desks, countertops, and more applications. They have high-polished and high hardness surfaces. You can choose the most suitable color and designs for specific installation locations.

Ornament Acrylic Marble Sheet

The ornament acrylic marble sheets have top-grade glittered, mother of pear, or pure marbled surfaces. They feature water resistance, fireproofed, durability, and lighter weights. You can have them with single-sided frosted coatings or double-sided glossy.

Acrylic Alabaster Marble Sheet

Acrylic alabaster marble sheets are suitable for walls, ceilings, bar counters, and many others. They have a renewable matte, sandstone, or super matte top finishes. These acrylic marble sheets have fireproof and high hardness characteristics.

Transparent Base Acrylic Marble Sheet

The acrylic marble sheets with a transparent base have high-hardness, smooth, or textured surfaces. They are processed using high-tech CNC machines. These sheets are perfect for kitchens, toilet walls, and many other applications.

Artificial Marble Acrylic Sheet

Artificial marble acrylic sheets have a natural surface finishing. These sheets are easy to install, stunning, and non-toxic. Their colors and thicknesses are customized according to customers’ choices. They are durable decorative sheets that last for a long time.

Transparent Glittered Acrylic Marble Sheet

The transparent glittered acrylic marble sheets are excellent for marks, logos, decoration, and signboards. Glitter colors are available in comprehensive options. They are lightweight, unbreakable, weather-resistant, and provide the high light transmission needed.

Acrylic Marble Light Diffuser Sheet

Acrylic marble light diffuser sheets are easy to cut and mold. They have both sides smooth or textured surfaces. These acrylic marble sheets have limitless applications. They are frameless and brights evenly across sheets of the entire surface.

Soundproof Acrylic Marble Sheet

The acrylic marble sheets with soundproof capacity are suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. They have waterproof, anti-insect, and heat insulation advantages. These eco-friendly sheets have lightweight, making them easy to install and ship.

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Why WeProFab Marble Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab particularly entrusted fabricator of acrylic sheets. We are conceited to offer you our desirable marble acrylic sheets. We have various types of products that include solid surface acrylic sheets that can be applied in producing walls since it is a hard surface and durable. We also provide modern marble acrylic sheets that are ideal for nowadays since it is particular of the best innovations of the present-times and it has several of multiple uses. It can be applied for merchants, residential, and industrial.

Marble Acrylic Sheet

Our products are very perfect for your proposal since it has a high-gloss acrylic sheet that can be obtained in various colors and styles for exertions ranging from artwork, lighting, glazing, furniture, and more. If you’re wanted to have a perfect design for your projects, you can count on WeProFab!

We can assure our purchaser to gain satisfaction from our products since it made of 100% acrylic materials and other high-quality materials we fabricated. WeProFab marble acrylic sheets can produce the natural vision of stone to your fabricated products. Its characteristics are having visual clarity, UV light resistance, extreme durability, scratch-resistant, and it has a splendid finish.

In general, our marble acrylic sheets are suitable for making a design of projects in commercial offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, kitchens, bathrooms, and high-end residences. You don’t make to search somewhere else since WeProFab can supply your necessity. It can be accessible in lightweight, durable, and high-quality materials.

Marble Acrylic Sheet

If you’re looking for a marble acrylic sheets dealer or custom-made products for your businesses and your personal use, WeProFab is your best choice. We can provide you with various types of marble acrylic sheets and we also acquire a customized design for your demands. We produce it in keeping your dimensions, shapes, sizes, and colors. All you have to do is to send us your design now, and WeProFab can manage it well. We perform product processing like CNC cutting, thermoforming, bonding, and more. Less bother in regards to your purchase product since we strictly follow the exact date of our delivery to you.

Marble Acrylic Sheet

Besides, our marble acrylic sheets also produced an acrylic sheet that includes acrylic mirror sheets, extruded acrylic sheets, clear acrylic sheets, and a lot more. If you wanted to have our marble acrylic sheets for designing your projects, you can reassure WeProFab can grant your aspirations. Message us now!

What is a Marble Acrylic Sheet?

The marble acrylic sheet is a variety of cast acrylic with transparent marble and crisp patterns. 

They are the ideal sheet that gives natural beauty to your specific products.

Its realistic designs are achieved by extraordinary pigment blends and casting processes.

Acrylic marble sheet aids creators that desire intricacy and premier appeal for various applications.

What are the Available Sizes of Acrylic Marble Sheets?

In some cases, product dimensions depend on the customer’s necessities.

There are various sizes of acrylic marble sheets in the market. The following are the most common ones:

  • 600mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 150mm
  • 300mmx 200mm
  • 400mm x 300mm
  • 1220mm x 1830mm
  • 1220mmx 2440mm
  • 2050mm x 3050mm
What are the Marble Acrylic Sheet Patterns that Conform your Needs?

Each marble acrylic design varies from sheet to sheet.

These exceptional patterns can add magnificence to any display.

  • Cascade Earth Marble Acrylic Sheet

The patterns create an impressive formation of earth surface shades.

  • Zebra Wood Marble Acrylic Sheet

These marble sheets’ impressions showcase the unique pattern of zebra stripes. 

  • Earth Frosted Marble Acrylic Sheet

The matt-finish offers the popular effect of the earth tones combination.

  • Natural Horn Marble Acrylic Sheet

This design interestingly combines many shades of brown, gray, green, yellow, and even red. 

  • Butterscotch Marble Acrylic Sheet

Exhibit an orangish-brown shade with a marble-like pattern. 

  • Dandelion Marble Acrylic Sheet

The bright orangish-yellow finish makes this design an epitome symbol of joy and happiness.

  • Fluid Gray Marble Acrylic Sheet

A decorative gray design pattern.

  • Light Stain Marble Acrylic Sheet

This design portrays tea stain brownish color marble-like appearance.

  • Mudslide Marble Acrylic Sheet

This design interestingly combines many shades of brown, gray, green, yellow, and even red. 

  • New Earth Marble Acrylic Sheet

The earth tones palette adds a charming touch to any collection.

  • Watermelon Marble Acrylic Sheet

This design portrays the captivating marble-like appearance of watermelon flesh color.

  • Fantasia Black Lilac Blue Marble Acrylic Sheet

It portrays a wistful marbled black, purple and blue result.

The sheets are hand-mixed, allowing the patina and shades to form a dreamy pattern between each manufacturing bunch.

What are the Salient Features of a Marble Acrylic Sheet?

The Marble Acrylic Sheet comes in different colors and designs, but they all portray common characteristics.

  •  Finished Product Appearance

There is a notable increase in brilliance on both sides of the sheet.

The sheets have an arbitrary marble whirl all over the material. 

This marble effect appears astonishing on the front, the back has a matching finish, but the pattern is not alike. 

  • Protective Tape Cover 

Each sheet comes with plastic film in both front and back. 

The back of the sheet may occasionally enclose a brown paper film for protection. 

Contact your manufacturer if you prefer masking or double-sided tape for rigid application.

  • Colour Precision

Every marble acrylic sheet portrays vivid colors.

However, there might be a minor color variation from your device to real life.

What are the Typical Acrylic Marble Sheet Color Variations?

Here are the most marketable marble sheet colors:

  • Blue
  • Opal
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
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