• Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab multi-layer acrylic sheet comes in many designs, styles, and custom colors. It is a multi-layer sheet of acrylic resin manufacturing via extrusion, cutting, and processing. It is highly insulating and solid, typical for architectural exterior materials that require lighting—expertly crafted from the finest materials available. Weprofab multi-layer acrylic sheet is the best and most heat resistant!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Multi-Layer Sheet to Satisfy Your Customers

Weprofab multi-layer sheets offer a variety of unique benefits that make them ideal for a variety of business sectors and industries. You have various options for multi-layer acrylic sheets: customers, especially distributors and retailers, asses acrylic multi-layer sheets for their clients.

Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet with Handles

Weprofab Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet with Handles has a high gloss finish and is weather resistant. It features a thickness of 1.8mm to 50mm and 2mm to 200mm. 

Multi Layer Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

Weprofab Multi Layer Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet has a 1.2g/cm3 density and 92% light transmission. This acrylic sheet has a 2mm to 300mm thickness.

High-Quality Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab High-Quality Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet is extremely high design flexibility. It features a 0.2% to 0.4% water absorption and has an 81~130MPa tensile strength. 

Multi Layer Greenhouse Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Multi Layer Greenhouse Acrylic Sheet is extremely high weather resistance. It features UV resistance, water resistance, and scratch resistance.

Colored Multi Layer Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Weprofab Colored Multi Layer Acrylic Plastic Sheet features a <0.01% water absorption and <0.4% contraction percentage. It has a 51~80MPa tensile strength.

LED Plexi Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

It features eco-friendly materials, waterproof, rigid, and non-toxic with 1-40 mm thickness. LED Plexi Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet is applied in transport, medical, advertisement, public goods, and construction.

Multi Layer Engraving Acrylic Sheet

Multi Layer Engraving Acrylic Sheet features weather and high-impact resistance with cutting and moulding processing service. Its application is in construction and decoration with customizable thickness and sizes.

Multi Layer Two Colors Acrylic Sheet

Multi Layer Two Colors Acrylic Sheet has an ISO9001 and SGS certificate with 2-300 mm thickness. It has a high surface hardness and glossy surface with 92% light transmission.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Multi-Layer Sheet Manufacturer

WeProFab is the market leader in multilayer acrylic sheets. We use cutting-edge technology. Innovating ideas, technology, and a skilled workforce ensure that our products and services are tailored to your specific needs.

Our acrylic sheets are high-quality acrylic material and provide superior visual clarity, making them more transparent. Acrylic sheets can replace glass panels in DIY, home decor, signage, laser printing, and industrial projects. 

An excellent UV protection on one or both sides of the acrylic sheet is available. Multi-layer sheet typical use in advertising and constructions.

We are a market leader and one of the world’s most qualified companies. WeProFab is a company that is constantly improving the quality and functionality of its products. WeProFab’s acrylic multi-layer sheet will make any event special.

Custom Acrylic Multi-Layer Sheet to Boost Your Business

Multi Layer Sparkle Acrylic Sheet

Multi Layer Sparkle Acrylic Sheets applications are in school, building, hospital, advertising, industry, and canteen with 92-93% of light transmittance. Its process services are cutting, printing, laser, engraving, and drilling.

Multi Layer Soft Noise Barrier Acrylic Sheet

Multi Layer Soft Noise Barrier Acrylic Sheet is easy to process and cut with excellent weather resistance. Its size and colors are customizable with a glossy surface.

Crystal Clear Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

It features excellent quality, easy processing, a beautiful appearance, and is suitable for decorating. It’s still used for acrylic products and buildings with 3mm thickness; you can customize its thickness.

Double Color Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Its applications are in the bathroom, building, fashion, advertising, furniture, and crafting with 1-50 mm thickness. Its processing service is cutting and molding with a 1.20g density.

Gold Mirror Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Gold Mirror Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet features an eco-friendly and soft-touch material. Its thickness and size provide OEM with an ISO9001 certificate.

Solid Multi-Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Solid Multi-Layer Acrylic Sheet has a 0.01% water absorption and 0.4% contraction percentage. It is applicable for home appliances.

Customized Multi-Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Customized Multi-Layer Acrylic Sheet is made up of two or three layers with 100% cast acrylic that are opaque or translucent to light. Up to 5 to 30 mm is available for double-layer thickness and 7 to 35 mm for three-layer.

Dichroic Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Dichroic Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet features a 1.2g/cm3 density and 2mm to 20mm thickness. It is available milky, opal, black, red, blue, yellow, green, etc.

Glossy Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Glossy Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet features a 2mm to 300mm thickness and 1.2g/cm3 density. It also has a 92% light transmission.

Decoration Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Weprofab Decoration Multi-Layer Acrylic Sheet is ideal for construction and decoration applications. It features weather-resistant and high-impact resistance.

2mm Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

2mm multi-layer acrylic sheets are widely used for small or light applications such as window covers, enclosures, medical purposes, and more. It has a custom color and smooth surface with perfect dimensions.

5mm Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

For large applications, multi-layer acrylic sheets are available in 5mm thickness. It has various types and selections from features, characteristics, polishing, colors, etc.

Custom Matte Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Custom matte multi-layer acrylic sheets are great in black colors including red, orange, and brown. Available in all sizes, thicknesses, surface textures, and patterns.

Custom Size Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

We can customize your ideal multi-layer acrylic sheet sizes according to your applications and business needs. All sizes have great durability and cost-effectiveness which is more recommended than other materials.

Decorative Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

The decorative multi-layer acrylic sheets are customizable. You can send your ideal patterns, textures, and decors. It is widely used for public areas stages, hallways, entrances, DIY projects, and more.

Iridescent Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Iridescent multi-layer acrylic sheets are great for lighting fixtures, enclosures, and DIY projects. It has great impact resistance and light-diffusing ability. It has different custom colors thicknesses, and characteristics.

Multi Color Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Multi-layer acrylic sheets are designed with multi-color. It has a great appearance of frosted and pastel colors available in different thickness textures, and features.

Multi Layer Acrylic Glossy Sheet

If you are looking for effective glossy multi-layer acrylic sheets, you can request for customizations. It has plain color glossy sheets, glitters, marble, and more. Perfect use for light enclosures, machine enclosures, medical, agricultural, etc.

Multi Layer Clear Acrylic Sheet

Multi-layer clear acrylic sheets are lightweight and impact resistant. Widely used for electronics, enclosures, home decor, and model making. It has a smoother surface that can be designed in different colors. You can get all selections for your clear multi-layer acrylic sheet needs.

Multi Layer Picture Frame Acrylic Sheet

Our multi-layer acrylic sheets are the perfect use for picture frames. A variety of dimensions and thicknesses are available for different frame sizes and uses. We assure you of the best quality and great performance but are available at a cheaper price.

Smooth Front Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Smooth front multi-layer acrylic sheets are a perfect use for home decor, DIY projects, model making, and more. We assure you can gain the best profits and high-quality products while saving money.

Solid Color Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Solid multi-layer acrylic sheets have numerous color selections and characteristics. Widely used for building materials such as roofing, partitions, window cover, doors, and more. Offers perfect property resistance that protects from bullets, impacts, scratches, fog, and chemicals.

Textured Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

We can customize your ideal multi-layer acrylic sheet textures including the patterns. You can choose matte textured sheets, high gloss, clear, and more in different colors. Provides great durability that offers long-term use.

Tinted Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

There are different colors tinted such as brown. black, pink, red, and more options. It is widely used for window covers, partitions, roofing, skylights, and more.

Two Color Multi Layer Acrylic Sheet

Our multi-layer acrylic sheet helps different projects make different techniques easier to process. Easy to engrave, laser cut, and mold into shapes with an ideal dimension. Get the best price but offers ideal quality.

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Acrylic Multi-Layer Sheet: A Complete FAQ Guide

What are the Characteristics of Multi-layer acrylic sheets?

WebProFab produces multi-layer acrylic sheets using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. The sheets are an unmatched product due to their strength, lightweight, and durability.

Some features are the following:

  • Exceptional impact resistance
  • Fabrication is simple.
  • Simple to maintain
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Lighting
  • Constructing a free-curved surface
  • Superior resistance to heat
  • Conceived with precision
  • Resistance to chemicals

Light diffusion and visual interruption also create an aesthetically pleasing interior based on structural uniqueness.

WeProFab’s acrylic multilayer sheet is custom made. We can help you from product selection to delivery. Please let us know your preferred design, material, size, and color.

What are the Applications of Acrylic Sheets with Multiple Layers?

Acrylic is a strong, rigid, and optically transparent plastic. Easily thermoformable acrylic sheet is easy to fabricate. Weathering performance is superior to other translucent plastics.

  • Signs for indoors and out
  • Exhibits and POP displays
  • Skylights, architectural glazing
  • LED diffuser lighting
  • Transport applications
  • Shelving and retail fixtures
  • Clear manifolds
  • Cases and frames
  • Lighthouse lenses
  • Furniture
  • bathroom

Finishing projects and producing high-quality goods is also very satisfying! We follow laboratory protocols at all times. Our solder is rust-proof and easy to maintain.

What are the Benefits of Using Multi-layer Acrylic Sheets?

Acrylic sheet has the same optical qualities as glass and is half the weight and several times more impact resistant. 

Acrylic plastics are versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Acrylic can be made in two ways: cell casting or extrusion. Extrusion is a more affordable form of production. 

Extrusion produces a softer, more scratch-prone material than cell cast acrylic.

Acrylic sheets have a plethora of worthwhile advantages for a variety of applications. Acrylic plastic is a lightweight material that is yet incredibly strong and pliable. 

Additionally, it is simple to construct and manipulate into any shape or configuration required for a particular application.

Acrylic, like glass, is transparent and easy to clean. Acrylic, unlike glass, is a thermoplastic that is waterproof and shatterproof.

How are Multi-layer Acrylic Sheets Specified?

An outstanding assortment of multi-layer acrylic sheets utilized for aesthetic applications and structures is available from us at competitive prices. 

One or both sides of the supplied acrylic sheet are UV protected.

Density: 1.19-1.2g/cm3

Color: clear/transparent, There are almost a hundred hues to choose from. No color fading in outdoor for 8-10 years.

Material: adopt genuine LUCITE PMMA raw material.

Technology: procedure of making cast / extrude acrylic sheet

Quality: Acrylic sheet is certified by SGS to be environmentally friendly.

Size: 1220x2440mm

Thickness: 2-20mm

Processing: Cutting, molding

Non-toxic, biodegradable PMMA is used to make specified applications. Plastic pouring plates, plate molding and extrusion molding are three forms of PMMA.

Is it Possible to Customize the Multi-layer Acrylic Sheet?


Your requirements are met by WeProFab’s multilayer acrylic sheet. From product selection to delivery, we can assist you along the process. 

Kindly advise us of the preferred design, materials, sizes, and colors, and we will customize them for you promptly.

As your primary source, we ensure a structurally sound multi-layer acrylic sheet. You will never be dissatisfied when shopping for such items on WeProFab. 

We continue to produce high-quality ones using our significant knowledge in multilayer production.

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