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Weprofab, as the leading supplier and manufacturer of all varieties of acrylic desks, supplies different amounts of orders you need. We have the strengths in manufacturing the quality of the acrylic desk you require. Send your ideas and own layouts today!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Desk to Delight Your Customers

Weprofab can custom the acrylic desk design you require for your business. Select the acrylic desk design for the sake of your business growth.

Acrylic Desk Manufacturer

Are your business in need of an acrylic desk and you want a trusted manufacturer? Weprofab has the solution for your acrylic desk requirements for affordable yet at a competitive price.

Acrylic Desk Organizer

If you`re looking and in need of an acrylic desk organizer, go on and check the Weprofab factory. Here, you can find the most appropriate type great for your business operations and personal applications.

Acrylic Desk with magazine rack

Weprofab, as the leading manufacturer of any acrylic desk designs in China, proudly presents the unique acrylic desk with magazine rack integrated.

Acrylic Desk with shelf

Weprofab provides high-quality arylic desk with shelf additions. On the shelf on it, you can place books, magazines, and many more accessories.

Acrylic Writing Desk

Weprofab acrylic writing desk is made durable and extra-powerful to endure breakages and collisions. A great substitution than easy-to-break glasses.

Custom Acrylic Desk

Weprofab has the wide strategies to customized acrylic desks based on your wishes and own layouts. All of our acrylic desk production is limitless in stocks.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Desk Manufacturer

As one most respected manufacturer in China, Weprofab is proud to offer a high-quality acrylic desk. We prefer acrylic materials in manufacturing excellent desks to go beyond your expectations.

We use our state of the art facilities on the whole fabrication process. You can rest assured about how we can serve you in the most amazing and committed ways.

We serve both small or big business controllers for their acrylic desk necessities. Now, it`s your turn! Purchase now and get the best finish for a friendly budget price.

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Custom Acrylic Desk to Skyrocket Your Brand

Acrylic Desk Privacy Panel

Are you in need of acrylic desk privacy panels? You can find a lot here in Weprofab. We are number one source of high-quality acrylic desks.

Acrylic Workstation Desk

For your workstation/ workplaces, the acrylic desk from Weprofab is most suitable for you. Made from high-quality raw materials to withstand collisions.

Modern acrylic Desk

Modern acrylic desk from our factory has its chic designs when paired with acrylic chairs, acrylic tabletops , and more.

Acrylic Executive Office Desk

The acrylic executive office desk is available in clear, pink, green, and other customized colors. It can be customized according to your specific details.

Acrylic Home Desk

The acrylic home desk can be used as a multi-function and is suitable for the majority of applications. It achieves high-quality, high durability, and modern design.

Iridescent Acrylic Desk

The iridescent acrylic desk is good for home office, hotel, apartment, office building, school, supermarket, and living room. Available in various sizes and measurements.

Acrylic Computer Desk

An acrylic computer desk comes in various designs and styles. It is best for any room and computer type. Moreover, a longer lifespan and the best quality are achievable.

Fashion Creative Acrylic Desk

The fashion creative acrylic desk is great for serving and displaying any unique item. It is perfect for entertaining. Features an excellent polished and good tensile strength.

Acrylic Study Desk

The acrylic study desk is good for studying, reading, and writing applications. It is available in modern looks, high transparency, and a versatile look.

Acrylic Folding Desk

The acrylic folding desk is portable and foldable. It has a lightweight and strong construction that can be moved easily. They feature side handles to carry them easily.

Acrylic Center Desk

The acrylic center desk is easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped with a soft cloth. Manufactured from high-quality and scratch-free materials.

U-Shaped Acrylic Desk

The U-shaped acrylic desk is applicable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and home offices. It has excellent design and good tensile strength.

Round Acrylic Desk

The round acrylic desk can be used as a dining table or coffee table. It will never break and damage easily just like ordinary glass or other materials.

Acrylic Coffee Desk

An acrylic desk coffee desk features lightweight, portable, and side handles. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mini Clear Acrylic Desk

The mini clear acrylic desk is durable enough that it can carry more things. It achieves the top and superior quality, making it more popular in different stores.

Acrylic Side Desk

The acrylic side desk allows the guests to enjoy the dessert, snacks, and food. It is suitable for inside and outside of the home.

Customized Acrylic Desk

A customized acrylic desk is available in various customized options like sizes, colors, and styles. It can be added with additional accessories.

Acrylic Desk for Living Room

An acrylic desk for the living room has a versatile accent. It is fabricated from superior, durable, strong, and long-lasting acrylic materials.

Acrylic Desk with Shelf

The acrylic desk with a shelf allows organizing the accessories and collections. It can be used as a multi-function like an organizer and as a table.

Rectangle Detachable Acrylic Desk

The rectangle detachable acrylic desk can save more space for rooms. It only consumes a small space. 10x stronger than a normal or ordinary glass desk.

Square Acrylic Desk

The square acrylic desk gives unique styles and attractive looks. This is very helpful in mini or small size rooms. Offered at the most interesting and affordable price.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Desk

Acrylic Desk

Weprofab has 20 years of expertise and knowledge about fabricating high-quality acrylic desks. We manufacture different designs of acrylic desks for each customers` option. Weprofab Acrylic desks have a high transparency level, appropriate to place on offices and any workplace. It can be paired with an elegant chair for a stylish and useful space. They together bring a peaceful mindset to the one who will use them. One of our competitively-rated products is perfect for any business operations.

Weprofab, as one most experts in acrylic desk fabrications in China, provides a classy and chic style of acrylic desk. They can be cut off into different dimensions, sizes, and designs, depending on your requirements. Plus! It is featured with cost-effective maintenance of any workstation application. As a professional manufacturer worldwide, Weprofab is capable of supplying acrylic desks where there are instructions easy to follow.

Acrylic Desk

Built to long-last and appears to be sturdy. Weprofab acrylic desks are looking great, firmly built-in and have the most improved designs so far. They are manufactured and customized through our state of the art facilities.

Our technical team used acrylic material because it`s perfect for desk fabrications. It has the clarity you dream all about and has friendly costs offers.  Acrylic material for desks is very compatible with acrylic desk long-term applications.

Weprofab acrylic desk can enhance works from home and office space. It is divided into different varieties so you can select the best finish fit for your intentions. At Weprofab, you can purchase by set or by bulk. You can save huge costs when you prefer these two purchase ways. And whatever the design you wish for, allow Weprofab to grant them for you.

In China, where our factory is operating, we have a different set number of acrylic desks. Whatever the number of stocks you require, you can rest assured our team is able to supply your business.

Acrylic Desk

We are sure you`ll be satisfied with our very best quality of acrylic desks. As the most respected manufacturer, we got certifications like SGS, ISO 9000, CE, etc.

Hurry and avail our unique Weprofab Acrylic Desk for competitive rates today! Send us your inquiries!

Acrylic Desk: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import acrylic desk from China, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for such as design, quality, colour option and finishing, among other aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Acrylic Desk?

An acrylic desk is a piece of furniture that has a flat table-like working surface.

It can be used in schools, office, home, for domestic and professional functions such as writing, reading or when using equipment like computers.

 Acrylic desk

acrylic desk

How Does Acrylic Desk Compare to Acrylic Table?

Acrylic desks are similar to acrylic tables.

 acrylic table

acrylic table

 This is because some acrylic tables will also come with compartments similar to those found in acrylic desks.

Some acrylic desks come in form of a table having one side of the desk for sitting.

The sitting position is the major distinction between the acrylic desks and acrylic tables.

Acrylic tables are meant for placing items and accessories that may be needed from time to time in the bedroom or bathroom.

In the sitting room, acrylic tables will be used for holding pretty everything that fits on it including framed photos or even magazines.

Some acrylic desks are unique and cannot be confused with an acrylic table.

Acrylic desks will often have one or more compartments, drawers or pigeonholes used for storage of office supplies and papers.

Acrylic desks opt to be very sturdy as most people are fond of leaning on them while reading or doing their business.

People will either sit on the acrylic desks inbuilt chairs like in schools or a separate chair.

acrylic office desk

 acrylic office desk

What is the Average Cost of an Acrylic Desk?

Acrylic desks are classy and come in different shapes and sizes.

A lot of factors will determine the cost of a specific acrylic desk.

For example, an acrylic desk with a detached seat will not cost the same as a similar desk having a sit attached.

A simple and beautiful acrylic desk should however cost anything around $30.

As more and more adjustments get added, the cost of acrylic desks will rise.

But be sure that you can always get something good in your budget.

How Strong is an Acrylic Desk?

Among the many advantages of an acrylic desk is its durability.

It weighs 50% less compared to glass.

Its impact resistance is 10 times more compared to that of glass.

This makes the acrylic desks be used over a very broad range of temperatures.

It has superior weather resistance compared to others like glass other plastics.

When exposed to high impact, acrylic desks do not shatter and even in case it breaks, the fractures are large and dull-edged pieces.

Will Acrylic Desk Turn Yellow in the Sun?

Acrylic desks may turn yellow if exposed to too much sunlight.

But if proper maintenance is done you should never have to worry about them turning yellow or hazy.

Washing with proper cleaning solutions can greatly impact the lifespan and clarity of the acrylic desk.

Is Acrylic Desk Scratch Resistant?

The acrylic desk is not scratch resistant but has better anti-scratch properties as compared to polycarbonates.

Glass cleaning solutions may contain harmful abrasives that may cause fine scratching and should therefore be avoided.

If you need an acrylic desk that is scratch resistant, you should ask for an acrylic desk with abrasion-resistant coating from your supplier.

How do I Remove Scratches from my Acrylic Desk?

Sometimes your beautiful acrylic desk may accidentally get scratched.

You don’t have to worry so much about this; you only need to find time to repair it.

If the scratch cannot be felt with your fingernail, you can use Novus #2 to restore the finish.

You can also use #3 if you find it better.

If you can feel the scratch using your fingernail, it means that the scratch is deep and a soft cloth may not be helpful.

Use sandpaper to sand and buff the damaged section and the original shine and clarity will be restored.

Scratch using a #400 grit sandpaper.

After the scratch has been removed, wet a #600 grit sandpaper and use it to scratch the scratched area of the acrylic desk.

Buff it out using a 3M® duty rubbing compound together with a high-speed bonnet buffer.

Fine polish with a Mequiars® #17 for clear plastic polish using a high-speed bonnet buffer.

What are the Thermal Expansion & Contraction Properties of Acrylic Desk?

Acrylic desks will expand and contract to greater or lesser margins as temperature and humidity changes.

You must understand how this happens and make the necessary adjustments.

If you intend to use the acrylic desks for indoor applications, you may not have so much to worry about as the temperature differences will change between -/+20 degrees.

In case you intend to use it in areas where hot contents may be placed on it, you should know that acrylic desks are subject to greater dimensional change.

If other materials are combined to build the acrylic desk, you should take note of the contractual and expansion differences to avoid misuse.

What Type of Saw Blade Can I use to Cut an Acrylic Desk?

If you intend to cut the acrylic desk for any modification, you should use a 10 inches’ carbide that is tipped with a circular saw that has 80 teeth.

 saw blade used to cut acrylic desk

 saw blade used to cut acrylic desk

What Colours are Available for Acrylic Desks?

The acrylic desks come in a variety of colours.

This is to give them a blending chance with different interior decors.

Some of the colours are green, yellow, purple, red, clear, blue, turquoise, orange and many others.

How Can I Drill a Hole in Acrylic Desk Without Cracking the Material Around the Hole?

Acrylic desks are expensive and there should never be a chance for them to break.

To avoid this, you should place the drill perpendicularly on the acrylic desks.

Let the drill run at medium speed.

Do not press the drill on the desk, place lightly and let the drill sink itself in through the material.

As the drill nears to the finishing end, support the drill and allow it to run through the acrylic desk to the support below.

The drill should continue running as you lift out of the hole carefully.

This should guarantee you a smooth hole without any loss due to breakages.

Are the Edges of Acrylic Desks Too Sharp?

Most manufacturers will use saws and routers that can leave a nice edge free of chips when cutting.

You should however be careful.

Although the edges are not so sharp, you should not run your hand through the edge fast with pressure enough to cut you.

You may develop a paper-cut type kind of injury.

If you find the sharpness of the acrylic desk hard to work with, you can use a sanding block and 100 grit sandpaper.

Pass the sandpaper over and over until it feels good for you.

How Can I Clean Acrylic Desks?

When cleaning an acrylic desk, only use a soft damp cloth.

Acrylic desks can easily get scratched, for this reason, never apply any chemicals or scouring compounds like Windex.

Never use any glass cleaners even if they are labelled as non-scented, organic or environmentally friendly.

If anything such as an adhesive label or any gummy substances, do not apply any kind of solvent.

Do not use the same cloth you use while cleaning household items.

This can make it retain grit, dirt and chemical residues that can cause harm to your acrylic desks.

It is recommended that you use a separate cloth or a new one if possible.

If it develops scratches, don’t worry.

Unlike other desks, scratches found on acrylic desks can be removed easily.

You should never use cleaning solutions that contain ammonia on acrylic desks.

The solution may eat into the acrylic desk making it to craze.

How do I Remove Solvent Cement from an Acrylic Desk?

It can be very hard to remove solvent cement from an acrylic desk.

It is something you may have to avoid at all costs.

The solvent cement tends to eat into the acrylic desk.

You can try some restoration chances by buffing to smooth the surface on which the excess solvent cement was left.

It is not a guarantee of restoration but at least you have a chance of using the acrylic desk again without having to put it away.

Can I Glue a Plastic on Acrylic Desk?

Yes, you can through glueing.

The two can be typically glued together using solvent-based glues.

Acrylic glue will soften the surface of the acrylic desk and chemically bonds the plastic to the acrylic desk.

Which Glue can I use when Bonding another Piece of Acrylic Sheet to the Acrylic Desk?

 acrylic glue

 acrylic glue

There are several acrylic types of glue that you can choose from.

The most trusted acrylic glue is made from Methylene Chloride.

Check or consult with your supplier to make sure you buy the right product.

Before you start glueing an acrylic sheet on an acrylic desk, ensure that the two are in proper shape. There should not be any chips, bumps or cuts.

Such imperfections may compromise the strength of the bond.

Acrylic glue does not sink into crevices or grooves.

In the case of rough surfaces, use light sandpaper to smooth the acrylic edges.

Do not round the acrylic edges as this may compromise the bonding strength.

Can I Glue the Edges of Flame-Polished Acrylic Desks?

This will not work. The two edges will generate small cracks (craze).

This is because of the heat being used to flame the edges of the acrylic desk.

Is Acrylic Desks Thermoform able?

Yes, indeed, acrylic desks can be thermoformed.

This can be achieved by using different types of equipment like a vacuum, stretching equipment, pressure etc.

Other types of heating methods like coiled wire, ceramic elements, hot air ovens etc.

What is the Reflectivity of Acrylic Desk?

The clear acrylic desk is lightweight with high optical clarity and shatters resistance.

The reflectivity rate is 8%.

Can Acrylic Desk Be Heat Bent?

You can heat bend both cast acrylic desks and extruded acrylic desks.

This can be achieved by using a heat gun, heating coil or filament, hairdryer, convection oven or an adjustable paint burner.

When bending using a hairdryer, the outflow opening should be at least 4 centimetres away from the surface of the acrylic desk.

Frequently pull lightly the edges of the acrylic desk to confirm the flexibility.

What Fire Ratings does Acrylic Desk Meet?

Acrylic desk is suitable for use even in high temperatures.

It can withstand temperatures as high as 160 °C.

At this temperature, the acrylic desk may start melting but as you would expect, normal applications of acrylic desks can hardly expose it to these levels.

There are very minimal chances for melting if it is placed in the right applications.

If hot stovetops items are to be placed on top of the acrylic desk, it should only be done by first placing a protective trivet or any other padding with rubber cushions.

To ensure proper maintenance procedures for acrylic desks, you should keep them away from direct open flames or hot surfaces.

Which is the Difference between Cast and Extruded Acrylic Desks?

 cast acrylic

 cast acrylic

Cast acrylic desks are made from the raw monomer.

This is then poured or cast into moulds.

Once it is cured, the raw monomer is grounded and then polished to a fine material.

This process is however more expensive than extrusion.

It however produces the best quality products.

Extruded acrylic desks on the other side are made from acrylic pellets that are pushed through a highly polished extrusion die to produce a quality finished product.

These die marks are what makes the material used in making the acrylic desk less desirable and of less quality as compared to cast acrylic desks.

The process is however cheap and the quality may be acceptable to some extent.

extruded acrylic desk

extruded acrylic desk

Is Acrylic Desk Suitable for Laser Cutting and Engraving?

Cast acrylic desk can be ideal when it comes to engraving as it turns a frosty white colour once it is engraved.

It can be easily cut with laser although the edges will not be flame-polished.

For extruded acrylic desks, the laser will cut smoothly and cleanly with the edges having a flame-polished finish.

Can Acrylic Desks be Used Outdoors?

Acrylic desks just like many other products made from acrylic are suitable for use outdoor.

It can withstand some of the highest and lowest temperatures.

It is able also to withstand humidity and changing temperatures.

There will be little to worry and if there is a need for you to have the acrylic desk placed outside, you should go ahead.

You should however be careful of falling objects due to the low repair chances for acrylic desk once it breaks.

It is can also scratch easily.

It should therefore be put only at a place where there is minimal disturbance by moving objects like tree branches.

How Long Can Acrylic Desk Last Before Turning Yellow?

Acrylic desks are manufactured with plenty of Ultra-violet stabilizers (UV) protector.

This is to mean that when an acrylic desk is properly maintained, it should be able to last for over 20 years before showing any yellowing signs if it ever has to.

It is important that you only clean the acrylic desks with proper cleaning solutions while at the same time avoiding glass cleaning sprays.

Glass cleaning spray and ammonia end up causing haze and fine scratches that eventually yellows the acrylic desk.

For better maintenance and prevention from yellowing, make sure you get enough details on the same from your supplier.

Is Acrylic Desk Toxicologically Harmful?

Among the many potential advantages that acrylic desk hold is its safety from BPA (Bisphenol A).

BPA is normally released during degradation when the material comes into contact with water.

This is commonly referred to as hydrolysis.

This is unlike other plastics like polycarbonates which contain BPA.

Although the toxicity of Bisphenol A is inconclusive, this can never be an issue with acrylic desk and should therefore worry you less.

During manufacturing, however, the manufacturing of acrylic desks can produce very toxic fumes.

This is not to mean that the acrylic desk poses any harm either for adults or even children.

It is one of the safest materials that work well for domestic use without causing any harm.

Can Acrylic Desk be Painted?

Acrylic desks are very fantastic as you have the advantage of painting them over and over correcting any previous mistakes.

It is this level of flexibility that attracts many to modifying them to suit their different tastes.

This should be done in a well-ventilated space or open area.

Place the acrylic desk on a sheet of waste cloth.

Remove the shiny surfaces using fine-grit sandpaper.

You should do this with caution to make sure you do not press too hard enough to scratch the surface of the acrylic desk.

Removing the shiny surface increases the adhesiveness of the acrylic desk allowing the paint to stick.

Once the surface of the acrylic desk is clean you can follow the steps below:

a) Using tape cover the areas that you don’t intend to paint

b) Shake thoroughly before starting and in-between applications.

c) Spray a light and thin layer of paint. Paint several layers of paint one after another giving each time to dry.

You should not over-paint the acrylic desk; only paint lightly layer by layer.

d) Give it time to dry and uncover the covered areas to see the result.

What is the Expansion & Contraction Rate of Acrylic Desks?

Acrylic desk

Acrylic desk

Acrylic desks will expand and contract whenever there are changes in humidity and temperature levels.

The change in temperature or humidity can cause the surface to bow slowly toward the direction where there are higher temperatures and/or humidity.

The acrylic desk surface returns to its original state as and when the temperatures and humidity differences return to zero.

In areas where there are greater variations in temperatures, the acrylic desks with frames from other materials.

They should be designed in a manner that allows them to expand and contract freely.

The channel frames should be let deep enough to expand and still be within the frame.

Fasteners that are not flexible should also be avoided.

Some bolts do not allow for expansion and contraction and this can be a threat to the durability of the acrylic desk.

The tapes and sealants applied should also adhere to both the acrylic desk and the frame.

They should be sufficiently extensible for both to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction.

The linear temperature expansion coefficient for acrylic desk can range between 68 oF to 75 oF.

What are the Disadvantages of Having an Acrylic Desk?

Acrylic desks come with their share of challenges.

Despite the many advantages that come along with their use, people may find them not fully satisfying as discussed below.

It is worth noting that the many benefits that come with acrylic desks can never be overshadowed by the disadvantages.

The challenges include:

  • Easy to get scratched: Acrylic desks get scratched easily quite fast.

Although a clear acrylic desk can look almost similar to glass, any attempt to scratch may tell the difference between them.

This means that you will need to be more careful when handling the acrylic desk as well as where to use it to reduce the chances of it getting scratched.

A good thing however is that it is very easy to restore it from scratch.

You will only need to polish it carefully.

You should refrain from any temptations of using sandpaper or rough pads.

  • Compared to other synthetics, acrylic desks are not strong enough and they are not matting-resistant.
  • Acrylic desks can get stained by oil and easily.

This however is that it is easy to remove it. Simply use some mild detergent and clean water.

This way you are assured that no scratches will be left behind the acrylic desk.

  • Another challenge with acrylic desks is distortion. This is because they bend easily.
  • The other drawback when choosing to own an acrylic desk is the cost of purchase.

Acrylic desks can be super expensive especially where complicated designs are something you choose to have.

This may be in instances where you need unique shelves, handles, modified design and legs.

This is not however to imply there is a waste of money.

With acrylic desks, you can be sure that you are investing in something that matters most to you.

You stand to enjoy the luxury that money affords you by choosing to buy a unique acrylic desk.

This is something you must want to experience.

When it comes to acrylic desks, the value for money can never be lost.

  • Another minor disadvantage that comes with acrylic desks is the impact resistance which is never at par.

They have very poor resistance to solvents.

If extremely stretched, acrylic desks may crack and this may be expensive to repair if you are lucky not to put it away.

Their continuous service temperatures also tend to be very low.

Is Acrylic Desk Breakable?

Acrylic desk

 Acrylic desk

Breaking an acrylic desk may require some force before it breaks.

It has very high flexibility something that may hold it firm before it breaks.

If you were to compare the strength of an acrylic desk to glass, it is seventeen times the strength of glass.

This simply means that the force you will need to use in shattering the glass is 17 times less than the force that may be required to break the acrylic desk.

The acrylic desk cannot shatter; it only breaks into large pieces of acrylic sheet that may not be very dangerous.

This means that you need not worry about having acrylic desks in areas where there may be commotion.

Children can safely use acrylic desks without necessarily breaking them.

They cannot get the force to break the acrylic desk unless they push something stronger on it something that can be rare.

Something you may need to be careful with is the scratching.

Children can make scratches on the acrylic desk unintentionally and may mean more work in restoring it.

What are the Benefits of Having a Desk Made of Acrylic?

Having an acrylic desk is something you should be proud of.

Many advantages come with it. Some of them are:

Beauty: The acrylic desk is a set of a beautiful set of furniture that brings life and elegance to your space.

It has an attractive touch and feel appearance something known for glass only.

This allows it to blend with different other furniture and walls of different paintings.

Resistance to Ultra Violet rays: The acrylic desk is made of a very flexible material.

This makes it very suitable for outdoor use.

The acrylic desk also has a high heat resistant of up to 160 degrees.

On normal domestic usage, acrylic desks can withstand the heat that may be subjected to them.

Eco-friendly: The acrylic desk is very easy to reuse.

It can easily be recycled for use into other forms such as plates, shelves, acrylic tabletops or secondary glazing.

This reduction in wastage makes it friendly and useful in the conservation of the environment.

Offers choice for a variety of colours: Acrylic desk comes in an extensive variety of designs and colours.

You can be able to choose any colour for any specific use and environment.

You have the choice of either having a clear desk or a coloured one as well as the design that best suits you.

Cost-effective: Acrylic desks will give you value for your money.

Their production is also cheap to produce and this translates to better market prices to the end buyer.

Is Acrylic Desk Expensive?

Simply put, the acrylic desk is not expensive.

It only has a higher worth compared to other desks.

The acrylic desk will bring what other desks cannot afford you.

The classic nature of an acrylic desk is what may require you to cough more than you would in other desks.

Acrylic desks can also serve you for quite a long time.

More times than others would.

They are very flexible and can come in any form and shape.

You can get any design you would want.

Some of the things that may make acrylic desk seem expensive to include their excellent optical clarity, transparency and how light they are.

Acrylic desks are very light compared to their sizes especially when you have to compare them with glass.

If you are going for an acrylic desk, never let their pricing pull you back.

Does Acrylic Desk Have UV Protection?

Acrylic desks do come with a layer of UV filtering sheet.

This layer however does not prevent the darkening or fading of colours entirely.

This UV filtering layer can filter the harmful UV light by up to 98%.

This is what makes the acrylic desk ideal by preventing it from becoming brittle or turning yellow.

It is worth noting that not all UV filtering acrylic desks are created the same way.

Some will block more UV rays while others will only block some.

Some acrylic desks with UV protectors will block harmful visible UV light rays.

The protective sheet may only block wavelengths of not more than 400 nanometres.

Are Acrylic Desks Eco-Friendly?

Acrylic desks are very environmentally friendly.

They are not known to produce any harmful chemicals.

If acrylic desks have been broken beyond repair, they cannot be left to the ground.

It can easily be taken for recycling to produce other beautiful products such as shelves and plates.

What are the Physical Properties of Acrylic Desks?

The acrylic desk is made of a rigid thermoplastic that is very light which has many times resistance to breakage compared to that of a standard glass window.

When an acrylic desk is subjected to impact beyond the limit, it cannot break into small dangerous silvers but will shatter into large pieces.

Another unique property is that the acrylic desk will stand any exposure to the sun, sudden temperature changes or extreme cold.

This can make it last for a long period before deteriorating due to its inherent stability.

You can comfortably use an acrylic desk even in temperatures of between 40°C to 93°C.

It is however recommended that it does not get exposed to temperatures exceeding 180°F.

What is the Recommended Thickness for Acrylic Desks?

When choosing an acrylic desk, most manufacturers will offer them in 4mm thickness.

This is the same thickness that a standard tough glass may have although the weight may be half that of glass.

Some produce 3mm top acrylic desks.

Your choice should go along with its application to avoid misuse of acrylic desks.

The thicker it is the stronger it is.

Can I Take Acrylic Desk Back for Recycling?

Sometimes acrylic desks may break and become useless.

It is at these times that the importance of their environmental friendliness is revealed.

Acrylic desks are eco-friendly and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

It can be melted and be formed into other useful products.

They include acrylic shelves, acrylic tables, utensils etc.

How Should I take Care of My Acrylic Desk to Serve Me for Long?

Proper care and maintenance of an acrylic desk can prolong its life span thus enjoying more benefits from it.

You can avoid unnecessary breakages, scratches or even yellowing if you handle it properly.


Always wash the acrylic desk with a solution of detergent or mild soap and lukewarm water.

Using a clean soft cloth and apply only a little pressure.

After washing, rinse the acrylic desk with clean water.

Blot using a soft a damp soft cloth.

Use a good grade of kerosene or hexane to remove oil, tar and grease.

You should never use kitchen scouring compounds, sprays for cleaning windows like acetone, alcohol, benzene etc.

These may cause scratches on the surface of the acrylic desk.


Make a habit of dusting your acrylic every day or whenever it gets dust.

You should have a soft cloth to do this.

Gritty or dry clothes may bring scratches on the acrylic desk and even create static electric charges on its surface.


Protect acrylic desk and maintain the surface gloss by polishing with using a good plastic polish and cleaner.

Apply a thin even coat of polish using a soft clean cloth lightly with cotton flannel.

Proceed to wipe using a damp cloth to eliminate any electrostatic charges that may attract dust particles.

Acrylic desk

Acrylic desk

Should I Consider Acrylic Desks Safe for my Children?

Acrylic desks are very safe for your children.

You can comfortably use them in your children’s room as study desks or in any other place within the rich of children.

They can hardly break it due to its high strength and impact resistance.

The only thing you may need to be careful with is the scratches that they may cause on the acrylic desk.

In China, we offer perfect solution for all your acrylic desk needs.

Depending on your specific needs, WeProFab, will design and manufacture acrylic desk according to your specifications – contact us now.

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