• 6mm Acrylic Sheet
  • 6mm Acrylic Sheet

6mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab is a leading producer of an amazing 6mm acrylic sheet worldwide. We have made plenty of different colors which are very attractive and useful for business purposes. WeProFab can custom your ideal 6mm acrylic sheet. Send your drawing!

Get WeProFab 6mm Acrylic Sheet to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab is now 20 years in the manufacturing industry which always provides a one-stop solution. We are a professional manufacturer in China which is offering the best quality and outstanding supplies of 6mm acrylic sheets worldwide.

6mm PMMA Acrylic Sheet for Light

WeProFab 6mm PMMA Acrylic Sheet for Light is available in different colors. It also features an iron packet transport package.

6mm Milky White Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Milky White Acrylic Sheet features weather-resistant and high impact resistance. It also works well at 100% distortion temperature.

6mm Solid Plastic Clear Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Solid Plastic Clear Acrylic Sheet features a  range of high-quality extruded acrylic solid plastic sheets. It also has a high surface hardness and durability.

6mm Thick Perspex Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Thick Perspex Acrylic Sheet features colorful cast plexiglass sheet tension. It is surely a reliable and durable acrylic sheet.

6mm Acrylic Plastic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Acrylic Plastic Sheet is more flexible, lighter, and stronger than glass with a higher impact strength. It also reduces damage to goods in transit saving costs.

6mm Acrylic Sheet Plastic Panel

WeProFab 6mm Acrylic Sheet Plastic Panel features shatter-resistant, stronger, and safer than glass. It is also optically clearer than glass and will not discolor from sun exposure.

WeProFab: Your Leading 6mm Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

We create any equipment of a 6mm acrylic sheet. A top graded raw material is used in the fabrication processes to make sure we can supply high class and durable products such as a 6mm acrylic sheet.

Whether you need it urgently, WeProFab can satisfy your needs. We can only focus on your orders to make it more safe and secure to avoid returns and damages.

We are certificated with ISO 9001 which made us popular and qualified. If you deal with us, we have plenty of staff who can guide you all the way done. Get your ideal 6mm acrylic sheet at WeProFab.

Custom 6mm Acrylic Sheet to Boost Your Business

6mm Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Clear Acrylic Perspex Sheet is optically clearer and will not discolor from sun exposure. It is also an extruded clear acrylic sheet cut to size.

High Gloss 6mm Clear Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab High Gloss 6mm Clear Acrylic Sheet is a very versatile thermoplastic, good-looking, easy to fabricate, and work with. It also makes it good alternatives to glass, cheaper, lighter, safer. 

6mm Thick Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Thick Clear Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet is virtually unaffected by years of weather. It also in sun exposure making it a preferred material for outdoor.

6mm Thickness PMMA Acrylic Sheet Transparent

WeProFab 6mm Thickness PMMA Acrylic Sheet Transparent has different properties which lend them for use in specific applications. It is also often used as a glass substitute. 

6mm Glossy Clear Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab 6mm Glossy Clear Acrylic Sheet is widely used by commercial fabricators. It also features being lightweight, durable, and versatile.  

Flexible 6mm Acrylic Sheet

A flexible 6mm acrylic sheet is admired for being impact, shatter-resistant, lightweight, and durable. Widely utilized for many applications and industries. Flexible enough to be cut, drilled, and fabricated easily.

Colored Glossy 6mm Acrylic Sheet

A colored glossy 6mm acrylic sheet sustains the environmental protection standard. Various colors are available to choose from. Applicable as an indoor decoration board, engraving, and signboard.

Transparent 6mm Acrylic Sheet

A transparent 6mm acrylic sheet comes in a range of colors and surface coating. Can be machined to the exact requirements. Made with crystal clear and hard-wearing acrylic with 6mm thickness.

6mm Frosted Acrylic Sheet

6mm frosted acrylic sheet is clear in color with a frosted appearance. Allows light to pass through making it perfect for privacy glazing. Features a lightweight and UV-resistant solution.

6mm White Acrylic Sheet

6mm white acrylic sheet acrylic is utilized for a variety of applications. Offers natural transparency and impact resistance. Arrives in white color with varying dimensions and styles.

Black 6mm Acrylic Sheet

The Black 6mm acrylic sheet is completely UV-resistant and easy to clean. Available in a variety of styles with custom sizes. Includes a smooth and scratch-resistant coating with black color. Can last a long time.

6mm Acrylic Textured Sheet

6mm acrylic textured sheet is UV-resistant, vandal-proof, and easy to clean. Arrives with a textured appearance, a satin finish, and a protective film on both sides. Highly customized for any requirements.

6mm Acrylic Marble Sheet

6mm acrylic marble sheet is a non-porous and scratch-resistant material. Guarantees a food-safe surface that will not discolor for a long time. Can be formed in all kinds of shapes with a marbled appearance.

6mm Acrylic Decorative Sheet

6mm acrylic decorative sheet has strong surface hardness and good weather resistance. Offers perfect transparency and excellent electrical insulation. Used as decorative sheets for outdoors and indoors.

Smoked 6mm Acrylic Sheet

A smoked 6mm acrylic sheet is an excellent material choice for various industries. Guarantee to function against discoloration and is UV resistant. Widely utilized for both commercial and domestic applications.

Impact Resistant 6mm Acrylic Sheet

Impact-resistant 6mm acrylic sheet is typically used as door and window cover, partition board in the office, and product design. Engineered with an eco-friendly and impact-resistant acrylic material.

6mm Acrylic Roofing Sheet

6mm acrylic roofing sheet features excellent weatherability, is lightweight, and is impact resistant. Perfect solution for the majority of indoor and outdoor applications. Provided with protective film.

Milky White 6mm Acrylic Sheet

Milky white 6mm acrylic sheet is often used for tanks, industrial window glazing, and machine covers. Includes a milky white appearance, particularly for outdoor use. Offers resistance to sunlight and weathering.

Light Diffuser 6mm Acrylic Sheet

The light diffuser 6mm acrylic sheet offers high plasticity and makes shaping easier. Commonly used in office furniture, interior decorating materials, and many more. Designed to stabilize excessive UV rays.

Crack Resistant 6mm Acrylic Sheet

Crack-resistant 6mm acrylic sheet is commonly applied in windows, school projects, advertising, and table protector. Easy to clean and maintain with excellent chemical resistance.

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Why WeProFab 6mm Acrylic Sheet

Finding a supplier and manufacturer for your 6mm acrylic sheet is not easy. You have to be watchful and look for their capability first. WeProFab is the best for your choice.

In purchasing a 6mm acrylic sheet, WeProFab is responsible to hold the whole of your operation. You will be guided by our skilled and friendly staff to make sure safety at all times.

6mm Acrylic Sheet

We created 6mm acrylic sheet types such as reflections, radiant, and make different sizes. Through this, we can able to sustain your project demands.

WeProFab has followed the design detail according to the sent designs.

6mm acrylic sheet has an amazing color which is commonly used for signage. If the light hits, the amazing color changes into a unique and elegant look.

This type of sheet is perfect for indoor or outside applications.

WeProFab 6mm acrylic sheet creates different reflections that are perfect for any application.

6mm Acrylic Sheet

If your business needs this urgently, WeProFab can manage a fast yet secured process to make it on-time. We have our very watchful and skilled team who can make it possible.

If you are purchasing a 6mm acrylic sheet, we assure you that we always offer a competitive cost so we can help you save your budget.

There are different types of 6mm acrylic sheets for you to choose from. Each of these has its own advantages.

We can suggest the best application for your project. We can suggest what type of sheet will be great for your final application.

6mm Acrylic Sheet

WeProFab has the capability to give a piece of effective advice and suggestions. This is the reason why the customer always prefer us when purchasing products.

Always count on us in terms of purchasing from plastic fabrication including metal. We are capable to entertain and prioritize your orders through the help of our staff from different services.

Contact us now and send your inquiries for quick actions. We can make it done for you on-time!

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