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Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer

If you are looking for a premier pulse oximeter manufacturer, WeProFab is your best choice! We are one of the leading Chinese pulse oximeter manufacturers. For many years, we manufacture high-quality products that are CFDA, CE, and FDA approved.

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Choose WeProFab as Your Trusted Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer

WeProFab has a full capacity to produce a wide range of pulse oximeter. We can customize your orders according to your needs. We also offer OEM services to meet your requirements.

Compact Pulse Oximeter

We manufacture compact pulse oximeter that uses finger pulse to determine pulse and blood-oxygen saturation levels. WeProFab pulse oximeters are widely used in different medical field.

Dual Color OLED Display Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

WeProFab is a professional dual color OLED display fingertip pulse oximeter manufacturer. We have been in the industry for many years. Thus, we can guarantee you total solution for your needs.

LCD Display Pulse Oximeter

WeProFab is a trusted contrast medium injection syringe manufacturer. It comes with different sizes that are customizable according to your needs.

Single Color LED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

WeProFab manufactures optimal quality single color LED fingertip pulse oximeter. It features 100& accuracy and efficient pulse rate measurements.

Dual Color LED Pulse Oximeter

If you are looking for a dual color LED Pulse Oximeter, WeProFab can provide your needs! We have been a trusted pulse oximeter manufacturer for many years. We guarantee you high-quality and affordable products.

Handheld Pulse Oximeter

WeProFab handheld pulse oximeter features large LED display. These are durable, lightweight, and compact design. It only consumes low power and can be suitable for neonate, pediatric, and adults.

WeProFab: Your Leading Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer

Through our state-of-the-art facilities, WeProFab is able to produce innovative pulse oximeters. We have full capacity to manufacture a wide range of pulse to supply your business or projects. At WeProFab, we have skillful engineers and professional team to design the highest quality pulse oximeter.

As a leading pulse oximeter manufacturer in China, we offer the best prices and excellent services. We also offer customization of your orders according to your specifications.

Our pulse oximeter with wide range of design, sizes, and features will surely fit your demands. Our quick response team will assist you for your needs! Inquire now!

Trusted Customized Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer to Skyrocket Your Business

Wearable Ring Oximeter

WeProFab wearable ring oximeter can read blood-oxygen level anywhere and anytime without any restrictions. It comes with different customizable design to meet your requirements.

Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter

WeProFab Pediatric Finger Pulse Oximeter is designed for children over 2 years old. It features accurate measurement, easy operation, OLED display, automatic sleep mode, and more advanced features.

Fingertip Oximeter with Bluetooth

WeProFab is a professional catheter tip syringe manufacturer for many years. We offer customization of your catheter tip syringe to exceed your expectations.

Desktop Pulse Oximeter

Our desktop pulse oximeter features pulse waveform display, data storage function, battery power indications, and connected with an external oximeter probe.

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Why Choose WeProfab as Your Trusted Pulse Oximeter Manufacturer


Pulse Oximeter Gallery

Through many years of operation in the industry, WeProFab is constantly taking innovations. We are also able to acquire lots of technology advancements that allows us to produce innovative and high-quality pulse oximeters.

Due to that, we are known to be the leading Chinese pulse oximeter manufacturer. We have been committed to manufacturing a vast range of pulse oximeter such as handheld oximeter, desktop pulse oximeter, fingertip oximeter with Bluetooth, and more.

Our pulse oximeter are widely used for indicating SPO2 or level of oxygen saturation in the blood. The results of pulse oximeter tests can be used for diagnosing poor hemoglobin and oxygen binding and other hematological problems.

Pulse Oximeter Gallery

WeProFab manufactures pulse oximeter with separate or built-in sensors. We have tabletop pulse oximeter models for specialist offices. Our portable pulse oximeters are also commonly used for ambulatory applications.

At WeProFab, we manufacture high-quality pulse oximeter with lots of optimized features such as high-accuracy measurements. Aside from that our pulse oximeter comes with different designs and sizes for both adults and pediatric.

WeProFab pulse oximeters are lightweight, compact, and durable. These are made from medical grade materials to ensure high-performance and functionality. We manufacture pulse oximeters that are electric or battery powered.

Pulse Oximeter Gallery

WeProFab is one of the most reputed pulse oximeter manufacturer in China. We have been providing products with the highest quality. All our products have conformed to ISO, CE, and more international quality and safety standards. We also do rigorous quality testing by our strict quality control team.

To support your business, WeProfab offers customization and OEM services so we can manufacture with your brand. We also offer affordable price, flexible MOQ, excellent services, and quick shipment. WeProFab is your reliable pulse oximeter manufacturer!

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