• Acrylic Sound Barrier

Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab is a trusted supplier of acrylic sound barrier from China. We are capable of laser cutting, polishing, bonding, thermoforming, molding, and embossing acrylics to create an amazing sound barrier. Get yours now!

Get WeProFab Acrylic Sound Barrier to Delight Your Customers

We are a reliable supplier and manufacturer of acrylic sound barrier with one-stop solution offers. We are ensuring supplies are in standard quality. Fulfilling your request is our pleasure.

Acrylic Sound Barrier Manufacturer

If you’re planning to purchase acrylic sound barriers, WeProFab can be your great supplier. Our products are technologically tested and proven.

Acrylic Sound Barrier Sheet

There are different sizes of acrylic sheets for sound barriers. It is accessible at any customizations at a reasonable rate.

Clear Acrylic Sound Barrier

This is the most common and negotiable type of acrylic sound barrier for different applications. We have many features and sizes for your orders.

Commercial Acrylic Sound Barrier

We are supplying acrylic sound barriers for commercial applications. WeProFab is the best acrylic sound barrier manufacturer for you.

Cut-to-size Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab is a premier acrylic sound barrier manufacturer and supplier in China. We can supply large volume worldwide according to your request.

Resistant Acrylic Sound Barrier

You can choose your resistant need for an acrylic sound barrier. WeProFab created different features applicable to your projects.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Sound Barrier Manufacturer

As a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer, we are offering outstanding support. We are prioritizing your designs and we can make it more perfect.

We can manufacture anti-fog, anti-scratch, and more special surfaces for acrylic sound barriers. We created a lot of types of offering products at a competitive cost.

We are a plastic fabrication company which is certificated with ISO 9001. We control and develop our acrylic sound barrier standards. Our quality and effective service in more than 20 years are one of the reasons why people in business choose to build an excellent relationship with us.

WeProFab will sustain what you desired. Contact us, get further information, and get an awesome acrylic sound barrier supplies.

Custom Acrylic Sound Barrier to Boost Your Business

Bulletproof Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab bulletproofs acrylic sound barriers are safe for any possible accidents. We can supply plenty of acrylic barriers around the world.

Colored Acrylic Sound Barrier

We have unique colors for acrylic sound barriers that are suitable for your project. Choose your wished amazing colors for your satisfaction.

Large Acrylic Sound Barrier

We have durable and versatile large sound barriers. it is applicable for highway applications, isolations, and many more.

See-through Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab see-through acrylic sound barrier is perfect for walling barrier applications. See clear things from the other side.

Architectures Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab skilled engineers designed architecture acrylic sound barriers. We designed it fitted for any applications like railways, highways, etc.

Multiwall Acrylic Sound Barrier

Multiwall acrylic sound barrier has stronger impact resistance than any other material. Commonly used as high-way noise barriers and soundproof panels. Guarantees perfect weather resistance for long-term use.

Solid Acrylic Sound Barrier Sheets

Solid acrylic sound barrier sheets are admired for offering excellent thermoforming capabilities and impact resistance. Designed for outstanding weatherability that can be fabricated easily.

High Gloss Acrylic Panel Sound Barrier

A high gloss acrylic panel sound barrier is available in various colors and thicknesses. Highly glossy in structure and made of an anti-UV acrylic. Suitable for engraving, silk-screen printing, and processing.

White Acrylic Sound Barrier

The white acrylic sound barrier is a convenient material for soundproofing. Guarantees efficient weather resistance which can be used for various purposes. This will not damage and yellow after a few years.

Black Matte Acrylic Sound Barrier

The black matte acrylic sound barrier is typically used under more realistic conditions. Guarantees protection against heavy damage. Available with a black matte color and a smooth surface.

Room Partitions Acrylic Sound Barrier

Room partitions and acrylic sound barriers offer sound absorption and insulation. Structured with an acrylic frame that gives a finished look. Arrives in many different colors which can resist extreme conditions.

Acrylic Roofing Sound Barrier

Acrylic roofing sound barrier is resilient against hazardous elements and can withstand extreme conditions. Easy to maintain and aesthetically appealing. Features a lightweight and virtually unbreakable structure.

Patterned Acrylic Sound Barriers Partitions

Patterned acrylic sound barrier partitions are provided with a detailed design and are acoustically adequate. Accessible in different dimensions and shapes. Guarantees excellent structural integrity and aesthetics.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab acrylic sound barriers are applicable for railways, highways, establishments, commercial buildings, and many more public areas.

We have a large sheet for large applications available in many features and customizations. It has a unique color for an option when searching for a sound barrier.

Acrylic Sound Barrier

WeProFab acrylic sound barriers are versatile and sturdy perfect for outdoor applications. It is a strong heat resistance that is perfect for long term use.

WeProFab acrylic sound barriers are also suitable for factory barriers. It helps keep your factory silent without any problems from others.

For installation, acrylic sound barriers are easier to install. WeProFab offered the best solutions if you purchase our cost-effective acrylic sound barriers.

Our acrylic sound barriers are also perfect for small installations such as walls, doors, windows, or building partitions. We are offering an acceptable price according to the desired customization of your acrylic sound barrier orders. We can surely supply a profitable and negotiable stock.

Acrylic Sound Barrier

We have a lot to offer. There are decorative, patterned, colored, frosted, and many more choices. You’re always free to choose what will be applicable to your project.

WeProFab is a great manufacturer and supplier of a large number of orders. We are able to supply a quality checked acrylic sound barriers at a very acceptable rate. Our acrylic sound barriers are great in different applications that your customers will surely love.

Get an awesome acrylic sound barrier at WeProFab. It is very useful in all airports, fish ports, public markets, and different industrial applications. We can supply your ideal amount ahead of time with no hassle and secured.

Acrylic Sound Barriers

WeProFab is an experienced supplier worldwide. We fully support customer’s requests successfully. We have a complete and well-trained worker that is able to sustain your needs. Our designers will surely follow your designs suited to your applications.

Whatever your purpose in purchasing acrylic sound barriers, we will ensure to fulfill your special requirements.

Don’t forget to send your inquiries. WeProFab will provide detailed information.

What is Acrylic Sound Barrier?

Acrylic Sound Barrier

The acrylic sound barrier is a hardened surface that blocks the sound out.

They are the ideal solution for reducing noise levels.

An acrylic sound barrier prevents damages and annoyance.

What are the Specifications of an Acrylic Sound Barrier?

The acrylic sound barriers usually have about 1850 mm, 2450 mm, and 3100 mm in length.

Their width measures almost 1250 mm and 1500 mm wide.

Depending on your applications, acrylic sound barriers are available in 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm thickness.

You can also have them with clear, black, milky, green, opal, and many other colors.

Your ordered specific acrylic sound barrier are securely packed with PE film and safe pallets.

But remember, the acrylic sound barriers sizes and shapes depending on your orders.

What are the Salient Features of Acrylic Sound Barriers?

The acrylic sound barriers are manufactured with high-standard features, like:

  • They have adjustable angles
  • Has about 93% high transmittance
  • Designed with rigid and solid features
  • Easy to cut and drill
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Available in various colors
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Corrosion and rust resistance
  • Cost-effective
Why Choose an Acrylic Sound Barrier?

Choosing an acrylic sound barrier over other barriers provides extended advantages.

The acrylic sound barriers advantages are:

Excellent Sound Insulation

Reducing noise mechanism id reflected.

The acrylic barrier offers better sound effects if formed with an inward curve.

Hight Transparent

The acrylic sound barrier transparency is higher than glass.

It gives better initial transmittance compared to transparent plastics.

Easy to Process 

The acrylic sheet for the sound barrier is easy to cut and transport than glass.

You can also easily bend it up to 300 times radius, diverse and thermoformed.

Light Weight

The acrylic sound barrier is 50% lighter than glass.

You can use the typical structure with secure and stable installation.

Outstanding Weather Resistant

The acrylic-made sound barriers are ideal for outdoor applications.

They can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Using an acrylic sound barrier lasts about 25 years without turning yellow.

High-Strength Impact Resistance

The acrylic sound barriers resist more strong impact than glass.

They are not easy to break like glasses.

Birds Protection

Acrylic Sound Barrier Birds Protection

The installed acrylic sound barrier has polyamide threads.

It helps the birds easy to determine and avoid highway bruises.

Keep in mind the difference between acrylic sound barriers and decide what you need.

In What Materials can We Set Up the Acrylic Sound Barriers?

To achieve a stable and convenient acrylic sound barrier, you should install them in sturdy frames.

Solid frames include woods, aluminum, plastics, steels, and other applicable materials. 

Installing acrylic sound barriers is easy to do than concrete sound barriers.

Where Can We Install the Acrylic Sound Barrier?

Installed Acrylic Sound Barrier

The acrylic sound barriers are constructed for multiple applications.

They are installed as:

  • Freeways sound barrier
  • Overpass sound barrier
  • Subway sound barrier
  • Bridge sound barrier
  • Highways sound barrier
  • Railways sound barrier
  • Urban roads noise barriers
  • Office noise barrier
  • And many more places that require sunlight yet block the sounds out.
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