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WeProFab HDPE rod is perfect for your plastic fabrication that suits your every necessity. We have plenty of types in our HDPE rod such as solid, extruded, corrosive resistant, and many more. Message us now!

Get WeProFab HDPE Rods to Delight Your Customers

Our HDPE rod has a wide range of uses which perfectly suits your demand in plastic fabrication. We can assure you that you obtain the chemical resistance, weatherproof, and physiologically inert.

Corrosive Resistant HDPE Rods

At WeProFab, the corrosive resistant HDPE rod has a chemical resistance that repels corrosive chemicals. It is safe to use, very lightweight, and excellent impact resistance.

Custom HDPE Rods

In WeProFab, we offer custom-made for your HDPE rod. We can cut to size base on your desire color, measurements, and other designs for your HDPE rod. We can assure you that we reach the customer’s expectation of the products.

Extruded HDPE Rods

WeProFab can be extruded into various shapes based on the necessity of our dear customer. It can be accessible in tough, weldable plastic, lightweight, and economical.

HDPE Rods Manufacturer

WeProFab is the best choice in fabricating the HDPE rod since we have plenty of experiences in regards to HDPE products. We can produce finish products or you can free to customize your HDPE rod.

High Density HDPE Rods

Our high-density HDPE rod is used for bushes, pulleys, bearings, and low-stress gears. It is suitable for all applications where an extensive tensile and compression durability is needed.

Solid HDPE Rods

At WeProFab, the solid HDPE rod has greater strength and hardness. It is used for many applications and industries because of its excellent impact resistance.

WeProFab: Your Leading HDPE Rods Manufacturer

WeProFab is a joint-venture company between WeeTect Material Limited and a Chinese local fabrication manufacturer who tends to provide a great solution.

Regarding in producing plastics, WeProFab can guarantee you the best HDPE rods for your projects. It is ideal for all business purposes and even for personal use. We can perform cut-to-size for your HDPE rod, you just only send us your specific dimensions and colors. You can also pick from our finished products like having a colored, white, and black. Or you can have 2mm and 30mm in your HDPE rod.

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Custom HDPE Rods to Expand Your Brand

2mm HDPE Rods

We have produced a specific measurement for your HDPE rod that suits your business demand. It is affordable to purchase.

30mm HDPE Rods

If having 30mm for your HDPE rod is your desire, WeProFab can offer a perfect dimension for it. It has a great quality.

Black HDPE Rods

If having a black color for your HDPE rod, we can give the best black HDPE rod which fits on your special requirements.

Colored HDPE Rods

If having a color for your HDPE Rod to your business is your desire, WeProFab can provide unique colors for you.

White HDPE Rods

It is lightweight and has superior impact resistance. It also provides high bending strength and low moisture absorption.

Why WeProFab HDPE Rods

If you are looking for having universal purposes engineering plastics for your businesses, WeProFab HDPE Rod is just right for you. WeProFab HDPE rod also known as High-Density Polyethylene is a very in-demand material for plastics.

We have plenty of experience in regards to producing HDPE Rod since we are the one granted in fabricating products over 20 years. We have many types in our HDPE rod such as extruded HDPE rod, high-density HDPE rod, corrosive resistant HPDE rod, and many more.


Our HPDE rod has a wide range of uses such as pulleys, bushes, bearings, and low-stress gears and it is also the best choice including water, food, and corrosive chemical applications.

WeProFab HDPE rod is also a flexible engineering plastic that has plenty of unique and handy properties to provide customers who need an assorted and combined range of useful features as well as chemical resistance, disinfectant equipment in food procedure, piping, and marine uses.

In general, our HPDE rod is applicable in tanks, plastic fabrication, storage vessels, and wastewater chemical process industries.

WeProFab HDPE rod presents fine resistance to scrape, making it the most applicable material for requisition where greatly abrasive products like sand, gravel, or grit are present. It is frequently found in the food fabrication environment as the natural grade, it might be fine for use as a roller staple.

Our HDPE rod is perfect for most applications since it has extensive durability and hardness. It also provides superior impact resistance and lightweight material.


WeProFab HDPE rod is ideal for plastic fabrication since it is bendable, it has a UV resistant, it has an electric insulator, it is weatherproof, it has chemical resistance, and physiologically inert.

If you are an HDPE rod retailer or personalized HDPE rod for your businesses, WeProFab is your best partner for that. As a CE certified, we strictly control the quality of our products before transporting to you.

We also assure you that we follow the scheduled date of the delivery. For further information about our HDPE rod products, you can free to message us now and we will glad to assist you.


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