• Acrylic Keyboard Case

Acrylic Keyboard Case

WeProFab acrylic keyboard case is available in various designs, styles, and custom colors. This is more recommendable than other types of materials because of its great durability and cost-effectiveness. It provides a neat and good appearance in the case. It has perfect functionality and cooling ability. Acrylic keyboard cases are attractive when added some RGB in the system.

Get WeProFab Acrylic Keyboard Case to Delight Your Customers

WeProFab acrylic keyboard cases are accessible incomplete options. We have listed some important types of the acrylic keyboard cases, features, and more selections.

Acrylic Keyboard Milk Case

The acrylic keyboard milk case has attractive white color. It has great shatter resistance designed with sealing ability to improve dust resistance. It is designed with an acrylic screwed stand and it has a good balance of stiffness.

Anodized Acrylic Keyboard Case

Anodized acrylic keyboard case has a pleasing color and it is damage proof. It has also good tolerance and is free from machining marks and blemishes.

Clear Acrylic Keyboard Case

Clear acrylic keyboard case is easy to configure with the keyboard. It is perfect to add some RGB for attractiveness and designed to improve great durability and resistance.

Custom Radiant Acrylic Keyboard Case

A custom radiant acrylic keyboard case has an excellent surface texture and has an under glow led that can shine especially during nighttime.

Frosted Acrylic Keyboard Case

The frosted acrylic keyboard case provides an attractive appearance, especially when added some lighting. It is compatible with a lot of mechanical keyboards.

Layered Frosted Acrylic Keyboard Case

The layered frosted acrylic keyboard case has excellent flexibility and stiffness balance. It has great sturdiness and can be customizable with an ideal styles and colors. 

Mechanical Acrylic Keyboard Case

Mechanical acrylic keyboard case comes with a noise reduction foam and a hot-swappable socket. It has good compatibility with almost all of the keyboards.

Stacked Acrylic Keyboard Case

The stacked acrylic keyboard case is wireless and has a lot of functions. It is spill and damage resistant and it comes with wrist support.

Waterproof Acrylic Keyboard Case

The waterproof acrylic keyboard case has extreme water and corrosion resistance. It comes with a detachable coiled cable designed with a longer life span.

WeProFab: Your Leading Acrylic Keyboard Case Manufacturer

WeProFab is a professional acrylic keyboard case manufacturer and supplier in China. We have a remarkable ability to provide great satisfaction while producing the highest-quality products.

Our Acrylic keyboard cases are designed based on your specifications and another request. We can follow your ideas while handling a fast production through high-tech programmable machines. So we assure to fulfill your urgent needs.

We can do the different processes in CNC machining like laser cutting, molding, engraving, silkscreen, and more. We assure to follow the right cut, shape, and so on.

Custom Acrylic Keyboard Case to Boost Your Brand

Anti-Dust Acrylic Keyboard Case

Anti-Dust acrylic keyboard case is grime and dust resistant. It has a variety of sizes and provides a clear view of the keyboards.

Black Acrylic Keyboard Case

Black acrylic keyboard caseis waterproof and comes in black color. It has a high impact resistant and admirable durability. It has also good compatibility.

Curved Acrylic Keyboard Case

The curved acrylic keyboard case is flexible and efficient to use. It has a shiny appearance and has optimum compatibility with a stylish shape and keys.

Custom Color Acrylic Keyboard Case

Custom color acrylic keyboard case is hard-wearing and has a hard coating. It is available in different mixing colors and sizes as well.

Frosted Mini Acrylic Keyboard Case

The frosted mini acrylic keyboard case is made of frosted acrylic. It is small and supports under glow LED shine. It also has excellent compatibility.

Impact Resistant Acrylic Keyboard Case

Impact-resistant acrylic keyboard case has extreme resistance in damages and it is also hardwearing. It is strong and can endure extreme temperatures.

Multi-Function Acrylic Keyboard Case

Multi-Function acrylic keyboard case functions really well. It is flexible and strong as it avoids tearing and  can be performed on different devices.

Standard Acrylic Keyboard Case

The standard acrylic keyboard case is made with high-quality acrylic. It is designed and suitable for standards applications. It has also a length-to-width ratio.

Ultra Thin Acrylic Keyboard Case

The ultra-Thin acrylic keyboard case is multi-functional designed with an attractive appearance. It is damage-resistant and saleable.

Universal Solid Color Acrylic Keyboard Case

We manufacture different solid colors of acrylic keyboard cases. It can be solid white, black, and more. It is designed with superiorcoatings.

CNC Machining Acrylic Keyboard Case

CNC Machining Acrylic Keyboard Case is a highly accurate type of keyboard and is applicable in different kinds of substrates. It is an environmentally friendly material and its surface is perfectly polished.

Custom Multicolor Acrylic Keyboard Case

Custom Multicolor Acrylic Keyboard Case is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, textures and styles. It has excellent stability and efficiency. It is also simple to configure with the keyboard.

Diffuser Acrylic Keyboard Case

Diffuser Acrylic Keyboard Case is a light diffuser that supports a full key cover and it is applicable for a lot of keyboards. It offers appealing designs and it is comfortable to use. It comes with an acrylic casting body.

Frosted Light Edge Acrylic Keyboard Case

Frosted Light Edge Acrylic Keyboard Case is best suited in PC and mini keyboards. It is durable, convenient to use, and coated with a frosted material. It is best suited with LCD monitors or desktops’ keyboards.

Low Profile Stacked Acrylic Keyboard Case

Low Profile Stacked Acrylic Keyboard Case is made of acrylic and it is not simple to break. It comes with a case rubber foot for better stability. It supports under glow LED that shines through the keyboard.

Matte Acrylic Keyboard Case

Matte Acrylic Keyboard Case can perfectly display the light at the back of the keyboard. It comes with a matte finish for a comfortable touch and has an excellent light transmission. It is commonly used in DZ60 and GH60 keyboard.

Mechanical Acrylic Keyboard Case

Mechanical Acrylic Keyboard Case has an extraordinary combination of shades. It is suitable for many types of keyboards and it has optimum strength that can hold a keyboard for long-term usage.

Prototype Acrylic Keyboard Case

Prototype Acrylic Keyboard Case has a clear aesthetic upgrade and has appealing colors. It looks great with any colored keyboard and it comes with a rubber foot. This type of case is compatible to almost 60% of keyboards.

Swappable Frosted Acrylic Keyboard Case

Swappable Frosted Acrylic Keyboard Case is specially made for gamers and professional keyboards. It guarantees satisfying efficiency and has optimal durability. It has an excellent glazing appearance.

White Acrylic Keyboard Case

White Acrylic Keyboard Case is fashionable and made of white acrylic material. It offers a smooth touch and it is designed with multiple patterns. It can apply to almost all types of keyboards.

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Why WeProFab Acrylic Keyboard Case?

The acrylic keyboard case is one of the saleable products. It has great see-through aesthetic and customizable colors according to your ideal request.

Acrylic keyboard case has great advantages from impact, water, dust, and more. It has a great appearance which has great effects with lights.

Choosing WeProFab acrylic keyboard case is the right choice you made. We assure the best performance and longevity and help you save money and time.

These acrylic keyboard cases typically show off RGB best due to the properties of acrylic. Acrylic cases are the best option if you want to add RGB under radiance to your keyboard. These cases are commonly available in two varieties: stacked acrylic and frosted acrylic.

Acrylic cases are popular due to their clear, see-through appearance, which complements illuminate nicer than other case materials. Despite the fact that there are numerous customization services available for creating a customized mechanical keyboard, WeProFab remains China’s leading acrylic keyboard cases manufacturer.

What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Keyboard Case?

There are plenty of benefits when choosing a keyboard case. It has great durability, a longer life span, and cost-effectiveness. Each style has perfect functions performs different types of devices.

Here are different Advantages and benefits of acrylic keyboard cases:

  1. Eco-friendliness

Acrylic is the best material option for plastic fabrication, including keyboard cases.

It is considered to be among the greatest environmentally friendly.

  1. Durability

Acrylic keyboard cases outlast their counterparts.

The acrylic keyboard case has proven to be durable.

  1. Reflection

Acrylic reflects light is a fascinating aspect of using it for the keyboard case.

The light distinguishes it from other keyboard cases.

  1. Malleability

Acrylic is also a soft material, making design functionality easier.

The purpose of this acrylic property is to aid you in the creation of various case sizes.

  1. Reasonable Costs

The final cost is always a significant consideration in the customer’s decision.

These precautions ensure that the customer receives the best product at the best price.

What Are the Acrylic Keyboard Case Finishing Processes

The acrylic keyboard cases can be customized with various custom finishes and modifications.

It has a variety of surface treatment and customization processes like the following:

  • Anodizing– The process of coloring acrylic cases.
  • CNC carving / Laser engraving – For patterning customer name and logo or styles on the case.
  • Physical Vapor Deposition – This polishing is excellent for producing a high-quality surface.
  • Sandblasting – This is used to remove tool marks from acrylic.
  • Silkscreen – Used to imprint exquisite, long-lasting styles on acrylic keyboard cases.
What Are The Advantages of Acrylic Keyboard Case?

Acrylic is the perfect material that provides a tremendous advantage for keyboard cases. It has significant benefits like the following:

Cheaper- Acrylic keyboard case is more affordable than other types like glass and metals. Easier to cut and shape.

Shatter-resistant- This is not a silicone-based material. It is soft, light, and flexible to work, not shatter easily. It has excellent impact strength and does not break easily.

Lightweight- It is lightweight and less worried from damage when it falls.

Workable- Acrylic is easier to work with. It is easier to cut, shape, and mold. It is easier to design into an ideal style than glass and aluminum materials.

Easier to Replace- Aside from cost-effectiveness, acrylic keyboard cases are easier to replace. The tampered glass needs other material support.

What Are Different Acrylic Keyboard Case Features?

Acrylic keyboard case has various features that include the following:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Lightweight
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Anti-color aging

It has a great sealing ability which protects wiring from wet, dust, and more.

What Are The Benefits of an Acrylic Keyboard Case?
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